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These Photographers Share Their Most Unique Photographs



Each day we take millions of photographs across the world. And while most of them end up stored away on our phones for private use, many of them are deemed worthy to share on our social media platforms.


With sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat taking up much of our online time, no wonder we want to share some of the best photographs out there. Whether it’s a selfie or our lunch, we love to share.


Some photographs are just too good, though. When we click to capture those moments sometimes we catch something extra special, making for some truly hilarious or historic photo – potentially going viral. We have collected some of the best photographs that were taken at the perfect time, guaranteed to make you gasp, smile, or laugh.


This photograph was snapped by someone watching a Ping-Pong game, and from what we can tell, quite a tense one at that! Here, the player is seen right in a moment of potentially a winning point. We don’t know the result of such a moment, but we can certainly appreciate the moment and the photo that captures it!


Talk about dad reflexes! Here, someone captured the exact moment a father saved his son from a potentially dangerous moment as he stops a bat from flying into the crowd. Dad reflexes are the internet phenomenon that captures moments that fathers do extraordinary things to protect their children, and this is certainly no exception. Looking at the photo, it appears the game wasn’t so exciting, since the little boy can be seen glued to his phone!


This baseball player wasn’t so lucky! Here, the photographer managed to snap the exact moment this guy missed his shot and caught the ball with his own face – not exactly part of his plan. We can feel the pain he must be experiencing as the ball hits him in what must be nearly 100mph. Ouch!

This amazing picture catches the moment this swimmer is still technically ‘under’ the water, despite being almost completely above the surface. Strangely, the water around him hasn’t quite ‘broken’ yet, causing this weird layer of water still wrapped around his head. We can see the exact moment he is about to take a much-deserved breath. We imagine this to be a small moment in a longer race, and what a moment it is!

Continuing the theme of sports and baseball, this bat appears to have a life of its own! Judging by the face of the player, this photographer caught a particularly frustrating moment in this game, causing the player to seemingly throw his bat as he lets off some steam. Judging by the angle of the bat and his body language, it doesn’t appear to be an aggressive act, but still, one worth snapping!

This surfer dude is staring at himself in the face as he leans just inches away from the water surface in this amazing shot captured by a sporting observer. As he cruises along the water, he has perfected his balance as he glides across the glistening water, managing a wink to himself while he’s there. It helps that the weather permitted the reflection, too. Not only is his body placement something to be impressed by, but the water shape also makes this moment even better.

At a first glance, it may not be clear what exactly we are looking at here! In a stressful moment of weightlifting, this poor athlete’s hair fell onto her face causing what must have been quite the distraction for her but quite the photo for us! At first, we weren’t sure if we were looking at the front of her face of the back of her head – but then what about her arms? The whole thing was just… weird.

Another fascinating water shot that pushes the boundaries of what professional swimming can achieve. This close-up shot of a swimmer who has not yet pierced through the water leaves a mysterious image that shows the delicacy of water and how humans are merely visitors in this element. Still, the goggles and that allow him to gracefully glide and swim through the waters, causing this amazing moment thankfully captured on photo.

This little girl knows how to win! Who needs to take part in a whole bicycle race when you can just join them at the very end, determined to cross the finish line by running on foot? This hilarious moment sees this kid about to beat thousands of professionals simply by joining at the last minute. With an instinct for winning and entrepreneurial spirit, we’re sure she’ll be quite the business leader one day!

This is the exact moment this poor batsman knew that he had messed up his shot – and how lucky it lives on in photo! We can’t imagine the frustration of this happening when playing in front of 80,000 people, but it must have caused him quite the embarrassing moment. Although it’s quite a testament to the pitcher, who seemingly threw a ball strong enough to shatter the bat – good for him!


This shocking photo caused quite a few heads to turn in our office (no pun intended!) when it was first sent to our mailbox. And no, it’s not a zombie! This photographer caught the moment this athlete performed a gracious bow, stretching her head way back behind herself. Still – at a first glance, it’s really quite spooky!

Ouch, is that a knock-out we’re about to see? Looking at the sheer force that fist is hitting that face, we wouldn’t be surprised if he fell to the floor. Amazingly, we can see each wrinkle and crease in the boxer’s face as it comes head-on with a solid punch. Fighting against the famous Wladimir Klitschko, as he stands at nearly two meters high, it takes some serious guts. Better luck next time!

The contrast between these two players in the same shot is quite the contrast and suggests how the game between the two teams is going. Whereas the guy on the left seems concentrated and in control, our buddy on the right looks as though he is about to drop the ball! This photographer captured the exact moment that these two are expressing opposite emotions, making for a unique and captivating photo.


This shot of synchronized swimming teammates working together shows the true sign of trust! This shot captures the moment one woman is being balanced on four different women – with some looking more comfortable than others. Although the moment probably only lasted a few seconds, the act can live on forever in this photo that demonstrates hard work, teamwork, and good work. Good job!


There’s taking a sport seriously, and then there’s this. This image shows just how heated things can become in a wrestling match, with some players resorting to eating their opponents. Just kidding – this picture captures the time where a player’s hand must have accidentally entered this man’s mouth, putting his fingers into quite the precarious situation. Either that or he was just hungry…

Talk about passion! This player looks as though he’s about to throw the hardest ball of his life! I know I pull that face when I hold in a sneeze – let’s hope he wasn’t about to ruin the shot for the same reason. He appears to just be concentrating very hard on what could be the winning shot of the game? Who knows – but what we do know is that it makes for one perfect photo!

Are they playing basketball? Are they dancing? With this photo, it is rather hard to tell. If the ball wasn’t in the shot it would look as though these players took a break from running up and down the court to blow off some steam to their favorite songs. This hilariously-timed photo shows two people in the middle of their groove – with the guy in the back trying to get away, and the two in the background wondering what is going on!

This famous photo surely did the rounds in 2012 after this diver performed in the London Olympics. Halfway through what must have been a triple flip, the photographer captured this guy trying very hard to spin in the air while landing into the water with perfect grace. Photoshopped images of this picture made their rounds on the internet afterward – and thus, a meme was born.


For a former first lady who usually carries herself with grace and composure, we’re sure Michelle Obama wasn’t best pleased when this image of her playing tennis started making the rounds online. In her attempt to improve the health and lifestyle of young people with her Let’s Move! campaign while in office, this picture was taken of her in action. Presidential Portrait Gallery, anyone?


This is the kind of image that makes you laugh and cringe at the same time. While the football player flies through the air like a karate kid, we can’t help but sympathize with the player on the left, destined for a painful fate as his face greets a foot at full force. Thank goodness for the helmet. If this was rugby, he would definitely have a headache in the morning.

We’re quite sure this isn’t what is supposed to happen. In a possible attempt to pull a quick jump over the barrier, it appears this unfortunate athlete is facing more than she bargained for as she smacks into the obstacle. All we know is that this is one of those photographs that couldn’t be more perfect. We can laugh and cry at this moment. The only way is up!

Similar to another image in the gallery, this picture appears to be an optical illusion at first glance. It looks as though this performer had her head replaced with her left leg, which is a truly terrifying thought. Still, it remains a rather gracious moment, as you can still imagine this object(?) spinning through the air like a helicopter.

This photographer couldn’t believe his luck when he snapped this image of a bull exacting revenge on a poor human in the most cringe-inducing way. The face on the bull shows the full anger and force he must be channeling at this moment – it’s almost a relief we can’t see the face of his victim, who knows what painful expression he must be wearing on his face at this moment? Perhaps the mystery of it even adds to this picture – truly one of the best-timed photographs.

Shame – he probably thought a quick moment on the court would never be seen by anyone. Still, these days why would he expect to get away with it so easily? This quick pick of the nose makes for one of the most perfect photographs. It gives us an oblivious yet ominous player in the background of an otherwise engaging game.

Ow, ow, ow! Considering the impact this poor person felt on his face from the ball must have only been for half a second, it’s pretty amazing a photo exists containing the exact moment this guy got quite a serious black-eye. The woman in the background is shocked, too, knowing that this man’s mood has probably been significantly reduced. Shame.

Who can’t resist a cheeky face to the camera? In what must be a moment of victory for LeBron James, who wanted to show off his humorous side by smiling goofily into the camera. Who knows if it was broadcasted live, or for how long he stayed like that, but this photo perfectly catches how happy he must have felt – congratulations!

This photo is taken at the perfect moment because it was snapped the second before the impact we are all anticipating. There’s no turning back from what is about to happen: all we can do is appreciate the moment that must have occurred before to cause this fall and cringe as we think of what must have taken place immediately after the photographer clicked snap.

This woman is living her best life and she doesn’t care who knows it! In what must be the most entertaining sports content that we’ve never heard of. How much fun it must be sledding down the ice with nothing more than a thin blanket to protect you from the bumpy road ahead. And her face says it all. Half terror, half excitement, we’re sure she made her team and country proud! 

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