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Bizarre Subway Moments Caught On Camera!




Riding the subway can be a terrifying experience – regardless of what city you’re in. Whether it’s the subway, the tube, or the metro, the chances are that you’ve probably seen some weird things on public transportation!

Photo Credit: Reddit

We’ve highlighted some of the most extreme or bizarre things that people have done on the subway – all thanks to a sneaky photograph at the right time. These folks really thought what they were doing here was normal! You thought your commute was bad? Let’s take a look at these rides…

Game Stop

We all know the folks who buy a new videogame and escape into their room for weeks on end. Well, most of us can’t afford to lock ourselves away for all that time. We have, you know, jobs and commitments. 

Photo Credit: @subwaycreatures/Instagram

It looks like it didn’t stop this player from getting his daily dose of gaming – he took his whole living room with him for his commute! We personally think it’s a little too much effort, but who are we to judge? Sadly, an old lady was forced to stand in the aisle since the screen took up the last seat. 

Blowing A Budget

Funerals can be expensive. After the coffin, the catering, the flowers, it can feel like you’re spending all your money just to bury a loved one. Well, this family decided that they could save a few bucks on transport by foregoing a hearse. 

Photo Credit: @subwaycreatures/Instagram

That’s right – they literally carried their loved one on the subway! We’re not sure if this is a prank or if the coffin is empty. Either way, we’re sure it turned a few heads from nosey commuters.

Resting on the Rails

We all know the etiquette when it comes to holding on to the rail. You hold on to it but never lean! Well, this person clearly doesn’t care about leaning and it looks likes she’s going one further: she’s wrapping herself around the rail! 

Peter Terry/Pinterest/Fair Use

We can’t see how anyone would want to rest along any subway rail, let alone one that had a butt on it! She definitely feels comfortable taking public transport – let’s hope other people do.

Poppy Hat

Have you seen the latest Tube trend? It turns out that wrapping your hat in bubble wrap is the latest fashion statement on the Underground. That’s according to this lady, who wears what she wants and she doesn’t care who sees it.

Photo Credit: beckyshangrila/Reddit

We can’t imagine why she decided to wrap her hat in this poppy material – maybe she wanted to waterproof it? That doesn’t make much sense either, considering the subway is underground! Either way, we think she looks fabulous.

Service Pets Allowed

We’re pretty used to seeing service dogs on the subway – but what about service dinosaurs? It looks like new rules and regulations have been updated to allow these prehistoric creatures onto the subways to help nervous passengers.

Photo Credit: saliem654/Reddit

Actually, if you look closely you’ll see that these are, in fact, humans dressed as dinosaurs. We reckon they probably dressed up for a bachelor night or football game. Either way, we love their spirit! Let’s hope everything went to plan.

Pimps Need Transport, Too

Sure, pimps make a lot of money. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be frugal every now and then. Here, we can see a pimp riding home after a long day of collecting money from men. It looks like he didn’t have enough change to order a cab!

Photo Credit: Imgur

We love the bold move of wearing all red on the subway – whatever time of day it might be. Who knows, he might dedicate each day of the week to a different color. We’re surprised he sees any color other than green! 

Gaming To Work

We’ve already seen a fella take his computer screen onto the subway, but this guy takes it to a whole new level. Bringing is VR headset with him, he can simply plug himself in and forget that he’s on the way to work! 

Photo Credit: cyberpunkkarmathief/Reddit

We have to admit: this is a lot more practical than the first guy. At least he’s not taking up too much room and can be left alone. Let’s hope he didn’t get too carried away and end up at the end of the line. 

Doggy Don’ts

There’s an expected etiquette to follow when you ride on public transportation. Well, this puppy and his owner are having none of it! Just look how happy he is to be riding his very own rocking horse. 

Photo Credit: crazeecatladee/Reddit

We don’t know if this is inappropriate or not. After all, it is just a toy but he seems to be adopting quite a ‘natural’ approach to riding it. Either way, we definitely think this lightened up the commute for those seeing him ride away! 

I Am Groot

Look, a real guardian of the galaxy! Only kidding, this isn’t actually Groot from 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but we were almost fooled for a few minutes. Here we can see what we can only assume is a Halloween costume. Either that or she’s a real-life Poison Ivy!

Photo Credit: @subwaycreatures/Instagram

What we find funniest about this is how she’s seemingly dressed completely normal from the head down – almost as if she doesn’t realize she’s half a tree. Hilarious!

Paint Me Like One Of Your Passengers

Sometimes, real life mimics art. We can see that ‘beautifully’ with this drunk man who is unaware he is recreating one of the most amazing pieces of art. Whereas one took years of painstaking accuracy and care, the other was from laziness and carelessness. Which asks the question: what’s even the difference?

Photo Credit: @taylorhirstein/Instagram

There are plenty of times we see art and life mimic each other and this is a wonderful example of their merging. 


There’s a term used in dating: peacocking. It means that one partner, usually the male, will make himself stand out vibrantly to attract a mate. It’s an approach adopted by the peacock, hence the name.

Photo Credit: BookerDeWittsCarbine/Reddit

Well, this guy took it to a whole other level and actually bought and traveled with a peacock. That’s the ultimate power move if you ask us! Can you imagine seeing this guy on the train during your morning commute? There’s nothing more like New York than seeing these people not even look up from their phones!

Head’s Away! 

This is more likely to happen in the English London Underground, since their tubes are smaller and narrower. Still, we accept that it can happen anyway – case in point! This poor guy got his hair trapped in the door and had to travel like this for an entire stop.

Photo Credit: Imgur

It must have been a maximum time of only a few minutes, but it’s still pretty embarrassing and could have been rather uncomfortable. Thankfully a friend was there to snap this photo. 

Bubble Boy

This guy went the extra mile to make sure he wouldn’t get sick on his morning commute. He made his own helmet to guarantee he didn’t have to accidentally consume germs or any other nasty bacteria. 

Photo Credit: @subwaycreatures/Instagram

Do you think he’s sick or just paranoid? We don’t think he looks sick, so maybe he wanted to be extra careful. It might have been during the Ebola crisis in 2014 – who knows? Hopefully, he survived and is alive and well today. 

Foxy Passenger

We’ve seen dogs, we’ve seen dinosaurs, but check out this fox! We’ve never even seen a domesticated fox, let alone one that rides the subway with his human. All things considered, he’s actually pretty well behaved.

Photo Credit: IosifMarianna/Reddit

We can’t help but notice the woman on the side of the photo who is just ‘so done’ with the whole situation. She’s either trying to close her eyes and ignore it, or she’s just so used to it she hasn’t noticed! 

Wolf Whistling

If you’ve ever ridden the New York Subway, you’ll know that there are plenty of buskers. They will do whatever they can to get your attention, sometimes that means wearing a wolf mask! 

Photo Credit: sweet_brag/Reddit

We’re amazed the mask didn’t stop his ability to play the violin. We have a feeling that maybe his skills weren’t so impressive and that’s why he had to rely on a novelty mask to attract an audience. Either way, it’s an interesting thing to see on the subway!

Mama Mia! 

So you’ve taken a pizza to go and you’re about to get home and feed it to your family. The last thing you would want to happen is that it falls on the subway floor – which we can all agree is pretty dirty. Well, that’s exactly what happened to this poor lady.

Let’s be honest here: this lady was probably a bit drunk and fell asleep after a long night out with friends. Either way, can you imagine how upset she must have been once she woke up! We feel bad for all the other passengers, too.

We Laugh At Your Rules! 

A few years ago, New York City’s MTA made a rule that stated that all dogs, unless service dogs, must be placed in a bag during transit. Well, you can imagine the frustration for the owners for some of the bigger dogs!

New Yorkers have always been known for their ingenuity, and many of its citizens found hilarious ways around the law. Some included getting bigger bags, whereas others included literally cutting the bottoms out of the base of the bag and having the dog wear it like a dress!

Secret Kitty

Uh-Oh. You don’t want to come across this lady with her secret kitty! It looks like she’s hiding the prized jewel of her life and risks losing it all. We almost couldn’t see what she was hiding until we looked down and saw those adorable eyes.

We wonder if cats suffer the same restrictions as dogs on the New York subway. Still, judging by the size of this fella it looks as though he would much rather be tucked away with his new owner. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!


Just look at this gorgeous diva! This puppy has got a whole New York subway carriage to himself. We’re wondering why no one is rushing to sit next to the little guy. Is there a chance his bite is worse than his bark?

Photo Credit: ohsureyoudo/Reddit

Big things often come in small packages and this could be an example of how this puppy may look cute at times, but it doesn’t mean you can mess with him! Trust us. You don’t want to cross this little guy. 

Whatever It Takes

Sometimes, the last thing you want is to talk to someone on the subway. Well, this passenger did whatever it took to make sure that no one sparked up a conversation with her. Just look at her bag: ‘This bag contains a gun, a bomb, a very large knife, and loads of drugs.’

Photo Credit: Reddit

Today, that joke wouldn’t be so funny considering the tragic events that are taking place around the world. Hopefully, people saw the humor in it and no one was concerned she would take out the knife or gun! The drugs would have been ok. 

Lazy Germaphobe

It’s one thing to want to avoid some of the germs that gather on the subway, but this person is taking it to a brand new extreme! Using a ‘minicrosser’, this commuter doesn’t even want to walk anywhere! 


It’s amazing how they let her onto the train in her own car. We have to be honest, the idea of having somewhere clean and quiet within the subway sounds pretty good to us! It’s definitely a weird look for the morning ride to work…

Counting Crows

We’ve seen animals on the subway, but what about a crow? This goth is getting on with her day with her pet crow by her side. We have to admit, we think this looks pretty interesting.

bachus2015 | Bored Panda

We don’t think this is a fancy dress costume – after all, how would she get a crow on short notice? It must be her general personality which makes her like this. Either way, we think she looks fierce and we love it! 

No Purpose

It’s a scary time in the world. People are on high alert after rising hate crimes from everyone belonging to many different backgrounds and faiths. If some people saw this bag, they might not feel comfortable. 

Nader Alsarras | Bored Panda

One commuter wanted to play a joke on fellow commuters by carrying this bag. For those who don’t read Arabic, the text translates as “This Text Has No Other Purpose Than To Terrify Those Who Are Afraid Of The Arabic Language.” We see what you did there!

Battle of the Ages

How do you think this happened? Two leaders from two universes find themselves in the same carriage on the subway! Passengers had better watch out – they don’t want to get caught in the middle of their drama. 

Bored Panda | beavis420

We reckon this was on the way to or from a ComicCon event – why else would they be dressed up like this? It could be Halloween, but something tells us they’re more into comic books. At least you know you’d be safe on board!

Celebrity Sightings

Sometimes, it’s not the weird and wonderful that you see on the subway. Every so often, passengers will see famous people riding trains, too! It makes complete sense when you consider that celebrities are normal people like you and me.

trick26 | Bored Panda

Here we can see how one lucky commuter sat opposite Ian McKellen, the actor famous for playing Gandalf and Magneto. It looks like he’s enjoying some time off from acting while he explores a new city on vacation. Good for him! 

Classic NYC

Weird things happen on the New York subway every day. This moment, snapped by a Reddit member, might take the cake for the most wholesome experience shared by two strangers.

ClosingDownSummer | Bored Panda

These two were sitting on the train together when a random closed bottle of wine rolled to their feet. Suddenly, the two of them opened it up and shared a glass together! We can tell the guy on the right of the photo is probably tweeting about it…

Always Be Prepared

Public transport is dangerous – you never know what you might find down underground. That’s why this lady is prepared for the worst-case scenario. As you can see, she’s packing some serious heat with her just in case anyone tries any trouble.

phenomenalcosmicpowers/Imgur/Fair Use

We think this might be a bit too extreme, but we guess it’s better to be sorry. It looks like this is taking place in Russia or Eastern Europe where the culture is a little different to the West. Would you take the subway like this?

Sleeping The Time Away…

We’ve seen how people can bring their home comforts with them on to the train, but what about those who make the train their home? Well, that’s exactly what this guy did when he finished his day at work.

CTran_tweets/Twitter/Fair Use

We love how the man in the photo seems completely unimpressed with what he’s seeing. Can you imagine sitting next to a man sleeping in his underwear? We think we would rather take the bus next time!

Getting Comfortable

It’s amazing how comfortable people can feel when they’re riding public transport. You would think that everyone would respect other passengers and not do anything too gross or intimate on the subway. Well, not this lady! 

ibeebz/Pinterest/Fair Use

We can see how she is putting her bare foot on the subway chair and clipping her toenails! We love that the man in the photo, who could be her husband, shares a look as if to say ‘I’m sick and tired of this!’

Baby? What Baby? 

Talk about a bad baby’s day out! This kid is finding himself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to traveling with daddy. That rock seems to be his back. And the hard place? Yeah, that’s the back of the subway!

soyanimal/Twitter/Fair Use

The father is too busy on his phone to notice that his kid is trapped in the back like this. Let’s hope it’s either a prank or that the child wasn’t too badly hurt. Otherwise, this could be a traumatic experience!

Best Halloween Costumes

Ok, so this is definitely Halloween! We love how this family has dressed up as these hilarious characters and ride the subway on the way to their celebrations. That kid is absolutely rocking his crown and the toy in his hand.

caseydonahue | Tumblr

These parents are totally dedicated to the role and went the extra mile to make sure it was truly special for their kid. It must have been so cool to see this family on the train. 

Just A Normal Commute In Japan

There isn’t much of a difference in the subway systems in the East compared to the West. The main difference is the weirdness in the people you meet in the carriages – and this shows that completely! 

dcoreys | Imgur

As we can see, these five folks are dressed as the Power Rangers. We don’t think they celebrate Halloween the same way Americans do, so we really can’t explain this one at all! Why do you think these guys are dressed like this? 

Rule 1: Hide The Book

Here’s a guy who rushed onto the subway with his new book before reading the first rule – be subtle! ‘How To Meet Women On The Subway’ might be a popular book, but if you’re going to read it in public then you should download it onto your ebook!

ajt24 | Reddit

Having done a little research, we found out this is actually a fake book and he is a comedian who sets out to brighten people’s day. What a great prank! We bet he got a few laughs.

Diversity Is Our Strength

With all this talk online about diversity and multiculturalism, everyone seems to forget that in the real world, no one really cares. Nowhere better is that on full display than in New York.

boubah360 | Instagram

What we’re looking at here are two people with wildly different lifestyle choices. Still, we can see the person on the right doesn’t seem to care, while the lady in the left seems to be smiling in her eyes. It just goes to show that everyone just wants to live together. 

Interesting Pets

You meet all kinds of interesting people on the subway. That doesn’t even include some of the animals you can also come across. Just take a look at this pink chicken, for example. That’s probably not someone you will meet every day.

Photo Credit: @subwaycreatures/Instagram

What’s more, the owner seems to be feeding him Cheerios, only adding to the randomness of this whole event. With the matching pink buggy to go, it seems that this owner probably has a few interesting stories to tell. 

Nothing To See Here…

Just when you think you’ve seen it all! Here’s one character you might just freeze in fear if you meet in person. What the heck is going on, here? We assume it’s a fancy dress costume. Even if that explains why they’re down there, it still doesn’t explain what exactly it is.


What do you think the outfit is trying to represent? We think it’s a weird Addams Family or Beetlejuice type of outfit that is designed to terrify people nearby. Well, we certainly think it’s working.

Taking Lunch To Go 

We’ve all woken up too late one morning and forgotten to pack our lunch. Well, this lady didn’t want to waste her perfectly good onion that was in the fridge so she took it with her to work. She also packed her cutting board and knife to make her salad during her commute! 

sifarat | Bored Panda

We have to admit: cutting an onion is probably one of the worst things you can do on public transport. Can you imagine the smell that caused? Let’s just hope it didn’t happen in the summer heat…

Subway Lullaby

Anyone with a kid knows just how stressful it can be to travel with one. What with the moving, crying, napping, hunger: there’s a lot of reason to want to avoid it altogether.

attacked_by_a_turkey | Bored Panda

This father knew there was one thing that would help his daughter relax on the subway – his violin! He took it with him to play it with her, offering a show for all the other passengers on board. We would love to know what he played her to get her to relax!

Black Mirror

We hope this is something to do with Halloween – otherwise, we really have no idea what is going on! Can you imagine getting onto the subway and seeing someone wearing a 1990s computer screen on their head?

Photo Credit: Reddit

It doesn’t even look that comfortable if you ask us. We wonder how and why she is wearing this and what the response was when she arrived at her eventual destination. It looks straight like an episode of Black Mirror and what the future might look like…

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