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Kate Middleton’s Best Outfits and Styles




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Kate Middleton has become a seasoned member of the Royal family, greeting the newly-joined Meghan Markle as somewhat of a veteran to royal duties. Over the last few years, the Duchess of Cambridge has wholly committed herself to the Royal family by attending events and raising the future King and his siblings, too. Whatever the occasion, she has always looked flawless.

Whether it is a fancy ball, a formal event, or just taking a vacation and temporarily retiring from her royal duty, she always looks poised, polished, and professional. Here are some of the Duchess of Cambridge’s best styles from across the years – Duchess of Sussex, take note!

Royal Engagement:

Even before she joined the Royal Family, then-commoner Kate Middleton has always been known to have a good fashion sense. But immediately when the announcement was made of her engagement with Prince William, she became a world-renowned style icon.


Getty Images | Chris Jackson

For the announcement, she wore a Navy dress made by Issa which matched perfectly with her engagement ring loaned from William’s mother, Diana. Although the combination was simple, it was as sophisticated as they come.

Regal Wedding Dress:

It is almost impossible to forget the gorgeous gown the Duchess wore for her wedding – the day she joined the Royal Family. The lacy long sleeve gown was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, had a nine-foot train, and financed for a pretty penny.


Getty Images

The gown was absolutely astonishing and it was no wonder that many designers around the world began to imitate it. 

Winter Style:

Following their engagement, the happy couple began to appear in public together. In this photo, she is seen donning a chic oatmeal-colored coat with matching accessories.


Getty Images | Christopher Furlong

The picture was taken during their trip to Wales, where she banked on its cold weather to dress up warm. The Duchess’ booties and fascinator really stood out to give her a stunning appearance.

Lace Dress:

The Duchess made a remarkable entrance with this lace dress, looking completely fabulous in it, proving she’s the right lady for this demanding job.


Getty Images/Chris Jackson-Pool

The attire can simply be described as being classically feminine.

Lovely Yellow:

The Duchess couldn’t have chosen a better dress for a beautiful spring day. Her light and airy yellow dress was a risky bet but she was rewarded by looking glorious in the season.

Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Although it may have been a little windy, it was not enough to discolor the subtle beauty of that day.


It was apparent that the Duchess was having some fun with her look when she attended the BAFTA Inner City Arts Event in Los Angeles, California, back in 2011.

Getty Images/Mike Nelson – Pool

In this photo, she can be seen wearing a crochet top which had some homemade aspect added to it. She is supported by Prince William, who also looks dashing in his three-piece suit.

Black Lace:

Talking about a remarkable red carpet attire, the Duchess of Cambridge’s floor-length black lace made quite an impression and was one that was sure to be reckoned with.

Getty Images/Ian Gavan – WPA Pool

She looks like a bankable Hollywood star! She is accompanied by her husband, Prince William.

Regal Overcoat:

The Duchess couldn’t have made a better choice of outfit in her simple blue color A-line coat dress. It was almost like she could see into the future towards her retirement.

Getty Images/Ian Gavan

Her outfit had aptly complemented that worn by Camilla, Prince Charles’ wife and the Duchess of Cornwall, and that of Queen Elizabeth at the same event.

Elegant in Emerald:

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared in a rich green overcoat. Her brown cap did not only match the color of her hair but was also fitting for her overcoat.

Getty Images/Chris Jackson – WPA Pool

Her outfit was exemplary of how a Duchess should appear on such a holiday.

Blushing Balcony Look:

In a public appearance with the Royal family in 2012, the Duchess couldn’t have looked more beautiful than when she appeared in a pink dress with a matching fascinator.

Getty Images/Oli Scarff

It was risk-free, considering she looked nothing short of spectacular. 

Printed Dress:

After the announcement of the pregnancy of her first child, the Duchess of Cambridge surprised many by appearing in prints before retiring from the public eye.


Getty Images/Chris Jackson- WPA Pool

She is photographed here in a chic black and white spotted dress, proving many wrong that Royals couldn’t appear in prints.

All-Over Sparkle:

For one of her many red carpet appearances, the Duchess of Cambridge donned a spangly, all-over sequin number work that stole the event. Her all-over sparkle was the cynosure of attention and she was loved for it.

Getty Images/Danny E. Martindale

Walking in those shoes proved taxing, however, and so she looked best when standing for the cameras. 

Little Black Dress:

All women have that little black dress in their closet, so why not our Duchess? In this photo, the Duchess appears in her subtle but ever so chic little black dress.

Getty Images/Arthur Edwards

The subtle beauty of the dress is underscored by its silver shoulder detail adding value and class to her outfit.

Relaxed Mum:

It is truly a comfort to spot the Duchess appearing in a “relaxed mum” look, it passes a message that she is as motherly as we all are when retiring from royal responsibilities.

Getty Images | Chris Jackson

Above all, she looked truly comfortable in this role. The pair of them appear in a matching outfit and looked as cute as ever.

Family Portrait:

When Prince George was just a baby, the then-family of three paid a visit to the Duchess’s father, Michael Middleton, in his home in Berkshire. For the visit, she wore a burgundy dress which suited the summer in which the photo was taken.

Getty Images

This was the first family portrait since the birth of their child and led to many more that the happy couple would pose for…

Vacation Style:

It seems the more relaxed our Duchess is the more gorgeous she appears. She exerts no effort whatsoever to appear stunning. On a 2014 visit to Australia and New Zealand, she and Prince William looked adorable and well-rested in their color-coordinated attire.

Getty Images/Scott Barbour

In this photo, she appears in a green and white plaid dress. 

Playing With Plaid:

In 2012, the Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to her childhood school. There she appeared in a tailored plaid overcoat and heeled boots.


Getty Images

She also didn’t forget to bring along her field hockey skills – we hope she has insurance for those heels!

Polka Dots:

The Duchess had a glorious love affair with dotted dresses during her first pregnancy. This fact is emphasized when she appeared in a blue polka dot dress to show off Prince George, their first child.


Getty Images

This was shortly after the future king was born on July 22, 2013. The dress was designed by Jenny Packham and not financed by the taxpayer, as it was gifted to the happy couple. 

Smart Suit:

The Duchess of Cambridge once again showed her ability and intense love for sports when she visited New Zealand in 2014.


Getty Images

Although she appeared in a red tailored suit and pumps, she didn’t let it stop her from playing the cricket game before retiring for lunch.

Peplum Accent:

The Duchess and Prince William met when they were students at the University of St. Andrews, so it was only expected that they pay a visit to the University. During their visit, the Duchess of Cambridge could be seen wearing a red two-piece blazer and skirt set.

Getty Images | WPA Pool

The attire was complete with a cute peplum accent. Her outfit underscored the fact that Royal attires don’t necessarily need to be boring, but she kept another gown in the car as insurance.

Summer Set:

Back in 2001, the future Duchess was spotted wearing a matching white set during a Wimbledon game.

Getty Images/Clive Mason

Considering temperatures were high that day, she couldn’t have made a better investment in her choice of clothing. It was fitting for the occasion and the weather.

Pretty in Mint:

On a 2016 trip to India in the company of Prince William, she slays as she appeared in mint.

Getty Images

In this photo, the duo meets with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and conduct their royal business.

Chic in Bhutan:

After their visit to India, the Royal couple made a trip to Bhutan in April of 2016.

Getty Images

In Bhutan, she invested in a Bhutanese-style outfit complete in a chic coordination of colors and patterns – we think it paid off!

Time For A Trek:

While on their trip to Bhutan, the Duchess dresses down for a trek of the beautiful country.


Getty Images

Even though she appeared casual she still looked chic by all accounts.

Pop of Color:

The Duchess’ keen fashion sense helps her to know exactly when to stock her outfit with a touch of color. This was evident when she and Prince William visited Canada, during which she wore a red cap with a semblance of maple leaves on its top.

Getty Images

The maple leaf design is apt for this trip as the leaf is a major symbol of the Canadian nation.

Pretty Pattern:

During her trip to India, the Duchess of Cambridge visited the Taj Mahal in a classic, flattering dress. The photo was taken on April 16, 2016, as she walked in front of the architectural masterpiece.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The Royal couple’s visit to the Taj Mahal was their last official engagement following a week-long visit to India and Bhutan, during which they banked on seeing cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bhutan, and Agra.

Off To The Races:

In 2016, accompanied by a dapper looking Prince William, the Duchess looked stunning in a cream lace dress with matching fascinator as the pair visited the Ascot Racecourse.


Getty Images

Prince William was dressed in top hat and tails, and both received quite the press coverage.


While attending a charity gala in 2016, the Duchess looked apt for the cameras as she was dressed in a blush sequined gown.

Getty Images

Her pretty look was further augmented by her diamond cut bracelet and earrings, guaranteeing a perfect look.

Baby Bump:

The Duchess once again wowed fashion enthusiasts with her style when she was pregnant with her second child, Princess Charlotte.


Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Her navy blue overcoat and hat perfectly matched Prince William’s official uniform and supported her bump.

All White:

And after the delivery of her daughter, Princess Charlotte, the Duchess of Cambridge invested in an all-white attire for the occasion.


Getty Images/Chris Jackson – WPA Pool

Even if she had tried her uttermost best, there was no way she could have ever looked more angelic. Despite wearing high heels, she looked cool, calm and collected as she carried her baby into the church for the ceremony.

Mommy and Me:

While on a trip to Germany, the Duchess and Charlotte looked adorable in a Royal version of their “mommy and me” outfits guaranteeing smiles from all who saw them.

Getty Images | Pool

Their bright colored attire made the ladies a pleasant sight to behold.

Matching Blues:

The family portrays a classic figure as they appear in matching blue colored outfits. The look is enhanced by the pleats and oversized buttons on her overcoat.

Getty Images | Chris Jackson

No need to bank on the cuteness of their children – she looks incredible here. 

Pretty In Pink:

The Duchess of Cambridge looks absolutely exquisite in her monochromatic pink outfit. The photo is further enhanced by Princess Charlotte who is also dressed in pink.


Chris Jackson/Getty Images

They both make such a wonderful pair, safeguarding our love of them!

Wedding Fashion:

For the occasion of her sister Pippa’s wedding, the Duchess appeared in a blush-colored dress with matching hat. She looked absolutely stunning. Princess Charlotte was such a sight to behold.

Getty Images | WPA Pool

The color of her sash matched her mum’s look. She loaned her image to her daughter that day, bringing us all smiles. 

Christmas Color:

It was a double celebration for the Royal family over the Christmas period. Aside from the announcement of the couple’s third pregnancy, Prince Harry also made public his engagement to Meghan Markle.


Getty Images | Chris Jackson

During the Christmas morning services meeting other members of the Royal household, the Duchess looked joyful in her festive plaid coat and fur hat, ensuring it was a happy day for all.

Spring Style:

A few weeks before the birth of her third child, the Duchess of Cambridge looked preppy and polished as she was photographed wearing a spring-appropriate floral top that suits her baby bump.


Getty Images | Eamonn M. McCormack

She usually retires from the public eye during her pregnancies, yet she was able to pop out and say hi.

Wide Brimmed Hat:

While attending a Commonwealth Day Service heavily pregnant, the Duchess banked on an overcoat combo and wide-brimmed navy hat to help her look gracious.


Getty Images | Chris Jackson

Meghan Markle was also in attendance behind her, new to the family business and learning the protocols.

Wowing In White:

In a 2017 remembrance event of World War I, the Duchess of Cambridge wowed in complete white with her statement hat and pearls.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

It was an angelic outfit that guaranteed a positive response.

Mom Of Three:

For the introduction of her third child, Prince Louis, to the world, the Duchess wore a red dress. According to many fashion experts and Royal historians, it was an ode to the dress Princess Diana wore to present her youngest son, Harry.

Getty Images | Chris Jackson

Her dress was designed by Jenny Packham,  just like the other dresses that she wore to introduce her older children, and also not financed by taxpayers.

Wimbledon Wear:

This photo shows the Duchess as she walks past the Prime Minister, Theresa May, at the final of the Men’s singles at Wimbledon in 2018.


Getty Images

Mixing royalty and politics is risky business, but she remains glamorous. 

Lady in Red:

During her trip to India, the Duchess wore this dashing red dress which was sure to impress – the flowers running down it are a delicate touch and add some class to this sartorial masterpiece.

Getty Images

She can rest assured that she was the queen of the outfits that night.

Purple Princess:

During a formal dinner in 2017, The Duke and Duchess matched their outfits to reflect their love of purple.


Getty Images

The two looked dashing as always, and all accounts were on the Duchess and her elegant lace dress.

Pregnant Poise:

While pregnant with Prince Louis, the Duchess wowed the Prince of Norway with this charming dress that accentuates her glowing state.


Getty Images

Usually retiring from the public eye, she stepped out and performed her royal duty.

Frugal in Price and Style:

Never one to be too extravagant, the Duchess of Cambridge donned a $120 maternity dress for many of her royal engagements while pregnant.


Getty Images

This offers many fans to match her image without a serious financial investment.

Matching Red:

While entertaining Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Duchess wore a patterned red dress with matching shoes and a bag to go.


Getty Images

This looks like a deliberate nod to the Canadian flag, which dons the same color scheme – a nice insurance policy against any diplomatic mistakes!

Ready To Go:

Ready to impress, the Duchess of Cambridge starts an evening in dazzling high heels.

Getty Images

Let’s hope she retires home in something a little more comfortable!

Young And In Love:

Just a few months before they announced their engagement, Kate Middleton was banking on the soldier prince to pop the question.

Getty Images

She had already started dressing for the occasion, ensuring she would be ready when he asked her hand in marriage.

Modern-day Mary Poppins:

Carrying an umbrella as an insurance against the British weather, the Duchess of Cambridge steps out into town with a flowery dress designed with light-colored flowers and matching beige shoes.

Getty Images

We think she looks amazing here – a real British Duchess!

Fresh in Fur:

The perfect Winter outfit bought five years ago, the coat is seemingly a good investment since the Duchess has worn this amazing outfit many times in public.

Getty Images

A fan favorite, she most recently wore it in Balmoral.

Beauty in Bold:

the Duchess of Cambridge turned heads when she rocked up in this stylish Tory Burch outfit when having dinner in India this coming April.

Getty Images

It was a risky move since many other public figures also wear it – notably Drew Barrymore.

Touch of Red:

Here, the Duchess of Cambridge is matching her clutch with the touches of red in her dress. During one of her official duties to a finance ministry, she looked majestic as she was greeted and met with guests.

Getty Images

Always one to add a touch of color to her outfits, it was an inspired choice.

Time’s Up:

Here, the Duchess graciously takes part in the ‘Time’s Up’ dress code when attending 2018’s BAFTAs. Celebrities and stars all agreed to wear black in solidarity with victims from the #MeToo movement.


Getty Images

She is offering security and inspiration to those affected, while still remaining loyal to her duties.

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