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What Is WD-40? Here Are All The Ways It Can Make Your Life Easier



Most people see that can of WD-40 in their house and disregard it as an ancient tool used to stop doors from squeaking.

Few people know that this industrial tool is actually a wonderfully important and useful item to have.

Most buildings and homes have a can of it locked away – and for good reason.

We outline the significance of the powerful product and how some everyday uses can make your life easier.

Polishing Your Silver

The set of cutlery you bought a few years ago has probably seen better days. It’s not unexpected; dirt and grease can attach itself to some of your favorite kitchen items with constant use over the years.


However, a small amount of WD-40 sprayed over your accessories can help them look as new as the day you got them. Next time you have a dinner party, make sure to give these a shine a few hours before and watch them glisten. 


Shoe Shining

Our sneakers often attract dirt and salt spots that can build up over time, especially in the winter. Who can resist a comfy sneaker when we go out on the weekend away from our offices.


With WD-40, the ingredients act as a solution to avoid this, and can actually turn your shoes waterproof! If you live in a city that is prone to bad weather, make sure to spray a little of this on your shoes to avoid ruins by the rain.

It Feeds The Birds

Before we go further with this one, we don’t mean that you should feed it to your birds! WD-40 is actually a great way of protecting bird food from other animals, such as squirrels.


Rub some spray on to your bird-feeder pole and they will be unable to climb up and steal it! It’s a great way to keep the food inaccessible from those who shouldn’t be taking it. The WD-40 will also keep your pole nice and clean.


Toilet Cleaner

If you ever run out of conventional toilet spray to wash down the bowl, you can always grab a can of WD-40 and apply it how you usually would. 


In fact, it can be shown as more effective than regular toilet bowl cleaners – studies suggest it cleaners quicker and will last longer. Next time you need to clean a toilet, just spray some of this like you normally would and see how it can keep it clean.

Removing Gum

Oh no! You’ve only gone and stepped in chewing gum in your brand new shoes. Now you’re stuck with a stick all afternoon. Usually, you can rub them on some grass but there’s no guarantee this will work. 


Once considered the kiss of death for shoes, WD-40 can be used to help soften the nuisance. This actually acts in the same way it protects your shoe from salts. Although if you used WD-40 to shine your shoes, you might avoid this altogether.


Clearing Unwanted Crayons

I learned this one the hard way! One day as a child I got creative and drew on my kitchen walls. I rushed to show her the brand new ‘art’ before her jaw hit the ground in a panic.


Soon after, my mother whipped out her WD-40 and lightly sprayed over my ‘art’. Before long, the WD-40 easily restored the kitchen back to normal. Not before she took a photo for memories! This way, it’s now pinned on the fridge and not damaging the walls. 

Water Stains, No More!

In the same way that WD-40 prevents water and ice marks on shoes, the same wonder-spray can be used on windows to avoid those annoying stains often found in showers. It’s tempting to draw a smiley face in the mist, but then it’s stuck there for days.


Just incorporate this trick into your usual cleaning routine and watch the stains disappear. Now you can draw on your shower as many times as you want and won’t be left with annoying doodles.


 Polishing Scissors

It makes sense that WD-40 would be used to clean scissors due to its ability to restore silver, but it’s an easy thing to forget! Over time, our scissors and other items can accumulate rust and grime from excessive use.


Next time you think of replacing your sticky scissors, just squirt a little spray on them and watch how they recover. You’ll be able to add months if shelf life to your favorite set of scissors in no time.

What A Rip-off!

With its knack for softening textures, it’s no wonder people apply WD-40 to stickers and price tags that stubbornly won’t leave your car or a bottle of wine. If you can’t rip these things off naturally, you’re going to want some help from a friend.


There’s nothing worse than turning up to a dinner party with a ripped label, so don’t. It’s that simple. Spray some WD-40 on it and see how it easily slips off.


Unzipping Your Fly

WD-40 works wonders on zips that refuse to move. What can be more annoying than your bag failing to carry your items by not closing? Of, worse yet, what if it can’t open and your items are stuck inside? 


Or your trousers that have an embarrassing fault? Apply some spray and watch them switch back into action. You won’t need to invest in new pants or bags anytime soon – WD-40 will take care of all that for you.

Tea Stains And Coffee Marks

If you’ve ever spilled your hot drink, you can understand how frustrating it is to try to remove the stain. Can you guess what works well to help remove this pain?


Yup, you guessed it. WD-40 will remove the stains from most surfaces when incorporated in your cleaning routine. Over time, you’ll notice how these dreadful stains will disappear into the past. 


Sending Tar Far From Your Car

We often put our cars through the mud – no pun intended. With excessive use, they can get dirty or generally run down. Well, WD-40 can be used to remove tar from your car – any stubborn patch will soon melt like butter.


It’s a useful tip to remember to help with any of those tough tar days. Cleaning our cars may not be a fun experience, but nothing is better than driving a freshly cleaned vehicle, so it’s definitely worth it. 

“Take A Ring Off It” – Not Beyonce

In the unfortunate event you might have to take a ring off your finger after a long time, you could find a little resistance both physically and emotionally. The act of taking the ring off is half the battle, but what if it’s stuck after all these years?


Thankfully, WD-40 can help slide that ring right off your finger. Whether you want to or not, you’ll need to take the ring off your finger eventually. Some things are never easy, but they can be made easier with WD-40.


Hides Your Affairs

Ok so maybe WD-40 doesn’t explicitly help you keep your affairs a secret, but it does help remove any lipstick that might accidentally attach to, I don’t know, a collar?


You’ll be happy to know this trick if the event ever comes up. Next time you get some female cosmetics on your shirt or clothes, spray a little of the sweet stuff and it’ll come right off. Trust me: a bottle of WD-40 is cheaper than a divorce.

Turns Rust To Crust

If you ever find a treasure chest in the water, you might be disappointed to see the padlock protecting its jewels has turned to rust. This makes it a lot harder to crack and undo to access all that treasure.


With WD-40, you’ll be able to gain access to your new fortune by easily applying it to the problematic area. It’s important to remember that this won’t make you happy and that the real treasure is ourselves. Be kind to one another.


Repairs Shower Heads

If you’re cleaning the window glass, try to reach for the higher spots and apply some WD-40 on the shower head. It’s easy for this item to go over your head (pun intended) when you clean but it’s vital that you clean it along with everything else.


The spray of WD-40 can extend the life of the shower head and break down grease and rust. That way, you’ll be able to use it for longer and save on an expensive investment into a new shower head. Now sit back and relax!

Removes Your Fridge’s Mildew

No one wants mildew in their fridge! The uninvited kitchen guest looks and feels terrible. What’s more, it can drip into your food and ruin any meals you have stocked away for a later date.

Apply some WD-40 during your fridge clean and it will look good as new after only a few minutes. It’s important to do this every few weeks to make sure that it remains clean and your food is safe to eat. Just make sure it airs out before you put your food back in!


Defrosting Ice

If you are living in a cold climate, defrosting your car’s windows in the morning can add minutes to your morning commute. It can be life-threatening if you don’t do this, so never think about avoiding it. Settlers in cold regions, however, will rush to tell you their home trick:


That’s right, using WD-40! It removes the ice stuck on your windows and also prevents it from sticking in the future. Next time the snow comes, keep a can nearby and see how your car reacts to this magic juice.

Cleans Cell Phones

This might seem counterproductive – you won’t want to spray your $1000 iPhone with WD-40, but trust us! It can help with the grease caught on the screen from fingers all day.

youtube: DuPont Performance Lubricants

By applying a light layer every so often, your phone will stay clean. Make sure to take caution when you do it and that it is only as a replacement for certified phone cleaners. You don’t want to make any errors. 


Filters Your AC

Here’s an important trick if you often install your air con machine. Before setting it up, remember to apply some spray on to the filter. WD-40 actually catches dust and will improve the quality of your air. Asthmatics, rejoice!


If you have central air, you won’t need to do this. But many people have seasonal air conditioning units that they install in their windows during the summer months. Here’s looking at you, New York. 

Remove Gum From Hair

In the same way that it can remove gum from the bottom of your shoe, WD-40 can also remove gum from the top of your head. This is definitely something to remember if you have long hair and like to chew copious amounts of gum.

If, for some reason, you ever chew your hair and gum together, just give it a small spray. The gum will fall off and your hair will remain intact. It’s better than the alternative: cutting off your hair and leaving a bald spot.


Removing Blood

This one may feel a bit dark, but you’ll be thankful you know this tip if your young child falls down and cuts his/her knee.


Applying light amounts of WD-40 to the piece of clothing affected by blood marks can quickly remove any lasting effects.

De-Wax Your Ski

If you’ve recently hit the slopes, the chances are that you needed to use some wax to keep your skis smooth and effective.

Water won’t easily remove it – use WD-40 and it’ll slip right off.


Clean Your Clubs

Have you just come back from a messy round on the golf course? Make sure you rub your irons in a quick fashion to get rid of any liquid that may cause rust or dirt that could stain.


By doing it soon after your game, you’ll be sure to extend the lifeline of your set.

Perfect Your Pitch

Over time, the strings on your piano may loosen or tighten, which will affect the pitch and tone of your music.

commons wikimedia

When applying some WD-40, it will keep them smooth. Now it’s just your voice you’ll need to fix!


Keep Those Animals Away!

Animals can’t climb up trash cans if they’re slippery!

Good thing WD-40 is designed to be long lasting on plastics and tin materials – making them unable to rummage in your rubbish. Success!

Remove Fingerprints

Next time you find yourself wanting to remove your fingerprints from some items or locations, feel free to spray a little WD-40 on to where you want to remove evidence.


Did we say remove evidence? We meant clean. But yeah, we don’t want to know why you want to do this.


Clean Leather

There aren’t many things that are appropriate to use when cleaning your fancy leather sofa.

Thankfully, WD-40 is one of them due to its ability to smoothen and lubricate the fabric.

Quiet Like A Mouse!

Sick of that door squeaking every time you walk in and out of the bathroom?


Don’t forget you can use WD-40 for one of its most popular purposes – silencing those pesky doors!


Free Zippers

When you get a zipper stuck, either open or closed, it can cause a real nuisance for everyone involved. Whether it’s for your jacket or a little farther south, you don’t want it broken.

WD-40 softens the metal on the zippers and loosens them – freeing any trapped materials.

Keep The Wasps At Bay

Wasps absolutely hate the scent of WD-40, so if you find yourself in an area which attracts the bug, it will never hurt to spray some in some corners.

Alarmy Stock

They will keep well aware, and you will avoid their painful sting.


Remove Strong Glue

If you thought you could get away without using gloves when applying strong glue, then silly you!


No problem, however, because WD-40 can help the sticky mess slip right off.

Help Mould Your Baseball Glove

These sports gloves are designed to be firm and hard by nature, which can make it difficult to get it to mold to your hand.


However, if you spray your glove with a little WD-40 and leave it overnight, you should be able to easily shape it in the morning.


Clean An Ashtray

After a busy night hosting your friends at home, you may be faced with an over-filled ashtray with disgusting buds.


Thankfully, WD-40 can remove the ash and lighten the burn marks, helping you reuse your smoke box.

Unsticking Lego

If you have a house full of children, you may see some lego around the house. Maybe you didn’t see them, then you’ve definitely stepped on them a few times.


If two pieces ever get stuck together, you can always use our trusted friend WD-40 to unstick them. Your kids will thank you. But they’ll also be able to leave more pieces around the house. 


Scuff and Stuff

Ugly scuff marks can easily appear on kitchen or bathroom floors, causing a headache for homeowners everywhere. Our trusted friend WD-40 can help remove tar and scuff marks of hard-surfaced floors. 


You might want to open a window if you’re doing a deep clean – it can get smelly there!

Loosen Our Licences

If you drive long distances in the cold or wet weather, it’s not unlikely that your license plate may succumb to rust.


Next time you embark on a road trip, be sure to spray it with WD-40 – it will prevent rust from forming and will keep it looking shiny!


Removing Doggy Doodoo

Oh no, you’ve only gone and stepped in dog poop! You thought your day couldn’t get any worse, but did you know how it can get so much better?

Elina Leonova / Shutterstock.

With WD-40, you can simply spray a little of it on the mess and watch it slip off your shoe. Something to remember if you live with pets!

Clean Your G-String

Are you playing in a band? You might have a guitarist who is hung up on cleaning and maintaining his strings. Those tuning sessions can be a disaster if the strings are too tight.


Make sure to rub some WD-40 on to the strings and hear him improve his pitch. It loosens and lubricates the guitar making it easier to play and nicer to hear!


Tools Sans Splinters

No tool lasts forever. Eventually, our hammers, screwdrivers, or sanders all succumb to chips and rust.


With WD-40, you can easily prolong the life of your tools by moisturizing them and also keeping them splinter-free!

Remove Tomato Stains

There’s only one thing worse than grass stains, and we all know that’s tomato stains! You’ve gone and eaten a particularly inviting tomato and now it’s dripped down your clothes.


With WD-40, watch your tomato stains vanish after only a few minutes. This works for the fresh fruit and also any pasta sauce you may eat.


Renew Your BBQ

After a few grills, your barbeque grill might appear dirty and rusted. Your friends might appreciate an invite to your home over the weekend, but they won’t like burgers grilled on gross grills.


Before your guests arrive, spray some magic WD-40 on the grill and wipe it down. You’ll be looking at a brand new grill after only a few seconds.

Grease Lightning

Do you ever find that grease gets embedded in all the hard to reach places? Items such as bikes, tools, and other outdoor equipment can find themselves home to grease and grime.

Pexels / Pixabay

Say goodbye to those unwanted guests! Simply spray or rub some WD-40 on to your greased item and watch it return to good as new.


Fixing The Fishing Gear

Fishing can be a relaxing and rewarding experience – albeit a bit messy. Next time you jump on to the lake to catch your dinner, you might want to pack some WD-40.


When you’ve caught your fish, spray down your equipment to keep it clean and appealing for your next trip! The fish will thank you.

Keep Diggin’

We all like gardening projects that keep us occupied and satisfied, but what about the dirty shovels, spades, and shears that get left behind? Seeing our dirty tools can be disheartening and difficult to remove.

After you finish planting your next favorite flower, simply spray your tools down and watch the dirt fall off. It’ll keep you coming back for more.


Makes Permanent Marker Impermanent

We’ve all done it: accidentally written on a white board using a permanent marker! It’s an embarrassing mistake which can ruin a perfectly good board.

Via Reddit – u/ImOneBar

With WD-40, simply spray a little bit over the written words or drawings and see it drip right off. No problem!

Rub Your Balls

If you’re someone who enjoys bowling, you might benefit from some WD-40 next time you play. A little spray can keep your personal ball clean and efficient.

Getty Images

The best news of all: it won’t affect your gameplay! You might think the added layer of shine will change the flow of the ball, but you don’t need to fear.


Loosens Knots

This can get you out of a lot of trouble! Have you ever tied a knot too tight and now you can’t undo it?


Next time you have shoelaces or other string-like items stuck in a rut, be sure to spray some WD-40 on it. You will be able to loosen them and easily get them back to normal.

Protects Your Boat From Sea Salts

Sea salt can be deadly to some boats or other water-based products. It can stain or errode parts of your boat and make it a real pain in the neck.


With WD-40, simply spray it down every so often and watch it protect your paint jobs and metal finishes. Then set sail!


Relaxes Your Nuts

If you ever want to undo your nuts or bolts, you might find yourself facing a little trouble. This is especially true if you need to change a tire on the side of the road.


Luckily, WD-40 will help you loosen those pesky nuts and bolts, making it easier to unscrew.

Tidies Your Conveyor Belt

If you work in a factory, you might notice your industrial conveyor belts collecting grease in unwanted places. The same can be said for supermarket belts.


Spray a little WD-40 on it and watch the grease slip right off. Make sure to do in a safe way – you don’t want any injuries!


Maintain Your Markings

Are you marking something on gravel outside? Maybe you’re working on a construction project and have chalked a few crucial details. You won’t want those to disappear in the rain!


Shine a coat of the super spray on each chalk marking and improve their lifespan. Next time a storm comes, they’ll stay right in place.

Make Your Twister Games More Extreme

Are you sick and tired of winning Twister every time you play? Why not make it more fun by taking it to the next level. Before the game, spray a coat of WD-40 on the mat.


Now you’ll be slipping and sliding your way to victory. Work on your flexibility, balance, and upper body strength with this fun addition to the classic game.


Open More WD-40!

We’ve all been there. The panic sets in as we start to run out of our trusty WD-40. The bad news? A new can just won’t open!


Thankfully, we can use the last remaining drops of WD-40 to loosen the seal of our new can. Just spray a little WD-40 on your WD-40 and watch the lid come right off.

Extend Your Razor’s Life

Depending on how much hair you shed, it can be hard to keep your disposable razor blades going strong. With frequent use, they become blunt and have to be replaced.


With a light spray every morning, your disposable blades can last longer, keeping you well-groomed for longer.


Removes Your Tattoos

DISCLAIMER: WD-40 removes your temporary tattoos, not your real, needle-based ones from a professional! If you ever get a temporary tattoo or henna, it can be a nice feeling for a bit.

Temporary Tattoos

But after a while, they can be stubborn to remove. Using this super spray can get them off in a few seconds. Something to remember if your child likes to play with them!

Prevents Catching Hairs

If you have particularly hairy arms, you probably know the feeling of when your watch catches your hair! It can be a shocking and uncomfortable experience.


Thankfully, WD-40 is there to save the day! Simply spray a little on the base of your watch every so often and never worry about hair trapping in your watch ever again. Finally!


Loosens Jars

It’s a scary time in any relationship: when a woman asks a man to open a particularly stiff jar. You don’t want to be emasculated but it’s darn hard to open! What do you do?


When she’s not looking, spray a little WD-40 on the edges. This will loosen the lid and help it slip off. Success!

Clears Bathroom Fog

Those who think that steam on the mirror after a hot shower is inevitable are suckers! They don’t know the best trick out there – using WD-40!


Before a hot shower, spray a little of this stuff on the mirror and see how no mist appears afterwards. You’ll be able to see yourself as soon as you leave the shower.


Removes Tabletop Scratches

Have you accidentally scratched your tabletop counter? For some, it’s a reason to move house. BUT YOU’RE NOT MOST PEOPLE. Don’t worry about it: simply spray a little WD-40 on it and you’re good to go.

Getty Images

Whether it’s plastic, oil, scratches, or food stains, watch them vanish after application.

Removes Stubborn Wax From Legs

You’ve just gone through the painful experience of waxing your body. You’re horrified to see that the remaining wax isn’t quite coming off the rest of your body. Suddenly you start to panic.

Universal Pictures

But do not worry! WD-40 can help take that wax right off. You won’t need to rip it off again, bringing even more tears to your eyes.


Keep Your Cracks Clean!

Cracks are a natural part of some walls and outdoor patios. This is fine until you start seeing weeds grow inside of them!

Alarmy Stock

With WD-40, you can add a little spray and help repel those weeds from finding a home there. Keep your crack clean!

Speed Up Your Bed

Yes, Bed Racing is a thing! People all over the world race their beds, making for a fun day out that the whole family can enjoy. But how do they get their wheels to roll so quickly?


Why, WD-40 of course! Before each race, riders spray a little of the can on the bottom of the bed, giving them an advantage over other beds.


Silences Your Sofas

Wicker chairs can be an essential part to any living room. Their designs ooze sophistication and comfort – but sometimes they’re just too loud!


Spray a little WD-40 on your wicker chairs and listen how they will quieten down. You’ll be able to watch Netflix in peace.

Unsticks VHS Tapes

Some of the younger readers here will have trouble remembering the VHS. It was a big cassette used for video and was all the rage until the DVD came along in the late 1990s.


They often got stuck in their machines, which could cause ruin. Not anymore! Simply travel back in time and spray some WD-40 on to your VHS and watch it slip right out.


Gets Blu-Tack off Walls

We all stuck posters on our walls in college. Some of us even remember working hard to get the blu-tack off the walls before we left our student halls. Some of us were nice and tried to take it off ourselves (although most of us weren’t).


If only we had known about the wonders of WD-40! It would have saved us hours of trouble while removing the remaining blu-tack marks from our posters.

Strengthen Your Sewing

We all love a good sew. The satisfaction of threading literally thousands of pieces of wool into a sweater for our grandchildren fills us with joy. But sometimes they’re just so darn knotted!

Gorton Community Center

With WD-40, you can use it to prevent breakage and untie them if they ever get knotted.


Turns Play-Dough To Dust

Your kids probably love play-dough, but believe me when I tell you that laughs will turn to cries if it ever gets stuck in their hair.


No need to plan a trip to the barber just yet – quickly spray some WD-40 on to your child’s head and yank that dough right off. Make sure not to catch any hairs!

Makes The Wheels Go Round and Round

Some of us have our own train sets at home. We can spend hours playing in the basement and building tracks to take our trains around entire villages.


But if our trains get stuck? Simply spray a little WD-40 on the wheels and the tracks, ensuring they will travel seamlessly from station to station. Next stop, success!


Keep The Ants At Bay!

No one likes ants. They can crawl into our cupboard space or ruin our outdoor picnics with friends. Well, the good news is that they hate WD-40 just as much as we love it!


If you want to deter ants, simply spray a little WD-40 and you won’t be bothered by them again. It’s a great way to keep them hidden.

Polishing Your Car

We’ve already addressed some of the great ways that WD-40 can be used on your car to remove stickers, but did you know you can use it to polish your vehicle as well?


WD-40 adds a great shiny coat to your car making it look like it’s just been waxed at the garage. Try it today.

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