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Unique Gadgets That Will Instantly Make Your Life Easier




It feels like today we have everything we could ever want. We have our iPhones, our ride-sharing services, apps, gadgets, tricks, and tips to make our lives easier every day. Once upon a time, we would yearn for something – ‘wouldn’t it be cool to video call someone?’ – and now it appears most of our prayers are answered and we will retire with everything we’ve ever wanted.

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We don’t know what we don’t know, and we don’t know what we need until it is wrapped up in front of us. Or so the saying goes. Here is a list of some of the coolest gadgets that can help make your life a little easier. Just in time for Christmas!

Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

As a glasses wearer, there is no greater struggle than looking through dirty lenses*. 1.5 million people have agreed with me after investing in the best gadget on the market for wearers of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses.

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Using the same technology as NASA, the product includes a brush that removes dust and two pads to clean either side of the lens. Once put away, the device automatically charges and is good for 500 cleans.

* Fact check – false

FIXD: Saving Unnecessary Car Repairs

Mechanics know they know more than you and are willing to exploit this every time your car shows a light on your dashboard you don’t understand. They seek to take advantage of elderly people who may not realize that many of their problems are temporary and fixable.

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With FIXD, you can simply plug this device into your onboard diagnostics port and examine your car from a downloadable app. The app has easily understandable descriptions of problems and costs estimates. Have a step up on your mechanic by investing in this awesome tool!

Go To Bed With DowDow

Today, 68% of Americans have trouble falling asleep at least one of the seven nights per week. These problems are only getting worse with stress, technology, and lifestyle. Now with DowDow, you can get the night’s sleep you deserve.

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Using a glowing blue light, it helps reduce your breathing rate to around six breaths per minute (compared to the usual 11). Matching your breathing pattern to the light will send you on your way to blissful sleep. Sweet dreams.

XY Find It: For Your Keys

We have all lost our keys while rushing out the house. If you’re not responsible enough to leave them in a designated area in your home, then XY Find It is for you.

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Simply attach this small device to your item of choice – keys, wallet, etc – and an app will tell you where it is. This will definitely come in handy over the holiday period while the children are rushing around and causing chaos!

Vivian Lou Insoles: High Heels Protectors

High heels are an inconvenient inevitability – like death or taxes. Most women know the struggle of standing all day in shoes that are designed to keep your head up and spirits down.

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With these Vivian Lou Insoles, the pressure gets shifted from the toe to the heel, alleviating some of the pain associated with your best-looking pair of shoes. Girls can treat themselves to this life-saving product. Guys – this is the perfect gift for your partner!

KeySmart: a Smart Keyring

Have you ever realized that the older you get the more keys you collect? What started as just your house key will turn into a chaotic mess of bundled keys. Over time this becomes a loud and large problem.

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With the Smart Keychain, you can place all your keys into a smooth and portable carrier. All you need to do is put the keys into the compartments and you’re ready to go. You can keep this in your pocket or jacket without a nuisance from now on!

Accupoint: Locate and Eliminate Pain

Pain is bad, and chronic pain is worse. You can see the discomfort that people suffer through chronic pain in their joints and sometimes it hurts a loved one just as much.

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This Accupoint product is a drug-free alternative that reduces pain in the knee, back, arm, or shoulder in just seconds. It can be used a home, work, or during uncomfortable commutes. It can be a life-changing addition to anyone who suffers from pain on a daily basis.

1Tact: Roadside Disc

In the unfortunate event that you suffer from a road accident or flat tire while driving, the 1Tact Roadside Safety Disc might just save your life. Its 1000-hour battery can flash nine different patterns in an emergency and be seen from more than 5,000 feet away.

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Simply keep this disc in your car and attach it to your car via a magnet in the event of an accident until help arrives. This gadget might just get you help in a safe and responsible way.

MindInsole: Massaging Insoles To Combat Pain

Similar to the Vivian Lou Insoles we saw previously, these additions to your shoes can help reduce the pain you experience when walking in your shoes. Using reflexology and acupuncture, MinsInsoles designed the optimum way of locating pressure points of your feet to help relieve strains, body pain, and foot aches.

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Next time you think of a loved one with aches and pains, consider buying them this handy (or footy?) present. Let’s get going!

Energix: Wireless Charging

Wireless is the new black. With this fancy device from Energix, you’ll never have to play around and untangle cords ever again. That, and the advantage that it takes any model, makes this device a device-saver.

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The best thing about this product is that over time you will see an improvement in battery life, data streaming, and overall performance of the phone you are charging. If you get one of these, you’ll be the new popular person on the camping trip!

NightGuide HD: Nighttime Driving Assistant

Driving at night can be a daunting task even for the most seasoned drivers. According to some, it is actually three times as dangerous as driving in the day. With the NightGuide HD glasses, drivers gain a yellow tint with 10% UV protection, reducing the tiredness and headaches that can come from driving in the dark.

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They can easily be placed over existing prescription glasses and might just save a life next time you drive at night. Nothing is more valuable than that!

Xtra PC: Speeding Up Your Vintage Computer

It’s normal that our computers slow down over time – we add more files and media to them as they gracefully age only after just a few years. With this neat device, all you need to do is plug it into your computer’s USB drive and you’ll instantly see it speed back up to normal.

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You can use it with any computer made after 2004, so the chances are you can buy one of these for yourself. The Xtra device bypasses slow operating systems and transforms your computer as good as new.

Pest Defender: Bye Bye Bugs

Using ultrasonic waves undetectable to the human ear, the Pest Defender makes your home inhabitable to bugs and vermin. Simply plug this device into an empty plug socket and say goodbye to any and all unwanted guests in your home.

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The best part of all of this is that the device is free of chemicals – meaning there are no nasty surprises with its use. It’s a cheap, easy, and effective remedy to bugs and rats that might be staying a little too close to your home.

PhotoStick: Back Up Your Media

At its peak in 2018, the PhotoStick was selling up to 1000 units a day! The device is a way to store all your videos and photos on an external drive – keeping it safe in the event that your main computer breaks.

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It only takes one time for someone to lose their memories to never make the mistake again, and now they never will. You’ll never want to go a few days without using this amazing device for all your media.

EFX Light: Party Lights

This device is just a lot of fun for the next time you want to entertain at home. These discs are based on a professional ambiance lighting system that can be operated with a remote control.

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With different shades, patterns, and pulses, your friends are going to wonder how much money you spent on your new set up. The best part is: it doesn’t cost more than just a few dollars. Don’t tell anyone, and get some today!

Glowbowl Fresh: A Unique Night Light

Going to conduct your business in the middle of the night can be a confusing and overwhelming experience while your eyes battle the necessary light to conduct accurate aim.

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Thankfully, Glowbowls can be applied to any toilet bowl to release a choice of 13 different colored glows in the event you need to visit the toilet in the night. It activates using a motion sensor and even releases a spray of air freshener when you are finished.

Your Sleep Cool: Perfecting Your Night’s Sleep

We can all be thrown off our sleeping habits when it’s just a little too hot at night. Summer nights can cause us to toss and turn all night. Thankfully, this new device out just this year can help us all sleep better again.

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The old ‘cool side of the pillow’ trick is a continuous feeling for this product which is proven to help our cognition, mood, and overall performance. No more relying on those extra cups of coffee!  

Doc Socks: Foot Relief

Anyone who suffers from sore feet can benefit from a visit to the Doc Socks. These convenient socks can be worn instead of usual socks and help relieve pain that is caused by too much walking or standing.

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The extra padding is placed in the perfect positions to help with posture and foot pain, helping you live a more normal day-to-day life. We all know how difficult it can be to live with chronic pain, and these socks help out to massive benefit.

VIZR: Creating A Safe Display

VIZR’s technology helps transform your smartphone into a heads-up display to use while you drive. You can place any smartphone device onto it straight from the box and, hey presto, you’re ready to drive.

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It securely keeps your phone in place during your road trips and can help you when you use GPS apps or other services. A safer way to carry your phone and drive, every responsible driver should have one of these in their car.

PhotoStick Mobile: Back up Your Phone

This is the mobile version of the PhotoStick we saw for PCs, which will become invaluable to millions of us. It is estimated that one in three smartphone users will accidentally lose their media from their phones.

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No amount of cloud storage can save you from an online attack, and this device might just be the perfect way to locally store your media offline. It’s recommended to use this as much as you can, although it depends on how much you use your phone. Will you want all your practice selfies saved forever?