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Woman Explored Her Childhood Home, And Found This



An Unknown Possibility

Recently, one homeowner made a fantastic finding. Many people find hidden doors in their homes to be quite exciting, and a rare occurrence.

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Fortunately, owners of old apartments have a great chance of coming across one, but you cannot predict if it is going to happen. For this woman, it did happen. When she realized the hidden space, the woman could have exploded from the shock.

Loving Memories

Alexandra Poulos had warm memories of the home she lived in during her childhood. Her parents bought the old house in early 1974, so you can picture the memories that were hidden in the walls all through the years.

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Apart from the fond memories, you can sense the special feeling and comfort of the home. When Alexandra was younger, she would have reoccurring ideas of hidden rooms and secret passages. She was not sure if the dreams would come true and the power she would soon discover.  


A Large Imagination

Alexandra had a huge imagination as a child. Due to this, many people ignored her when she spoke about her dreams. It was assumed that her vision was getting the best of her.

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Even though, the dreams were relentless. She explored their meaning, but she was left with no result. When she became an adult, Alexandra was excited by her brilliant childhood daydreams.

A Sick Mother

Sadly, Alexandra received shocking news. Her elderly mother was falling sick. The news was not unexpected because her mother is getting old but she was strong, so the family members believed that she would be fine and they just ignored the news.

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Unfortunately, they made the wrong conclusion. The woman’s health condition grew worse, and the family began to sense that the worst was going to happen. One fateful day, the unexpected happened.      


Unfortunate Succession Of Events

In a short time, two tragic events took place. Alexandra’s mother and her brother passed away within a few months. Even though the family members are very close, they were left in confusion. Alexandra tried to make sense of the tragic event, but she continued to lose optimism.

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Later, she drew courage from the memories that were trapped inside the ancient home. But she didn’t have a clear idea of the hidden treasure present in the four walls of the building.  

Mourning Together

Despite the death of her elderly mother, Alexandra was happy that she still had her father. Death can affect any family setting, but losing two members of the family within a short time must be unbearable. Sadly, she lost her brother only a few months later.

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The love that exists between the two remaining members made Alexandra and her dad pulls through the difficult time. But that doesn’t solve the problem. Alexandra’s dad was growing old, and their house was huge. The aging man was not comfortable managing the home alone.  Later, he had some news for Alexandra.


Horrifying News

One fateful day, Alexandra’s dad invited her to his house. He explained to her that he was finding it difficult to manage the home. Considering his old age, the building was just too much for him.

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Since the house was huge, he was not able to manage the whole place, so he decided to sell it. Suddenly, Alexandra’s early days home was in danger, and along with it, a hidden treasure was unveiled.

Good News

Alexandra was not ready for the news, so she came up with a solution without wasting time. She suggested that her dad should hand over the property for her, and surprisingly, he agreed without hesitation. Fortunately, the family will still have control over the home.

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Due to this, Alexandra was so excited. She decided to rent out the apartment and found incredible tenants within a short time, but it didn’t take long before the mysterious event occurred.


Old Feelings

Shortly after the new tenants occupied the building, the basement began to have some issues. It seems as if the house was not happy with the new residents. After some time, the past feeling started to creep into Alexandra mind.

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She remembered a conversation that her father had with a neighbor. The neighbor cautioned that the home was hiding incredible sinister. Alexandra wondered whether there was a magical influence in the house. So she began her findings.     

A True Warning

Alexandra recalled that the neighbor complained that the building basement had another basement of its own. At the time, her father ignored the warnings.

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Considering all the strange activities happening in the basement, Alexandra started wondering if the old neighbor was right. She decided to take a close look at herself. She hired professional home builders to dig out the basement. The discovery would shock everyone involved.  


A Simple Room

Within a short time, the builders discover something strange. They quickly confirmed the old man’s uncertainties of the cellar. The basement in Alexandra’s childhood home had its own basement! When Alexandra went in to examine the discovery, she was left confused.

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There was nothing inside the hidden room, but that was not the strange finding. What was the function of the small room? Alexandra was eager to know why it was built, so she hired people from different professionals.

An Amazing Truth

When Alexandra discussed with a local historian, she learned a lot of things about her town’s dark past. Her town had been home to a group of people called abolitionists. They were determined to get rid of slavery in the United States. Due to this determination, they formed the popular ‘Underground Railroad’.

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The tunnel system was built to help people get away through the Lansdowne. Also, the historian wanted to go deep into their research, but when they examined further, the findings were shocking.  


Strictly For Storage

When the historian explored the room, they didn’t come to a right conclusion. But the nature of the room could have just been a storage room. But why was it sealed off?

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The historian encourages Alexandra to look into the history of the home, but Alexandra knew in her heart the purpose of the room. When a neighbor claimed that they had a similar problem going to their home, Alexandra’s ideas began to grow stronger.

An Additional Room

Alexandra’s neighbor disclosed an exciting detail. They found a hidden room in their home and also discovered that it was part of the Underground Railroad. When Alexandra heard this shocking news, she knew the function of the hidden room.

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She might not have a definitive confirmation, but she knew it was true. Later, she shared the story on the internet which brought her to learn more about the hidden part of the Underground Railroad in her community.  


A Real-life History

Over the next decades, the abolitionists’ pieces keep popping up. The Underground Railroad was a great system. With an amazing discovery such as the one Alexandra found, knowledge can be spread about the traumatic past of the United States.

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According to her, “I need to figure out the next steps.” But it seems that Alexandra will continue to research for the function of the room.