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Which TV Gang Would Win In A Fight? We Find Out.



A dynamic TV gang can make or break a television show. When you see characters form and develop within a unit in their universe, it can shape the story in ways that singular characters can’t do on their own.

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Some of these gangs are more powerful than others, so we ask the important question: who would win in a fight? We break down the most iconic TV gang from some of our favorite shows and find out who would come out on top. Let’s get ready to rumble…

The Warriors

Appearance: The Warriors
Head: Cleon
Location: Coney Island, New York

Paramount Pictures

These folks are known for wearing their iconic purple vests with skulls painted on their backs. Generally, The Warriors are considered pretty tough and can handle themselves pretty well in a fight. The 1979 film explores their battle with mistaken identity and how rivals gangs seek revenge for something they never did. Still, you wouldn’t want to mess with these guys. Usually, they fight with knives not guns. 


The Muppets

Appearance: Muppets Most Wanted
Head: Kermit the Frog
Location: Los Angeles and London


Here’s for a slightly different type of posse! The Muppets have been together for decades and prove to be a formidable film and TV gang. With characters like Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo – it’s impossible not to fall in love with these guys. Some of their primary abilities are playing instruments and having fun – but don’t expect them to prepare much for any important heists! This TV gang is more into fun and games.

Dom Toretto’s Posse

Appearance: The Fast and Furious Franchise
Head: Dom Toretto
Location: Los Angeles, California

Universal Pictures

Known as some of the best drivers the world has ever seen, this gang can clearly organize themselves. As the franchise has grown and developed, we’ve seen Toretto’s gang do anything from racing on the streets in Tokyo to robbing banks from police stations. The ‘family’ remains dedicated to each other even if the formation changes every few years. We can expect to see them get closer in the next few years at least.


Ocean’s 11

Appearance: Ocean’s 11
Head: Danny Ocean
Location: Las Vegas and Europe

Warner Brothers

To exact some revenge, Danny Ocean hires some of the most daring and brave scam artists and mechanics in the world. They work together for weeks to plan the ultimate heist: robbing three Las Vegas films in the same evening. Their charm and charism spawned two sequels and a female-led spin-off, although it failed to capture the same critical or financial success. It included some of Hollywood’s biggest talents, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon.


Appearance: G.I. Joe
Leader: Zartan
Location: Florida Everglades

8 Star Entertainment

The Dreadnoks might not be the most famous TV gang, but it doesn’t mean they can’t put up a good fight. These guys travel around on bikes and have access to ‘tools’ including holographic technology, piranas, and even laughing gas! While trying to cause chaos within the military, the Deadnok members often have to keep up with a crazy lifestyle led by none other than G.I. Joe. Sadly, their choice of lifestyle often leads to a high turnover rate within the gang.


The Boddericker Gang

Appearance: Robocop
Head: Clarance Boddicker
Location: Detroit, Michigan

tv gang

The Boddericker gang mainly uses guns and other firearms or their arsenal. For a while, the gang was so powerful that they could easily move around Detroit without the worry of arrest since they worked with Omni Consumer Products (OCP). Through their relationship with OCP, the gang could operate in the shadows to much success. However, a particular downfall is that they don’t really like their leader – causing disdain and resentment, ultimately impacting growth. 

Gangreen Gang

Appearance: The Powerpuff Girls
Head: Ace
Location: Townsville

tv gang
Cartoon Network

These guys are basically just jerks. While the Powerpuff Girls try to keep Townsville calm and peaceful, the Gangreen Gang often try to make that as difficult as possible The gang is made up of five guys who have green skin – with some of them even being a cyclops! Generally, they have bad manners, skip school, and like to cause as much chaos as they can through their wild antics. 


The Drapes

Appearance: Cry-Baby
Head: Wade ‘Cry-Baby’ Waker
Location: Baltimore, Maryland

tv gang
Universal Pictures

How does a normal film or TV gang settle their differences? Well, if you’re a member of the Drapes then you might find yourself taking part in a chicken race. This is when gang members drive toward each other at high speeds until one of them ‘chickens’ out and turns out the way. In their spare time, you might find members of the Drapes singing rock tunes at their local establishment in Turkey Point. 

The Jets

Appearance: West Side Story
Head: Riff
Location: Upper West Side, New York City

tv gang
United Artists

If you find yourself in this part of New York City, you might come across The Jets – who always walk tall with their switchblades in hand. Sure, they’re charming and persuasive, but you don’t want to cross them! They are tough cookies who rule the streets of this part of the city. Each step they make, the people around them often follow suit. You don’t want to mess with those dance moves! 


The T-Birds

Appearance: Grease
Head: Danny Zuko
Location: Rydell High

tv gang
Paramount Pictures

How can you resist the charm of the T-Birds? Their greased hair and leather jackets are iconic as they drive around in their new car: the Greased Lightning. This crew is best known for its ability to cause anyone to spontaneously break into song at a moment’s notice. Sadly, one of their drawbacks is their inability to keep a girlfriend or sustain a summer romance. In their spare time, members of the T-Birds can be seen racing their cars against rival gangs.

Van Buren Boys

Appearance: Seinfeld
Head: Unclear
Location: Lorenzo’s Pizza, New York City

tv gang

According to Kramer, who has a run-in with this crew, they are just as mean as the 8th President of the United States. That’s why he names them the Van Buren Boys – after President Van Buren. Their sheer strength makes them the perfect foe who pushes their victims against a wall at a will. As they terrorize Lorenzo’s Pizza, Jerry and the gang need to find another way to eat their pizza in peace. 


The Mohawks

Appearance: Double Dragon
Head: Bo Abobo
Location: New Angeles

tv gang
Youtube | Sandrew Metronome Movies

The Mohawks got their name after forming their hair in the shape of… well, mohawks. According to some, the gang’s leader can bench press a total of 800 pounds. You can often see them driving around town in a massive truck with a big mouth on the front. All in all, it’s safe to say that The Mohawks rule the streets of New Angeles once the police go home for the night. Their only disadvantage? They’re not very intelligent…

Purple Dragons

Appearance: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Leader: Hun
Location: New York City, NY

tv gang | nickelodeon

Man, where do we begin with this TV gang? They might not be very trained or specialized, but that doesn’t mean they can’t punch and kick their way through a fight in the streets. They’re considered relatively low-level crime, but they can certainly put up a good fight against our favorite Ninja Turtles. Still, they rarely succeed against our heroes so it makes us think that they might not be as formidable as others on this list!


The Gang

Appearance: It’s Always Sunny In Philadephia
Head: Unclear
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fox | FX

Have we ever seen a group of less likable people? Mac, Dennis, Dee, Charlie, and Frank have been on our screens for a record-breaking 13 seasons in the longest-running single-camera sitcom in history. Each week audiences see how they lie, cheat, steal, and trick each other all to get ahead in their schemes. Very rarely is this TV gang successful in its exploits. Still, after 13 years they’re funnier than ever. 

The Friends Gang

Appearance: Friends
Head: Ensemble
Location: New York City, New York


This close-knit group of friends has been in each other’s lives for decades, making them practically inseparable. As a decade passes, we see them mature, group up, get married, have children, and become fully-blown adults. While Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Pheobe each have their flaws, they will surely stick up for one another whenever there is a problem. What crazy situation would you like to see them face against these other crews? 


The Magnificient Seven

Appearance: The Magnificient Seven
Head: Chris Adams 
Location: The Wild West

United Artists

This impressive group of gun-wranglers would be impressive regardless of who starred in the 1960s film. However, adding the charm of actors like Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson, their quality is practically unstoppable. When these folks are together, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish as they battle their strong characters to work together. In 2015, the film was remade and starred Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington, and Ethan Hawke. 

The X-Men

Appearance: The X-Men
Leader: Professor X
Location: Upstate New York

20th Century Fox | Disney

Led by Professor X, the X-Men are a team of mutants who all work together to try and live among humans. While battles often break out between the ‘good’ and ‘evil’ mutants, Professor X’s team has often shown a united front against adversaries, such as Magneto. In film and TV, the X-Men have shows high levels of personal and physical strength in the face of danger. Who is your favorite X-Men?


The Goonies

Appearance: The Goonies
Head: Michael ‘Mikey’ Walsh
Location: Astoria, Oregon

Rex Features

This classic American adventure comedy film highlights the charm of the children who live in the modest neighborhood of Astoria, Oregon. While trying to save their homes from foreclosure, the gang of boys stumble upon a treasure map that might lead them to the fortune of One-Eyed Willy – the famous pirate! When these kids together the audience is full of nostalgia and hope for classic years of youth and fun.


Appearance: The Clockwork Orange
Head: Alex Delarge
Location: London, UK

tv gang
Warner Bros.

You don’t want to mess with these guys. The Droogs cause chaos with whatever weapon they have at their disposal. Set in the dystopian future of London, England, Alex and his gang wear all white and drink milk all night long. Their violence is eventually curbed after Alex is arrested and embarks on a ‘behavior modification technique’. At their prime, these folks would have been the most violent and aggressive guys out there.