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If You’re Turning 30, Consider These Life Pro-Tips



Well, you’ve only gone and turned 30. You’ve had a decade of trying to find yourself and settle into a career of which you’re proud. You’re starting to notice some little things: the hangovers are a little worse; your knees are a bit stiffer and have kids always been so loud?

The truth is, there are certain habits and tricks we should be adopting as we enter this next formative decade. You’re not as young as you used to be, but you still have a lot to give. As we tackle our 30s and the unique set of challenges it will throw at us – let’s make sure we hit the ground running.

Stop Smoking

It’s no longer considered cool and it’s doing terrible things to your body. You probably started when you were a teenager or in your early 20s when you thought you were invincible, but your 30s will show you that you’re not.


It would also be wise to stop the occasional ‘social’ cigarette – it’s a dangerous road.


Plan Your Weeks, Not Your Weekends

It’s normal in your 20s to stay in during the week to prepare for (or recover from) a heavy weekend of alcohol, nightclubs, and all-nighters. When you’re young, this is fun and adventurous but is a habit worth breaking by the time you turn 30.


As your body slows, it will benefit from keeping a more consistent plan, even if this means having more dinners and light drinks with friends instead of large parties with strangers.

Go Independent

It’s easy when you’re young to stick to reliable brands and companies. As we get older, it is a great opportunity to support local business and spend a bit more on more unique items.


Why get a Starbucks when you can support your new family-owned cafe next door? It might be a few more pennies, but you’ll be contributing to people’s lives.


Revive Your Bedtime

Bedtimes are one of the biggest things we look forward to retiring once we become an ‘adult’ and away from our parents’ control. It’s amazing, then, how much we miss them when they’re gone.

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Make sure to try go to bed at the same time each night – a regulated sleep pattern will help you feel better throughout the days and improve your sleep.

Let Go Of Old Friends

He may be an old friend, but is he a good one? It’s normal as you grow up to grow apart from the people you went to school with. Holding on to too many old friendships can often lead to superficial or unhealthy relationships that just aren’t worth your time.

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Don’t worry, it’s completely normal to drift apart from some people – it makes the ones that stick around that much more special.


Consider Your Diet

Remember that Chinese meal deal you used to order on a Sunday after a heavy night? It may have slipped off your hips by Tuesday once upon a time, but this unwelcome guest is expected to hang around a bit longer with age.


As you approach 30, consider your changing metabolism and how you should adapt your diet accordingly.

Buy A Plant. Then Keep It Alive.

Here’s a great test to see if you’re actually an adult, and virtually risk-free. Buy a plant and keep it somewhere with sufficient oxygen and sunlight.

Then take things further and try to keep it alive for as long as possible. You’re an adult now – how will you support a child one day if you can’t keep your Daffodils alive?


Change Your Bedsheets

This is – without a doubt – one of life’s greatest pleasures. The feeling of sinking into a freshly washed set of sheets after a long week is a great way to reward yourself.


Additionally, it is a lot more hygienic and will help air out your room.  

Buy Your Own Clothes!

Come on, you’re nearly 30. Stop relying on a parent or partner to help pick out your wardrobe.

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You should have a strong idea of your identity and what you feel comfortable wearing – so go out (or order in) and explore your options on your own. Be you.


Invest In Good Wine

In your 30s, you’re more likely to enjoy a quiet dinner party with close friends than venture out to a loud club talking to strangers. So it’s also the time to start purchasing nice wine.


Remember, nice doesn’t always mean expensive – it just means that you take a bit more time learning about it so you can pick what you really enjoy.

Enjoy The Little Moments

Spending time with close friends and family becomes harder with age – you will have already noticed some friendships fading over time.

When you reunite with loved ones, take a moment to really appreciate who you’re with and the experience you are sharing. It’s moments like these that will have a lasting impact


Stop Kissing So Many Frogs

We often stay in relationships that aren’t good for us. Or, at least, they’re not as good as they could or should be.


Make sure you don’t settle with someone who isn’t right for you and improving your life in some way. Stop chasing meaningless partners – find your prince.

Balance The Physical And Mental

Of course, when placing an emphasis on your physical health, it is essential that you don’t let your mind’s progress fall behind.

Understanding what makes you happy or sad, up or down, is vital in maintaining a healthy outlook in life. Make sure you place as much effort into your mental health as you do your physical one.


Free Yourself Of Imaginary Obligations

You probably spent a lot of your time in your 20s doing things you thought you ‘needed’ to do.


Whether it was your frenemy’s birthday party or working extra hours at a job you hated. Stop doing things you think you ought to do – do what makes you a happier and better person.

Join Reward Systems

Hopefully, your life will start to resemble at least the start of an organized routine. You’ll have your local stores, travel plans, or shops in order – so why not start earning rewards from them?

One example is collecting air miles – an investment that can save you thousands of dollars and set you up to a life of convenient travel. Seriously, your future self will thank you.


Don’t Fall For Every Trick

Oh, you saw a meme on social media telling you about a new exercise product? So what if it costs $89 – payday is next week. No!

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Stop falling for every gimmick you might come across. Don’t keep changing diets, routines, accessories – just work on you and building a consistent lifestyle.

Learn To Cook At Least One Meal

Honestly, your days of heating up 5-minute pasta or eating Pot Noodles should be long gone.


You need to know how to have at least one ‘signature’ dish up your sleeve to cook for friends and loved ones. Also, you’re an adult – learn how to cook otherwise it’s weird.


Get Tested

If you’re still living a bachelor lifestyle in your 30s, it is wise to plan for regular STD checks. Of course, if you have already settled down there’s no need to have routine check-ups.


And if there is, then that’s probably a conversation you need to have privately.

Stop Trying To Be A People Pleaser

Trying to please everyone around you can sometimes make you feel as though you’re getting pulled in multiple directions.


When juggling so many invites, favors, or commitments, you might find yourself disappointing more people than you intended. Stop it. Don’t overcommit and don’t try to please everyone because you won’t.


Iron Your Shirts

You’ve made it this far in life with you non-wrinkle shirts for casual nights with friends, but it’s really about time you learned how to maintain a sleek and sharp look for those important work meetings.

It’s a lot cheaper than sending them off to the dry cleaners and will help you look the part for when it matters.

Learn To Communicate Properly


We spend too much time in front of our screens and putting off difficult conversations that make us uncomfortable. Unfortunately, over time this will hinder our relationships and stop personal growth. Jump into those hard conversations and rip the bandaid – you will never regret being honest with someone.


Call Your Parents And Grandparents


We don’t cherish the moments with our family until it is often too late. Your parents and grandparents are likely getting older and now is the time to call them. Even a few minutes each week will mean so much to them, and you’ll miss it when it goes.