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Owners ‘Pet-Shame’ Their Dogs In These Hilarious Images



Anyone with a pet can tell you how much harder life is. Even though it is immeasurably better, owners often have to clean up much of the mess left by their cats and dogs. This can be eaten furniture, accidents on the floor, or just not being very nice.

There is a hilarious new trend called ‘pet-shaming’, where owners post photos of their cats or dogs next to an explanatory note at the scene of their crime. Let’s take a look at these pets caught in the act! 

Milk, Milk, Lemonade…?

Up first is this cheeky pet who decided that cow milk just isn’t good enough! When no one was looking, this cute pooch stole the mother’s milk meant for the baby and took it back to her crib – bottle and all!

Daily Mail

Thankfully, the mother had plenty of leftover milk and bottles to refill at a moment’s notice. Still, it wasn’t before she snapped this photo of the pet enjoying her new iced latte. Let’s hope the toddler didn’t mind too much!


Making New Friends

When a dog sets his eyes on a prize, there’s very little you can do about it! As an owner, you can try to reign him in and keep him under control, but sometimes it is unavoidable! Take this hungry dog, for example. As we can see: he was quick to jump into a stranger’s car and steal a hamburger!

Life With Dogs

Let’s hope the strangers in the other car were understanding about the situation. After all, it must have been quite the shock to have a burger taken from your own hands!

Act of War

If you’re going to live with a cat and a hamster under the same roof, you can expect a few problems along the way. Well, meet this little guy. You can see in his eyes that the knows he’s been caught doing something terrible.

Peeing on the hamster? That’s definitely not a very nice thing to do! Perhaps he was jealous of the new furry guy getting all the attention in the house? We don’t know the full motivation, only that is isn’t very impressive!


A Star Trek Fan

It’s a question as old as time: Star Wars or Star Trek? Many of us surely have our ideas and are willing to share them. We can’t imagine people would express themselves in the same way as this doggy, though! 


This little guy wanted to show his owners just how much he cares about Star Trek by peeing on Yoda! If that’s not a big sign, then we don’t know what is. Let’s hope it wasn’t a valuable collectible. 

Sending A Message

This has to be a little eery for the owners. Eating one Bible is an honest mistake to be made by any pet if it’s just lying around one day. But eating a second one, in the same week? You’d have to think the doggy had an agenda of his own! 


Well, in true Catholic form, it seems like he is sorry and seeking redemption for his actions. Just look at that little face! He clearly knows he messed up. Thou Shall Not Get A Treat!


Interior Designer

Was this an honest mistake or an act of severe revenge? This little pup managed to climb into the AC and leave his remains so that they would travel around the whole house! Talk about marking territory…


This doggy became quite the party pooper when the owners had to climb into the vent and tidy up the mess. Still, we managed to get a hilarious ‘pet-shaming’ photo so maybe it’s worth it? Time to spray some air-freshener into the vent! 

Diva Pooper

We’ve already discussed how our pets can quickly run and eat something they have their eye on. Have you ever heard of a pet that rushed to eat some nearby glitter? Well, the repercussions would be just as you would expect.

For the next few days, his owners have been picking up the most colorful poop you have ever seen! While this mistake will surely pass before long, this photo of that magical smile will live on forever! 


Evacuate The Premises! 

What do you get if you leave a stack of hotdogs on the kitchen counter? Well, if you’re not careful you might get a sick puppy! This pet took the opportunity of a lifetime and grabbed as many as she could while no one was looking. 


Unfortunately, now the owners are suffering the consequences – bad gas! As Chanel sits and releases the perfume of her own making, the owners need to remember to be more careful next time. 

Homework? My cat ate it!

We’ve all heard the excuse of a dog eating the homework. Back when homework would be hand-written on paper, dogs would run the risk of sabotaging the student. Rarely was the excuse ever put onto a cat! 


But here we are: this poor student had to look at his/her teacher in the eye and honestly explain that the cat ate all the homework! Do you think they were believed by the teacher? The cat doesn’t even look sorry. 


Ruining The Roomba

When you have a four-legged pet, your house automatically becomes a lot messier. If you think that getting a Roomba is a good idea, you might want to see what your dog thinks about it. Judging by this photo, he didn’t think much! 


Just look at how much damage he caused this new device! According to the shaming photo, the Roomba cost $700. That’s quite a large bite of a monthly budget! Let’s hope there was insurance for it. 

Causing Havoc For Fish

Fish and cats and have difficult relationships in the past – and we don’t expect it to be any better in the future! Here, we see how this cat puked all in the fishbowl. But how and why do you think he did it?


Was he trying to eat a fish and got sick? Was it an act of revenge? We’re not sure why he puked in the bowl, but we can only assume that it was a mess to clean up for the owners! 


Sweet Dog

When a dog knows he is in trouble, he will do almost anything to look at you in the eye and face the consequences of his actions. Take this photo, for example. This doggy took all the sugar from the cabinet and knows he has made a mess in the kitchen.


Still, he refused to acknowledge it! Well, does he expect his owners not to notice if he just ignores it? We don’t think you’ll be that lucky, fella!

Hungry for Sports

Would you look at that face? This little doggy is clearly aware that he messed up big and proper when he decided to eat a brand new baseball helmet! He didn’t just stop there – he also tried to eat the piece of paper used for the shaming picture! 


You wouldn’t expect such a small pup to cause so much damage – but big things can come in small packages! We think they should probably invest in some toys for this biting pet! 


Those Aren’t Chew Toys…

Um, how do you tell these fellas that those sticks in your handbag aren’t the chew toys they think they are? Well, these two got into a bit of trouble after finding a bunch of sanitary equipment and going to town on them…


Judging by their faces, we can see they know they made a mistake. Either way, we wouldn’t want to be dealing with this mess – especially during the time we need that equipment most!

A Humble Dog…

Any pet owner can tell you that it doesn’t matter what you buy for your cat or dog: they will sleep where they want! It doesn’t matter if you bought a bed, or a sheet – if he fits, he sits! Well, this puppy is a prime example of that.


Of all the places he can sleep, he has decided to call the laundry bin his home! There’s something charming about wanting to be in the smell of his owners. Still, it must be frustrating for the owners! 


Drag Dog

Next time you invest big money into that brand new lipstick, you might want to hide it from your pup! You might think that keeping it in the purse is enough, but whatever this dog wants is what he will get! 


It looks like he wanted to try a brand new look – and why wouldn’t he start with lipstick? After rubbing it on his face and feet, this pup is ready to hit the town! Next time, keep the makeup in a zip bag…

Stretchy Stomach

Sometimes, our pet can cause us a little more problems than just a few broken items. This cute kitty saw some delicious(?) hair elastic bands and decided to gobble them up! It seems like the snack was a costly mistake…


The owners had to cough up money for two surgeries – no pun intended. So, after all was said and done and the cat recovered, they made sure to take this cheeky photo as a reminder. We bet they kept their bands hidden after this one! 


Well, It LOOKED Delicious…

Oh dear. We don’t want to think about this one! This cute pup must have skipped a meal earlier in the day, otherwise why else would she want to eat the cat’s hairball? We imagine that that wasn’t the end of the story – she’s being pet-shamed, after all…


Do you think the doggy kept the hairball down or do you think the owners saw it again a few minutes later? We hope there wasn’t too much mess to clean up. 

Spongebob Square…oh. 

We get it. Sometimes the yellow cartoon sponge can be a bit annoying. But still, what did the small toy ever do to this pup? We can see that he clearly feels bad about it. Let’s hope it wasn’t a valuable collectible piece.


Going forward, we reckon he stayed well away from toys and other valuables. Perhaps he went to live not in a pineapple under the sea but in a kennel out in the yard. That might teach him not to eat human items!


Welcome To Your New Home…

This probably isn’t the nicest way to be welcomed! A poor boyfriend moved house to be nearer his loving girlfriend only to have a gift from the cat! We can’t help but wonder if this was intentional or not.


Can you imagine if she wanted to assert dominance and so she deliberately threw up on his stuff? That would be quite the power play. Let’s hope they get on today and that the relationship has improved. 

A Silent Crime

It’s a question as old as time: what happens to our pets once we go to sleep? Most of them will follow us into our room and sleep silently next to us. Others have their own adventures, as we can see here.

It turns out that this guy uses the nighttime as the perfect opportunity to use the bathroom and ‘relive’ himself at night. The only problem? His owners know he does it every day because, well, he doesn’t exactly flush! 


Atkins Doggy

We’ve all temporarily lost a friend while he/she embarks on Atkins or any other diet. Do you remember how they would ask you to share a pizza but they would only eat the topping to avoid the carbs? Yeah, we all remember.


Well, it looks like this doggy did the same thing! The only problem with dogs is that there is no verbal exchange to take place. Therefore, these owners were pretty surprised to see their pepperoni pizza becoming a margarita! 

Bad Influence

Monkey see monkey do, as the saying goes. Well, the same can be said for cats. It looks like this cheeky kitty is responsible not only for an accident on mom’s pants, but she even encouraged her sibling to do it, too! 


It’s not uncommon for siblings to copy each other, particularly in adolescence. Well, this is just a shining example of how much damage it can cause! Let’s hope mom had another pair of pants lying around to wear instead. 


Ellie The Fixer

Is there anything more annoying than a fully functioning shower curtain? Well, according to Ellie there is literally nothing worse than something fulfilling its function. That’s why she decided to fix it for her owners. What better way to fix it than biting down on the bottom and removing the last few inches?


During this photoshoot, it’s clear just how guilty Ellie feels after committing the act. Let’s hope the curtain was repaired and that she stayed well away from it going forward! 

What A Jerk!

Fun fact about this photo: it’s the first recorded ‘pet-shaming’ photo in existence! That’s right – Beau the Dachshund is responsible for the whole trend we’ve seen so far. By biting into her owner’s underwear, she showed the world what a jerk she can be! 


What started as a viral photo then developed into a best-selling book series of pets that are humorously shamed by their owners. It’s a wholesome act that highlights how cheeky your pet can be all while making us laugh along the way.


Worst Guard Ever

It’s a tale as old as time: dog chases cat, cat chases mouse. So why, then, did this kitty do nothing? Was he in a state of panic, or was it that he just didn’t care? We didn’t know that such an event could exist!

One of the best reasons to get a cat or dog it to keep the mice at bay. These owners must have been quite surprised to see their kitty simply sit by and watch as a mouse ate the food. Let’s hope he redeemed himself.

Showing An Interest

We get that cats and dogs are inquisitive creatures, but we all need a little privacy sometimes. For this guy, he shows no interest in giving humans the privacy they want when they go to the bathroom.

Viral Slacker

He will watch, and he’ll probably judge you for it, too! Can you imagine this guy staring at you whenever you need to, you know, go? We think it would be rather off-putting, indeed. Maybe try to lock the door next time?



Going to the dog park should be a fun experience for everyone. While we expect there to be a bit of mess now and then, we wouldn’t expect THIS to happen to a poor young girl.


This pupper managed to walk over to a girl and pee on her leg! The child must have been shocked and the human was probably completely embarrassed. Hopefully, not too much damage was done and everyone could laugh it off eventually.

Hating Yoga

We get it. Yoga isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. But just because you don’t like something it doesn’t mean that you have the right to sabotage it! Take this guy, for example. He takes it upon himself to poop on all the yoga mats!

Of course, it might be just that he likes the mats and finds them comfortable. We suggest this owner keeps the yoga mats well away from this pup from now on! Or at least put it away after use.


Sneaky Doggo

Hm… as far as pet-shaming photos go, this guy doesn’t seem too guilty about his actions. We’ve all tricked our younger siblings so that we can get a bit more food or time in front of the video game. Well, this guy is no different.

What’s so funny is that he doesn’t seem too upset about it! Even though he’s been caught and ‘shamed’, he still has a beaming smile on his face. Let’s hope the brother gets his revenge soon! 

Gross Snack

This makes us all kinds of uncomfortable. This kitty has a niche snack that makes us feel nauseous and fearful all at once. He likes to eat condoms! We don’t know at what ‘time’ the cat enjoys the condoms, but we think closed would be better than, um, open.

Bored Panda

It seems like the owners will need to be a little more careful when it comes to storing their products. All jokes aside, these rubber balloons can cause serious damage if they get stuck in the throat. 


Friendly Fighting

Having one dog is enough trouble, now imagine doubling it! For this owner, he needs to look after both these pups that, as we can see, need to sit down and get to know each other a bit better.


Between the standing on the ears and the peeing on the head, it seems these two aren’t exactly best friends. Yet. Who knows what will happen once they decide to open up and get to know one another soon. 

Chef Kitty

This cat loves baking. Not only does he watch his owner in awe as he cooks, but he even goes so far as to stand on all the baked goods! We have to admit, this isn’t something we’ve heard of before.

It might have something to do with the temperature of the cake once it is removed from the oven. Either that or he just really loves cakes! Have you ever heard of this? Why do you think he does it?


Cats Vs. Dogs

We understand that cats and dogs won’t always get on, but even we cringed when we read this one. Honestly, why pick a fight with a puppy? And a guide dog, no less! This mean kitty must have really embarrassed his owner.


Let’s hope the guide dog was ok and that we wasn’t looking after someone at the time. Can you imagine if the hit impacted his ability to guide? He definitely deserves this shaming, we think! 

Curse All Potatoes! 

Meet Bob. Bob did Atkins and is now trying to get the whole house involved in his new diet. This includes breaking into the pantry and hiding potatoes! 


It must be pretty annoying for the owners to wake up each morning and find their foods missing. Usually, dogs have a constant hiding place so we hope they’re learning where they go each time. In the future, we would recommend closing the pantry with a lock and key! 


Distracted by a Squirrel

Not all of us will get our squirrels and our cars mixed up – but these dogs aren’t like the rest of us! We know how much pets can get distracted, and this is a prime example of getting a bit too excited about the task at hand.


What’s more, they didn’t even catch the squirrel! Now, this owner needs to fix his car that has been totally destroyed by these mutts. How much damage do you think that caused? We don’t want to think about the cost of it all.

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