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Tabasco Is Celebrating Its 150th Birthday With This Fantastic Product



Courtesy of Tabasc

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a home or bar without a trusted bottle of Tabasco somewhere. Whether it’s something you crave or curse, these mini droplets of spice are cemented in our culture all throughout the land.

The signature hot sauce has just turned 150 years old!

To celebrate their success, Tabasco is releasing a limited edition version of Tabasco in a champagne-style bottle. Bloody Mary lovers and spicy aficionados can now get their hands on ‘Tabasco Diamond Reserve Sauce’ – the perfect edition and addition for your kitchen needs.

“We have reached this milestone anniversary thanks to our devoted fans who have championed Tabasco Sauce in kitchens and at dining tables, in restaurants and in handbags, and from Avery Island, Louisiana to every corner of the world,” said Tony Simmons, president and CEO of Tabasco producer McIlhenny Company, in a press release.

Tabasco is one of the world’s most popular hot sauces and is produced on Avery Island, Louisiana. Each pepper is chosen according to the standards set by the company, notably their ‘superior color, texture, and robustness’. Peppers are aged for 15 years before they are hand-picked for consumption.

Fans of the firey fuel can purchase a bottle directly from the company’s website. The impressive bottles are currently on sale for $35 – a hefty investment but surely worth it for fans. Will you be stocking up?