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Do You Own These Vintage Toys? They Might Be Worth A Fortune




It was only a few years ago that our toys were physical objects that didn’t survive within a phone or tablet. Whereas now children play on apps and online communities, there were whole generations that stored tangible nuggets of nostalgia on bookshelves and cupboards.



If you’re lucky, you might still have them today.

The value of vintage and iconic toys from as early as the 1980s have started soaring – with some racking up to hundreds of thousands of dollars today. Do you have any of these classic toys in your attic? If so, you might just be owed a payday. Let the games begin… 

Happy Meals Toys

Average Original Price: Free! (With a Happy Meal)
Potential Earnings: $100

Years have probably gone by since you bought yourself (or your kids) a happy meal. They came free with a meal and some of the toys are rising in value.

The older toys from the 1990s are worth around $100, depending on how many were in circulation at the time. If you happen to have any around your house, you can post them on eBay and see the rewards come in! One case, the ‘McFurbys’ were sold for $900!

Rainbow Brite Doll

Average Original Price: $7
Potential Earnings: $100

This little girl was the main competition for the Strawberry Shortcake Dolls in the 1980s. They make an appearance a bit later on and are worth a lot more than these. Still, if you have a Rainbow Brite Doll you could earn $100.

Bids on eBay have been pretty generous so far for these dolls. So you might want to head up to your attic and see if you have any lying around.


Average Original Price: $12.89
Potential Earnings: $120

These infamous items were brought to the limelight after screening adverts for them in schools in Illinois. Kids everywhere ran, jumped, and skipped into stores to pick up these swerving toys as soon as they could.

Saskatoon Public Library/Wikimedia Commons

Today, kids are more excited by their iPads than to get any form of exercise. These toys, if in their original boxes, can be sold for north of $120. Would you like to use one of these again?

Lite Brite

Average Original Price: $9.97
Potential Earnings: $130-150
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

These bright lights were LIT for kids in the 1990s. Their calming and magical designs led the device to be named by TIME Magazine as one of the top 100 toys of all time.

Thomas Ambridge/Wikimedia Commons

Following its release in 1967, it enjoyed continued success for 30 years. Today, they can fetch a solid $150 in online auctions. Today, these things are still sold in stores like Best Buy, but it’s the OG devices which will garner the largest financial reward.

Sky Dancer

Average Original Price: $9.99
Potential Earnings: $80

Twin brothers John and Anthony Gentile are the masterminds behind one of the most dangerous toys on the list. They worked with an aviation expert to help create a toy which could soar into the sky at the pull of a string. Initially rejected by many toy makers, the Sky Dancer became incredibly popular.


Over time, many of the toys were recalled due to safety concerns (too many kids were shooting them at their siblings) but this only raised their value.

Sit ‘N’ Spin

Average Original Price: $12.99
Potential Earnings: $90
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

These things were a treat for toddlers and a gift for parents! Sitting and spinning on one of these could entertain a young child for hours, using much of their afternoon energy on the toy.

Today, they can go on eBay for $90 – meaning it’s fairly easy to track one down and invest in a solid way of tiring out your baby! If you have one and your child is now too big for it, you can always sell it to the next generation.

Socker Boppers

Average Original Price: $10
Potential Earnings: $90
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

Socker Boppers were a great way to let your children blow off some steam by punching each other in the face. These blow-up boxing gloves let children hit each other for hours causing fairly little injury.

Today, these vintage gloves can go on sale for $90 – and given that there aren’t many physical toys out there anymore, it might be worth an investment! Over time, these became less popular once children discovered the internet. 


Average Original Price: $5
Potential Earnings: $100
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

Before the iPod came along and changed the world, 90s kids would use HitClips to listen to their favorite songs. These little cartridges are now pretty much obsolete, but some will pay a pretty penny for some nostalgia.

Reddit – u/MotherOfCats19

Although their original price was $5, some can go for more than $100. If you ever tracked down one of these, you’ll be stuck listening to music from 25 years ago – which is either terrible or fantastic, depending on your age. 

Nerf Turbo Screamer

Average Original Price: $12
Potential Earnings: $100
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

This famous whistling Nerf ball was on every kid’s wish list way back in the 1990s. Today, they can be hard to find and people are willing to pay a pretty penny to get their hands on one. On eBay, you can see bids reach up to $100 for the toy.


Of course, this was a day when children actually played outside with their friends, so maybe demand among the young is a bit lower than their Millennial parents. 

Kansas Quarters

Average Original Price: $0.25… obviously
Potential Earnings: $100

For a while in 2005, the Kansas coin maker had a smudge on the letter ‘T’. This resulted in a few coins accidentally stating ‘In God We Rust’ when they were being made. The mistake didn’t last long and more coins were soon inserted into circulation with the correct wording.

© 2016 James Bucki

However, fast forward a few years and these quarters are worth a lot more than 25 cents! If you happen to have one of these 2005 versions, you can trade it in for $100!

Glitter and Gold Jem Doll

Average Original Price: $3
Potential Earnings: $200

After the success of Jem and the Holograms between 1985 and 1988, the television characters quickly became toys in their own right. The show was short-lived: it ran for three years but still garnered attention from shoppers.

Flickr – alexbabs

Today, they’re worth an impressive $200 on eBay. Just make sure each doll is still in good condition – and preferably in its original case – to maximize your profits.

Fisher-Price Little People Family House

Average Original Price: $40
Potential Earnings: $200

As you’ll see a little later on, some Fisher-Price items can go for thousands! But one more modest item on our list is the Little People Family House.


According to some reports on eBay, they can now collect around $200 if they are still in good condition with all the necessary parts. It originally came in two colors – but the yellow one is worth a lot more!

Moon Shoes

Average Original Price: $37.52
Potential Earnings: $200
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

These boots may look like they weren’t made for walking, and that’s because they were made for bouncing! Moon Shoes were designed to make it feel like you were walking on, well, the moon.

Big Time Toys/Amazon

The reality was a bit more clumsy and awkward than that, but it didn’t stop children having fun around the house. Today, they can go for an impressive $200 – provided they are in their original boxes.

Dear Diary

Average Original Price: N/A
Potential Earnings: $200

We couldn’t track down the original price of these secret keepers, but experts suggest they can be worth $200 today. These pocket-sized electronic devices were a young girl’s original way of writing her feelings down without her parents reading them!

eBay with ImageMagick

It was opened using a secret code that was once special – before the fingerprint technology we have today. If kept in their original packaging, these things can go for $200. Today, you can still buy them on Amazon for $30.


Average Original Price: N/A
Potential Earnings: $130
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

These gadgets were effectively the male version of Dear Diaries. The Talkboy became incredibly popular in the 1990s, mainly due to its appearance in Home Alone 2 when used by Kevin McCallister.

Today, these recording devices can go for $130 on eBay. It’s most likely this will be a nostalgia purchase since it can’t do anything that a modern-day smart device can’t do. What secrets did you record on these things? 

Bop It Extreme 2

Average Original Price: $15
Potential Earnings: $212

Every kid had one of these in the 1990s. What started off as a stick with three simple buttons quickly evolved into the Bop It Extreme 2 – a five-levered toy!


If you have one of these, you might be able to earn up to $212. Just make sure that all the pieces are still in working order and that the condition is good. Batteries not included!

Spice Girls Doll Collection

Average Original Price: $15
Potential Earnings: $225

Girl Power? More like Girl Power! Back when these five girls were the biggest band on the planet, they had dolls made of themselves. Posh, Baby, Ginger, Scary, and Sporty respectively.


20 years later and the set has only increased in value. Some of these dolls are worth hundreds of dollars. Imagine how much it will be worth as an entire set? If you have some of these, you’ll have to decide whether to buy the rest or sell the remaining!

Boy Scouts Memorabilia

Average Original Price: Free (hard work)
Potential Earnings: $240

All those medals and badges you earned growing up might be worth something more than just pride and satisfaction! Since fewer people are joining the boy scouts today, these vintage items are a trip down memory lane.


Depending on the reward, some eBay listings are showing the price reaching as much as $240. If you a well-behaved boy scout, you might be in for a nice surprise!

G.I Joe Breaker Action Figure

Average Original Price: $12
Potential Earnings: $250

Another toy to capture the hearts of millions, the G.I. Joe Breaker was only $2 when it hit shelves in 1982! Kids everywhere ran to the nearest stores to pick one up.


Today, if it’s in good condition you can collect around $250 for it! With two films starring The Rock, this franchise doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

iPod (2001)

Average Original Price: $399
Potential Earnings: $250

It’s hard to believe that the first generation of iPod is already considered a ‘vintage’ item for most kids today. The technology at the time was revolutionary, although some may look at it today as nothing more than a paperweight.


You can still make a bit of money from your iPod if you have one lying around the house. Just make sure it still works (and delete your cheesy 1990s hits!) and see what teenagers will pay for this artifact.

Michael Jackson: Superstar of the ‘80s Doll

Average Original Price: $10
Potential Earnings: $300

Who didn’t love Michael Jackson? The King of Pop was the biggest star in the world until his death in 2009 – and his legacy will always live on in his music.


For dedicated fans, they can also collect a rare doll in his image. This ‘fully poseable’ toy can get you $300 if you still have one in its box. Moonwalk up to your attic and see if you have one lying around!

Barbie Golden Dream Motorhome

Average Original Price: $45
Potential Earnings: $325

For those who collected a bunch of accessories for their Barbie doll might be in for a treat when they find out the value of some of them today. This particular collectible, the Barbie Golden Dream Motorhome – can go for $325!


See if you have one of these lying around at home and maybe eBay will reward you! This isn’t the only Barbie item we have on this list, as you’ll find out. Some go for thousands!

Tickle Me Elmo Extreme

Average Original Price: $10
Potential Earnings: $350

Man, people lost their minds over Tickle Me Elmo back in the 1990s! Parents were on the hunt for these things all over the country and were happy to pay hefty prices.


Today, it appears the investment was worth it. Some eBay auctions have them valued at $350. Will you be laughing as hard as Elmo when you cash out for hundreds of dollars?

Vintage Lunch Boxes

Average Original Price: $2
Potential Earnings: $400

Lunch boxes were a staple of olden times, with every child carrying one to school. While they’ve evolved in recent years, it’s the tin-made versions that stick in most people’s minds.


Today, they’re worth quite a bit. Some of the classic boxes featuring Snoopy, The Beatles, or Superman, can rack up hundreds of dollars. The value depends on the design. Which one do you have?


Average Original Price: $12.50
Potential Earnings: $430

These toys were first introduced in 1939 and can rack up quite a reward if they’re still in their packaging. The binocular-type devices were used to view photos, mainly of tourist sites from around the world.

kobbaka/Wikimedia Commons

They were used on Disneyland rides but have been quickly replaced by smartphones in recent years. Like most things in life. If you have any of these still lying around – it might be worth a trade.

Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Average Original Price: $20
Potential Earnings: $550
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

This little girl was introduced to the world in 1979 as the red-headed protagonist of The World of Strawberry Shortcake. Created by Muriel Fahrion, the character inspired TV shows, films, toys, and, of course, merchandise.


Today, a vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll can reach $550. Other characters and toys can reach a similar price provided they’re in their original packaging. Do you remember these dolls, and do you still have one?


Average Original Price: $35
Potential Earnings: $560

Typewriters were all the rage until computers came along and swiftly labeled them obsolete. Some people still enjoy writing on them, and you’ll be surprised that there’s a niche market for typewriter-lovers out there.


Since it’s getting harder to buy them from stores, people are now buying second-hand ones and repairing them themselves. Some are even going for as much as $560!

Super Soaker

Average Original Price: $10-50
Potential Earnings: $600

These high-pressure water guns were the peak of summer for young children in the 1990s and 2000s. Over time, they have become more advanced and technical – almost taking the fun out of them.


However, original modest guns can go for $600 provided they’re not worn down by too much use. In total, the company made more than $1 billion in revenue thanks to popular models like the Monster XL and the original, the Super Soaker 50.

Toy Story Toys

Average Original Price: $30
Potential Earnings: $700

If you grew up in the 1990s you probably had a Woody or Buzz Toy from the famous franchise. Even those could get you an impressive $500, it’s the supporting characters who can garner the most amount of cash.


Stinky Pete from Toy Story 3 could get you $700 due to the lack of toys that went into production. With the fourth film hitting cinemas in 2019, the world will surely meet a few more characters, so be sure to stock up while the price is low!

Nintendo 64 Games

Average Original Price: $60
Potential Earnings: $750
Latest Model on Amazon: Click here

These games weren’t exactly cheap at the time they were released, but it’s a good thing they’ve aged well! Some games are more valuable than others, and Mario Kart 64 takes the crown for the highest value.

A sealed brand-new game can get you $750 in the stores today, so what are you waiting for?! True fans of the console might remember Harvest Moon 64 – a cult game that now goes for $900, due to its initial cult following.

The Real Ghostbusters: Fright Feature Action Figure

Average Original Price: $15
Potential Earnings: $900

Who are you gonna call? The appraiser, of course! If you have one of these Ghostbusters toys then you might be in for an early payday. 30 years after the film’s release, these dolls could get you up to $900!


Today, Ghostbusters films are still going strong with a new one as recent as 2016. The gender-reversal flick wasn’t well received and it is being rebooted. A chance to pick up more toys!

Jurassic Park Toys

Average Original Price: $27
Potential Earnings: $900
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

Another blockbuster used to promote toys, Jurassic Park was a toy collector’s dream. As well as toys, there were merchandise, hats, t-shirts, mugs, and action figures.

Loren Javier/Flickr

The 2015 reboot only increased the franchise’s popularity and, in turn, the value of the original items. Today, the merchandise from 1993 can go for $900. No wonder they keep creating more dinos in the lab! Look out for the Carnotaurus, Gallimimus and the T-Rex.


Average Original Price: $35
Potential Earnings: $900
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

Furbys were electronic toys which boasted their own language, much to the annoyance of parents everywhere. Their gibberish was screamed across the room and their eyes rolled around – bizarrely becoming one of the biggest toys of the 1990s.

Holly Hudson/flickr

Today, if your Furby is up in the attic collecting dust, it might be worth finding him – he’s worth a whopping $900! That is, if you didn’t take him apart to explore his insides, which many of us did even though no one admits it.

My Little Pony Dolls

Average Original Price: $13
Potential Earnings: $900
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

In the 1980s there were 150 million little ponies sold in the US, which is absolutely mental. From 1982, they became an instant hit for young girls with their magical and colorful designs.

Getty Images

Even today their popularity is still going strong. The vintage ones in their original boxes are the ones that will collect the cash – $900 to be exact. Make sure you still have some of the original packaging and treat yourself to a high reward!

Castlevania, NES

Average Original Price: $12.50
Potential Earnings: $950

This Dracula-based video game was popular on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) – which we cover on a future slide! For now, nostalgic players will be able to remember this game as one of its best.


A version of Castlevania was also valuable from the 1994 SEGA Genesis console, but it’s the NES version that’s worth most. A sealed version of the game can go for $950.

G.I Joe Motorized Battle Tank

Average Original Price: $30
Potential Earnings: $1,000

G.I Joe has always been a popular toy among 1980s kids, and he often came with many accessories. One piece of merchandise was particularly desirable: the battle tank. Parents everywhere tried to get their kids this piece of army action.


Today, you can expect $1,000 in returns if you choose to sell it. Remember, it should probably be kept in its original boxes and mint condition. If you played with one of these, you might be in for a treat!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

Average Original Price: $6
Potential Earnings: $1,000

Everyone loved these cartoon characters in the 1980s. Well, if you had the toys back then, you might like them a little more! Despite their modest original prices, some of these Ninja Turtles can collect $1,000 on eBay!


In fact, even in bad condition, they can rack up as much as $200. No need to rely on pristine condition: get selling today!


Average Original Price: Free (with purchase of Haleakala Dairy product on Maui, HI)
Potential Earnings: $1,000
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

Talk about a strong return on investment! These modest pieces of cardboard used to flip on tables can be traded in for $1,000.

WikiFido/Wikimedia Commons

It depends on whether you have entire sets and collections since that’s what will make the most money. Usual collections could get you $100 easily, but the holographic Jurassic Park set is worth a whopping $1 million. We like those odds.

Sega Genesis

Average Original Price: $200
Potential Earnings: $1,000
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

For most, the Sega Genesis was the first video game console they ever had. Today, there’s a myriad of consoles and online games to play, but the Sega Genesis will always have a place in most people’s hearts.

Special shout out to Sonic the Hedgehog – the game that kept kids busy for hours after school each day. It’s easy to say this is one of the most pivotal games for young children in the 1990s. 

Syphon Filter 3 911 Edition (PlayStation)

Average Original Price: $40
Potential Earnings: $1,250

This is one of the rarest games that belong to the PlayStation from the early 2000s. Its initial release date was September 25, 2001 – just two weeks after 9/11. Because of the attack, the distribution was restricted and only a number of copies went for sale. – necrosofty

Today, you can get up to $1,250 for a copy of the game. The reason it was restricted is that it features an American flag getting burnt in the game. This, rightly, was deemed inappropriate and its sales suffered. Do you have a copy lying around? 

Nintendo NES

Average Original Price: $200
Potential Earnings: $1,300
Latest Model on Amazon: Click Here

If you didn’t have a Sega console growing up, then perhaps you were more prone to Nintendo gadgets.

The rivalry between these two companies divided kids in the playground for years, with these players enjoying Mario games and Zelda. Today, these NES devices can go for $1,300 online if still in good condition with worthy games included. Tetris, anyone? 

Game Boy

Average Original Price: $90
Potential Earnings: $750-1,500
Latest Model on Amazon: Click Here

Before mobiles and tablets took over the gaming industry, Nintendo’s Game Boy was one of the first handheld gaming devices. From 1989, you would be hard pressed to go to a kid’s house that didn’t have one of these.

Michel Ngilen/flickr

Today, the original Game Boy is worth more than $1,500 on eBay. If you have the gold-plated and diamond-encrusted special edition (which we’re sure you don’t), you could collect $25,000.

Power Rangers

Average Original Price: $20
Potential Earnings: $1,400
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

In the 1990s, every kid had their favorite Power Ranger. In 1994, there was around $350 million worth of toys and merchandise sold to families across the US. By 1998, the franchise was still going strong and the toys back then are worth a mighty amount today.

William Tung/Flickr

A Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Deluxe Gold Galaxy Megazord toy sold on eBay for $1,400! Unfortunately, the 2017 reboot failed to attract the same attention.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Average Original Price: $8-10
Potential Earnings: $1,450

Yu-Gi-Oh was never as popular as its rival, Pokemon, but it still left a deep hole in pop culture. First-editions of “Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon booster boxes” have reportedly sold for $1,450 on eBay.


This doesn’t count as much compared to other card-based games, but it’s not a bad result if you briefly engaged in the fad. Do you have any Yu-Gi-Oh cards lying around at home?

Vintage Cereal Boxes

Average Original Price: $0.5-2.00
Potential Earnings: $1,500

Remember when cereal boxes were the PINNACLE of breakfast each morning? It almost didn’t matter what you were eating, as long as your favorite celebrity was endorsing it. Well, it appears people are willing to cash in on the nostalgia.


A vintage box of Wheaties with Michael Jordan from 1991 sold for $1,500 online! We don’t recommend eating what’s inside. Alongside celebrities, people will also bid for cartoon characters from popular shows in the 1990s. 

Skeletor Action Figure

Average Original Price: $5
Potential Earnings: $1,600
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

This figurine will bring you quite the profit if you still have it in its original box. The Masters of the Universe franchise was in full force in the 1980s and everyone had a He-Man toy.

Pato Berroeta/flickr

That’s why it’s surprising that it’s the main nemesis, Skeletor, that garners the most value. He’s worth quite the pretty penny today at a whopping $1,600. If you have one still in condition, you might want to hold on to it – these will only rise in value.

Teddy Ruxpin

Average Original Price: $160
Potential Earnings: $1,640

This teddy from 1985 was a dream for parents who could press play on pre-recorded messages sung from the bear. Each night, children would fall asleep to the words of a bear while the parents could blissfully relax in the other room away from their children.

VincentDiamante – Flickr

These things were taken off the shelves in 1987 but not before they gained a cult following. Even though they were brought back in 2017, it’s the original collection that can bring in the big bucks.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Average Original Price: $10
Potential Earnings: $1,800

One Hundred Years of Solitude was first published in English way back in 1970. Today, it is considered one of the most important and impactful pieces of literature from Latin America.

Fictional Cafe

If you’re lucky enough to have a first edition copy, you might want to check the dust jacket. Due to an initial misprint, there is an exclamation point where a period should be. Even though this was amended in later editions, the original typo can get you thousands!

Polly Pocket

Average Original Price: $15
Potential Earnings: $1,926
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

These little collectibles were popular in the 1980s and 1990s among young girls everywhere. Kids could purchase different themes – such as princess, mermaid, or more – and set them on display.

Good news for hoarders: if you held on to the entire sets for all these years you could be in for a financial treat. Just a Sparkle Surprise Polly Pocket set could be worth $500 today. It’s the bigger sets, however, that are worth thousands.

Raiders of the Lost Ark Well of Souls

Average Original Price: $50
Potential Earnings: $2,000

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who grew up in the 1980s who wasn’t a fan of Indiana Jones. He captured the hearts and minds of millions of kids around the world who played with their merchandise at home.

Today, one particular toy could make you a fortune. The Raiders of the Lost Ark Well of Souls was released two years after the film and is now worth around $2,000. If you don’t have one, don’t worry! There’s a new film on the way and you can buy a new toy.

Transformers Action Figures

Average Original Price: $20
Potential Earnings: $2,000
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

These once-niche toys from the 1980s have reentered the mainstream culture ever since the revival of the franchise from film director Michael Bay. With approximately 58 films made since the early 2000s, toy owners are enjoying a jump in value for the original toys.

Transformers are still sold today – in places as accessible as Target or Walmart – but it’s the originals that are worth the thousands. Your vintage Optimus Prime can be bought today for $2,000!


Average Original Price: $18-26
Potential Earnings: $2,000-$2,322
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

It’s only been a few years since these 1990s toys have entered the cult culture for some adults. It appears that investing in these little playable models was a wise thing to do – they can sell for more than $2,000 today!


Of course, you can sell any of them online but it’s the entire collections in their original packaging that will garner the most attention (and money!) from fanatics.

LEGO Trains

Average Original Price: $159
Potential Earnings: $1,500-$3,000

It’s pretty amazing how LEGO has survived in the 70 years since it first entered our homes. Well into the 21st-century people are still enjoying their new sets and films.


You might want to see if your parents or grandparents still have their train sets – they’re worth literally thousands today! Keep an eye out for the High Speed City Express Trains from 1985 and the Diesel Freight Trains, which are the most valuable.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Average Original Price: $25
Potential Earnings: $3,000
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

Whoever says that having children isn’t a good financial investment? These soft, round-faced sculpted baby dolls entered US markets in 1978 and were hugely popular at the time.


You didn’t just ‘buy’ one, you welcomed one into your family. If you held on to yours, you might be able to be rewarded for it. A James Dudley 1985 Cabbage Patch doll might go for $3,000 on eBay.

Eternia Playset

Average Original Price: $30
Potential Earnings: $3,000

Many people will remember He-Man – the popular comic book character who was made a television star in the 1980s. Once he became the go-to show, naturally kids wanted merchandise.


The Eternia playset was part of the He-Man universe and can with a few additional characters that children could play with after they watched their show. Today, this set could be worth $3,000!


Average Original Price: $18
Potential Earnings: $3,000

Parents hated Tamagotchis due to the incessant care and attention they required at practically all times. Invariably, children got bored of the adult responsibilities after a few days and so it was up to them to keep it alive.


Weirdly, these things have made a comeback from their time in the 1990s, even being cared for by Katy Perry. An unopened Tamagotchi can go for $3,000 on eBay!

Fisher-Price’s Push Cart Pete

Average Original Price: $0.50
Potential Earnings: $3,000

If you happen to have a mint-condition copy of the 1936 model, then you’re in luck! This ‘Push Car Pete’ is considered a classic Fisher-Price model and can go for upward of $3,000 today!


These models captured imaginations for years and are still popular today, even though interest among the masses has wained a bit. Make sure to check all your cupboards and attics for these treasures!

Musical Instruments

Average Original Price: $1,200
Potential Earnings: $3,100

Ok, your dream of becoming an international rockstar didn’t work out. That’s fine, at least you bought a trendy cool instrument from it. Well, if you’re like most of us who left their guitar in its case collecting dust, you might be in luck!

One lucky failed musician sold his Gibson guitar for more than $3,000, more than double the original price! eBay accepts many old instruments which might increase in value over time.

Garbage Pail Kids

Average Original Price: $0.25
Potential Earnings: $4,000

Perhaps one of the biggest ROIs in our list is this collection of Garbage Pail Kids. Selling for just 25 cents at the time, they can be swapped for thousands in today’s money.


They first became popular in the 1980s and featured small characters with… let’s just say… ‘abnormalities on fate’. The injured characters were banned in schools for being too violent and were deemed a ‘distraction’.


Average Original Price: $5
Potential Earnings: $4,000
To Buy on Amazon: Click Here

According to The Telegraph, investing in Lego is a safer bet than investing in gold! Since 2000, the value of gold has increased by 4.1%, whereas Lego has increased value by a whopping 12%.

The building toys have found new popularity in recent years, so you might want to check your attics! Apparently, Lego Star Wars sets are the most popular, with a First Edition Millennium Falcon now worth $4,000!

Megatron Gun

Average Original Price: $20
Potential Earnings: $4,000

Transformers merchandise has proved to be valuable for years after their purchase. Let’s just look at this Megatron gun! Despite the original price being $20, it is now worth a massive $4,000!


Of course, it is even more valuable in its box untouched. But back in the day when people were less delicate, they were probably outside playing with this instead of keeping it in the box.

Boba Fett Action Figure

Average Original Price: $25
Potential Earnings: $5,000

Who doesn’t like Star Wars? The franchise entered pop culture in 1977 and has shown no signs of slowing down with new films, television shows, and comic books being made today.

Flickr – DavidD

Real fans will know that this Boba Fett action figure was originally deemed ‘unsafe’ and was never released to wide audiences. They were kept hidden for 40 years and have recently been made available to the public. If you get your hands on one of these toys (or bought one from before they were banned!), they will rack up $5,000 in valuation.

Beanie Babies

Average Original Price: $5
Potential Earnings: $5,000
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Who doesn’t remember the Beanie Baby craze? Before Pokemon, before Tamagotchi, there were these adorable animals that kids would collect and keep on display. Each one had their own personalities and character traits, causing headaches for parents everywhere.

Although you can sell almost any of your Beanie Babies, there’s one that holds the prize for the most valuable. There have only been 2,000 Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Babies called Peanut created – meaning you can sell it for $5,000!

Pound Puppies

Average Original Price: $30
Potential Earnings: $5,000

In the 1980s, Pound Puppies were all the rage. In fact, in a three year period, the company that made them generated $300 million in sales! It turned into a successful TV show that ran for two years.

Today, these Pound Puppies are worth a pretty penny. If you happen to have one in original packaging, you can rack up around $5,000 in profits! What are you waiting for? No need to paws and think about it!

American Girl Dolls

Average Original Price: $82
Potential Earnings: $5,000

Many parents probably hated being forced to enter the American Girl store due to the excessive amount of collectible items from its catalog.

The famous doll from the 1950s, Molly McIntire, is especially valuable due to how rare its initial production was. A mint condition doll can be sold today for around $5,000 – do you have one?

Vinyl Caped Jawa

 Average Original Price: $15
Potential Earnings: $5,000

One of these toys. If still in good condition, could get you $5,000 today on eBay! Please note that the cape MUST be made of vinyl – this is what makes it so valuable!

After 1978, the vinyl material was changed to cloth. And while having a toy from 1979 might be valuable, it’s the toys from before the switch where you’ll make your real fortune.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Average Original Price: $11
Potential Earnings: $6,500

No one could have predicted in 1997 just how big the Harry Potter franchise would become. With countless reprints, movies, spin-offs, stage plays, and amusement parks, the 1st edition books are only rising in value.


If you were one of the early readers in the 1990s who bought the books at the start, you might have $6,500 sitting on your bookshelf. Did you ever read about the wizarding world? You might be in for a treat!

Thundercats Thunderwings Lion-O Action Figure

Average Original Price: $15
Potential Earnings: $7,000

These dolls were everywhere in the 1980s due to the popular cartoon series between 1985-1988. Kids everywhere were running to pick up their toys and playing in the garden.



Today, some of these toys can rack up to $7,000 if they are still in their original packaging. Make sure you explore your cupboards at home and see if there is one still in the box – you might just be able to buy yourself a vacation!

Vintage Care Bear Dolls

Average Original Price: $2
Potential Earnings: $7,500

 These cuts and cuddly toys each have different patterns on their bellies, making them unique to each owner. In the 1980s, you’d be hard-pressed to see a child’s room without these sprawled around the shelves.


Let’s hope you have a few of them left around! They can collect a value of around $7,500. Each! Time to check out the storage cupboards…

Vinyl Records

Average Original Price: $15
Potential Earnings: $10,000

Vinyl records appear to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity in recent years. What was once the only way to enjoy music at home is now just one way people are exploring new music tastes. You can thank your dad for collecting them in the 1960s!

Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images


Today, some vintage albums can rack up $10,000! There are many reasons for this, but fans of old music consider old vinyl records to be like first edition books. Somewhere, a VHS is jealous.

Magic: The Gathering Cards

Average Original Price: $4-8
Potential Earnings: $13,500

Magic cards first started gaining popularity in the mid-1990s, and the game still has 12 million active players in the world today.



The value of each card depends on their rarity, and “Power 9” cards remain the most valuable. According to eBay sales, many people are willing to spend big to collect the items, with Alpha editions of the Black Lotus card going for $13,500.

Mego Elastic Batman

Average Original Price: $25
Potential Earnings: $15,000

Everyone loves a comic book toy. And when you consider that everyone in the 1980s loved Elastic Man, it makes sense to sell him as a Batman. Well, look no further!


The Batman Mego Elastic doll was released in 1979 and was a constant hit throughout the 1980s. Today, you can sell it for $15,000! Holy smokes, Batman!

Beano Comics

Average Original Price: $0.20 (weekly)
Potential Earnings: $17,000

Any first editions of BEANO comics are pretty rare to find these days, but if you do, you’re in for a treat! Some of the comics from 1938 can collect up to $17,000 if they’re still in good condition.


Today, BEANO is still going strong today, with comics, TV shows, merchandise, and clothing all still selling out. It’s never too late to start investing!

Where The Wild Things Are

Average Original Price: $8.95
Potential Earnings: $25,000
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Hang on before you rush to sell your child’s favorite book! Although most aren’t worth a whopping $25,000 today, there are a few who can claim that prize.

Warner Bros

A special 1963 first edition (and signed!) copy of Where The Wild Things Are can get you thousands. Do you happen to have a copy with Maurice Sendak’s autograph? Today, the books are still popular. As of 2013, the book sold 20 million copies. 

Luke Skywalker Action Figure

Average Original Price: $20
Potential Earnings: $25,000

It’s not just any old Skywalker doll that can earn you thousands. There is a special limited edition 1978 figurine that will have fans scrambling all over the world!


In a 2015 auction at Sotheby’s, a version of the toy sold for a whopping $25,000. It was previously owned by Tomoaki Nagao, the creator of the Japanese clothing line, The Bathing Ape. Do you like Star Wars and its action figures?

Star Wars Kenner Obi-Wan Kenobi Action Figure

Average Original Price: $15.99
Potential Earnings: $30,000

After Luke, Obi-Wan Kenobi was one of the more famous characters in the Star Wars franchise. It’s no surprise that the original Alec Guinness dolls from the 1970s can collect a pretty penny.


The Double Telescoping Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure can sell for upwards of $30,000. Seriously. It’s an insane amount of money – do you have one?


Average Original Price: $1.79
Potential Earnings: $32,000

The very first PEZ was made in 1927 in Austria. It was designed by people whose sole aim was to make a candy dispenser with sanitation in mind. According to sources: “the name is an abbreviation for the German word for peppermint, ‘pfefferminz.’”.


You can put any character on top of their heads, making them incredibly popular and relevant for generations.  Today, the original toys can be sold for more than $32,000!

Atari 2600 games

Average Original Price: $199
Potential Earnings: $33,400

If you have any of the old Atari 2600 games lying around at home, you might be unknowingly sitting on a goldmine. One of its most valuable products is the Air Raid – even used versions can get you almost $14,000!


However, like most things on this list, most of their value can be made when they are in their original packaging. Gamers didn’t know how much they were worth until about 2007. Do you have any?

Spider-Man Comic Books

Average Original Price: $0.12
Potential Earnings: $47,800

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Given the rise in popularity for superhero films, it’s no surprise that their original source material would also increase. Some of the oldest editions of ‘Spider-Man’ comics can go for tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the storyline.

Marvel Comics

Spider-Man’s first appearance was in Marvel’s Amazing Fantasy #15 before spinning off into his own comic. This particular comic can get as much as $1.1 million!


Average Original Price: $10-20
Potential Earnings: $100,000

For everyone who used to make fun of you and your stamp collection – it looks like you will have the last laugh! Some stamps, if kept unused and in good condition, can sell for thousands of dollars.

According to eBay, an uninverted Jenny Error Stamp Sheet sold for $83,000! There are fun stories of other collections – one couple bought a nice-looking stamp for 10 cents and resold it years later for $200!

Pokémon Cards

Average Original Price: $10-20
Potential Earnings: $100,000

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If you ever want to buy a new house, you might want to consider selling your Pokemon cards! Parents everywhere can rejoice to know that their countless efforts to ‘catch them all’ can finally pay off some 20 years later.

Minh Hoang/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

These cards became so popular that they were banned in schools due to competition and theft among young students. By March 2018, Pokemon sold more than 25.7 billion cards!

Hot Wheels

Average Original Price: $0.59
Potential Earnings: $125,000

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Perhaps one of the biggest ROIs on our list! Today, some of these little cars are worth more than actual human cars. That is literally mental. One car, the 1969 pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb Hot Wheels car sold for an amazing $125,000.

Hot Wheels

Before you go searching for it in your attic, keep in mind that it’s the only one ever made of the toy. Some of the more common toys can go for $20,000 – so keep an eye out!


Average Original Price: $2
Potential Earnings: $146,500

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There are few homes in the world today that don’t have at least one version of Monopoly. Created in 1933, it has become the world’s most popular board game with 250 million boxes sold around the world.


Somewhere in existence is The Landlord Game – an early version of Monopoly that was hand-drawn by Elizabeth Magie. This is rumored to be valued at almost $150,000.

G.I. Joe

Average Original Price: $2.50-5.50
Potential Earnings: $200,000

These toy soldiers first entered stores in 1964, and their original price depended on the model purchased. Fifty years later and these toys have garnered extraordinary value. The Missile Command Center sold for $17,500 at an auction, while other action figures have sold for $10,000.

YouTube – formbx257

It’s the first prototype, however, that has the most value – at a whopping $200,000. Today, the G.I. Joe character is still popular and even has a film franchise starring Channing Tatum and The Rock.

Lionel’s Pennsylvania “Trail Blazer” Train Set:

Average Original Price: $150
Potential Earnings: $250,000

These sets date all the way back to 1934, with history being very kind to the value of these items. You may have seen your father – or even your grandfather! – play with these when you were growing up.

Let’s hope he kept all these pieces. These train sets can rack up a huge $250,000! That’s enough to buy a house in some states – so get going and see what you can find.


Average Original Price: $2-4
Potential Earnings: $302,500

This particular Barbie was created by designer Stefano Canturi, and sold for a whopping $302,500! All proceeds went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Barbie was created in 1959 and has survived for 60 years due to its ability to innovate and change with the times.

Today, Barbie dolls are sold in a wide variety of skin colors and body shapes to reflect a different time. Did you ever have one?

Baseball Cards

Average Original Price: $2-4
Potential Earnings: $2.8 million

Before Pokemon cards, millions of Americans collected Baseball cards. It appears their value is only rising in time with some going for as high as $2.8 million! The rarest card ever made was the Honus Wagner Sweet Caporal collection – only 200 were made between 1909 and 1911.

If you manage to track one of these down, you’ll have to mortgage your house to buy it. Alternatively, if you have one in storage somewhere, it might just change your life!

1938 Action Comics #1

Average Original Price: $0.10
Potential Earnings: $3.2 Million

Given the revival of superheroes and their rising popularity – could it be anything else? Action Comics is the original name for D.C Comics, the company behind heroes like Superman and Batman.

Action Comics

The original 1938 first edition is extremely rare – only 50 issues were ever printed. What makes this issue particularly special is that it marks the very first appearance of Superman. It is the most valuable comic book in existence.

Easy-Bake Oven

Average Original Price: $11
Potential Earnings: $4,000

In the 1960s, almost every kid in town was yearning for an Easy-Bake Oven. They were based on the real-life kitchens adored by 1960s housewives in the era representing the American Dream.


A vintage set of this classic item can be sold for $4,000 today, which is similar to the actual price of a real oven. The toys are so popular that they earned a place in the National Toy Hall of Fame.