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These Funny Photos Are Proof We All Get FOMO Sometimes




Jealously can be a horrible quality that garners hilarious photographs. None of us like missing out on something or feeling like we’re owed a debt. However, emotions are part of life and can’t just be ignored. Jealousy is one of the uglier emotions that rears its head when we least expect it. It can be hard to hide and cause tensions among our friends and family.



That isn’t to say it isn’t a funny expression. We’ve collected some of the funniest expressions of jealousy to lighten up your day.

Ice Cream, I Scream…

There are many reasons people can feel jealous, and food envy is no exception! This photo perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to watch others from a distance as they lick on their delicious cones of sugary goodness.


It’s one of his first harsh lessons in life: you won’t always get what you want. Thankfully, he will be able to learn this lesson with only an ice cream scoop. It may be a lot to him today, but he’ll realize it won’t mean much soon.


This is one of the most famous photos to come out of Hollywood, and it wasn’t even planned! It just goes to show how spontaneous moments have more authenticity than the poses we see most of the time.


It might look like Sophia Loren is throwing some serious shade at Jayne Mansfield, but she claims it’s just poor timing and that she doesn’t have any problems with the star. “She came right for my table. She knew everyone was watching.” No need to get jealous, Sophia!

No Peeking!

Sometimes the best way to prevent jealousy is to remove all possible chances of it occurring. For this totally grounded and sane girl, she thought it was necessary to blind her boyfriend in the event he might look at another girl.


There’s no consideration for safety, trust, or compassion for these two lovebirds. Serious red flags are flying here but it doesn’t stop the two of them from laughing together. Jealousy can be a good and bad thing, but it can’t always be funny.

Forever Alone

This poor pup’s life was changed when this family welcomed a new kitten into the family. The photo perfectly captures how jealousy shows no bias among humans and animals alike.


Shame, he knows he’s going to have to battle for her affection from now on. The sad look on his face says it all – will this dog lose his snuggle partner to a cat? Let’s hope they manage to rekindle the conflict and reunite once again sometime soon.


The power of dogs can be strong, indeed! Here we can see how women can flock to a man when all he has is a puppy in his hand. The composition shows how one man was less than lucky: no doggy means no attention for this man.


You can tell that he’s wondering why he never thought of getting his own dog to capture the hearts of women on the street. Apparently, women will always stop to pet a dog – something this guy learned the hard way.

Studying The Chest

What is it that Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez are looking at? You can tell these Spring Breakers cast members are reassessing their outfit choice by throwing some serious shade at this third girl. It’s quite clear that these two are jealous of what they see, envious even.


You are always jealous of what you don’t have – demonstrated perfectly by these three girls. Who do you think is wearing the best outfit? We think they all look great.

One Is The Loneliest Number

It can sometimes be sad when you see people celebrating a birthday and you haven’t been invited. When you’re a kid, you get so jealous of your friends’ birthday party – while yours is still a whole six months away! This girl seems to feel the same way as she looks on at this guy preparing to blow his candles.


Is she staring at the candle or the delicious cake it’s resting in? We don’t know, but if he were a true gentleman he would invite her to join. There’s always next year.

I’m Over Here!

It can be hard when you’re a baby and realize that your parents love other people as much as they love you. Here, we see this child’s horror as he sees his parents prepare to embrace a kiss.


He thought they only did that to him! He looks positively unimpressed as they take their attention away from him for a few seconds. This kid better get used to some of life’s hardships – it’s better to have parents who love each other than those who don’t!

Almost Cropped

Prom is a vital time for anyone approaching adulthood. You want to have photos with your best friends and first loves. Unfortunately for this girl, she appears to be neither.


She’s almost entirely left out of this photo of two best friends. We hope that she’s joking as she pulls an angry face, otherwise she will fail to find a prom date while harboring such bitterness. Hopefully, her date is on his way and she can get the photo she feels she deserves.

A Worthy Catch

These two probably set sail one day for some male bonding and a chance to cook some dinner that they catch. What they weren’t expecting is such a difference in their dinners! The look on these two fellas says it all: one is delighted and the other is a ‘little’ bit annoyed.


We wonder if they shared the larger fish between the two – we hope so! – otherwise, this guy has a right to feel as jealous as he is. Better luck next time!

Look, I Dare You…

Here, David Beckham is literally doing everything he can not to look at this cheerleader – and Victoria is there watching! Do we blame her? In 2004, the world watched in horror as Rebecca Loos claimed she had had an affair with the famous soccer player.


Ever since then, Victoria Beckham has made sure to be there next to him making sure he doesn’t repeat his mistakes. These two are certainly on a short leash with each other.


These two guys are clear opposites when it comes to talking to the opposite sex. At this comic book convention, one guy is rushing to talk to a girl dressed as April from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.


Unfortunately, the guy in the middle looks less than pleased to see his wingman doing so well without him. As these two in the foreground chat, we are left with the devastating/hilarious effects of how the guy in the middle was left alone.

Bad Choices

We all understand the pressure of having to choose quickly. Often, we regret choices we make under pressure and this little guy seems like a perfect example of that. You can see his jealousy for his sister’s ice cream as she enjoys a large and creamy delight.


Meanwhile, he’s stuck with his small lolly! You know he’s willing to do anything he can just to swap with her. Never again will he make such a silly choice when choosing ice cream!

Looking Down

Name a more iconic feud – I’ll wait. Here, we can see Rihanna’s true feelings toward Nicki Minaj as the photo snapped her disapproved face. We can feel the jealousy of this singer.


It doesn’t matter if you’re an R&B superstar or if you have hundreds of millions in the bank – sometimes you can’t hide your true feelings. Minaj doesn’t seem too bothers by it all – if anything it’s just funny to her. We can’t wait to see where this feud takes us next.

Second Is Still Losing

Tennis requires a lot of mental strength to get through each point. Games can last hours and it’s important to keep a clear head for the whole time. Maybe many of us would think coming in at second is an accomplishment – but not Scotland’s Andy Murray.


We can see how jealous and serious he is about losing, even if it was only by a few points. Don’t worry, Murray worked hard to win Wimbledon twice and is considered the world’s best player today.

Room For One More?

You can’t question a dog’s love for its owner. Even when the humans find live among themselves, dogs just can’t resist getting involved, too. He wants to remind the couple how much they should still love him as he clearly fears he will be forgotten!


The dog here doesn’t realize that humans can love both dogs and people, and the pup has nothing to worry about! It’s sweet to see it care as much as it does.


Is there anything cuter than an old couple sharing an umbrella while eating? Is there anything creepier than the said couple being followed by a lonely obese lady?


We can clearly see the woman disapproves of the couple, for whatever reason, as she sits with her arms crossed. We hope her husband or partner is just in the bathroom and that this woman isn’t destined to be alone behind loving couples – but who knows at this point?

No Longer The Star

We all know stories of older siblings getting jealous when their baby brother or sister are born. This photo perfectly captures the jealousy of this older brother as he realizes he isn’t the center of his parents’ lives anymore.


Little does he know he has just made a new friend and partner in crime for life. We would love to see his initial reaction to the news of his mother’s pregnancy. Do you think did he have a change of heart? Shame for the little guy.


It can be hard when your best friend gets a girlfriend. After all the fun times you used to share, you might find yourself with an extra seat around your table. It’s bad enough when he brings her to all your events, but now he’s off kissing her!


This poor guy is looking on at his new fate as the third-wheel on this new relationship. He better get used to it – look how happy the boyfriend looks with her!

I’m Over Here!

Jennifer Aniston is known in Hollywood to hold hissy fits when she doesn’t get her way. Here, we can see how irked she is that she isn’t getting any attention from then-boyfriend Justin Theroux. Do we think this is why the ultimately broke up?


We will never know – but after Brad’s behavior, can you blame her for keeping an eye out? Sometimes all it takes to be jealous is just to want someone’s, anyone’s, attention. What do you think?