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How To Maintain Healthy Skin Getting Older



Getting old is no fun – but we can all agree that the alternative isn’t much better. As we age gracefully from our 20s into our 30s, and as we reluctantly welcome our 40s, we might start to see some unwanted wrinkles appear on our face and hands.

Wrinkles can be a sign of growing up organically and embracing our age and appearance, but we can always work on keeping ourselves looking healthy. Experts have frequently outlined how we can take steps to reduce the more problematic parts of aging. These lifestyle tips are sure to keep you looking fresh well into your older years.


Keeping active helps the lungs, heart, and muscles stay healthy and strong as we enter our later years. It is definitely worth investing in time to focus on physical health, particularly as it gets harder with age. Incorporating exercise into your lifestyle will increase the circulation in your system, improving your skin.

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This can increase cell repair and renewal, protecting your skin from aging. Next time you go for a quick jog, remember how much it can help your skin as well as your body!


Eat Orange Foods

This is generally a good rule to follow to help you get a glow of healthy looking skin. Foods such as oranges, carrots, and sweet potatoes all contain beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene.

Clean Plates

These words may not look like much to the everyday person, but nutritionists will tell you these natural compounds help the skin repair tissue. Over time, your skin will appear soft, smooth, and hydrated – helping slow day the aging process. Swap your chocolate bar for a carrot next time you have a snack!

Quit Smoking

The best time to quit smoking is the day after you first started. The second best time to quit is right now. Honestly, who still thinks this has any positive effect at all today?

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It was 1985 when scientists first identified ’smokers face’ – lines at the corners of smokers’ eyes and mouths, grayish skin, and a gauntness in their cheeks. Cigarettes contract blood vessels, slowing down circulation and reducing oxygen in the face and fingertips. You literally look and smell terrible when you quit – so stop it now.


Drink Green Tea

It can be a hard transition from coffee to tea, but it’s worth it for the glowing effect it has on your skin. Green tea has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that reduce the effect of ‘free radicals’.

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These radicals form on the face if overexposed to sunlight or negative toxins. Green tea can even help curb the risk of skin cancer due to its positive effects. By drinking just one cup a day, green tea can have wonderful results on your skin and overall appearance.

Fish Oil Pills

Most people take fish oil supplements to help their heart, but these pills can also help your skin. There’s an omega-3 fatty acid that is in fish oil named EPA, which has proven to reduce the type of damage that often causes sagging skin and wrinkles.

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These pills can also hydrate you, helping your skin look moist and supple. Generally, having these in your diet will have a positive effect on your body, skin, and mind – so what are you waiting for?


Get 8 Hours

There are many benefits of sleeping a full eight hours of sleep, including improving memory, physical repair, and even losing weight. It makes sense, too, that a solid night’s sleep will have a positive effect on your skin. Sleep relaxes the facial muscles which help smoothen wrinkles and lines that may appear over time.


Also, the lying-down position opposes the natural gravitational pull caused by standing straight all day. So next time you have a lazy day on the couch, remember you are helping your skin!

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Ok, hear us out with this one. Each time you have a drink, your blood vessels dilate and stay that way until they lose their tone and color. Alcohol has also shown effects of depleting the amount of vitamin A in your body, the very antioxidant that protects the skin.

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Have you ever noticed old people with a red glow on their face? That’s called telangiectasias and is chronic dilation of the capillaries after years of consuming alcohol. It’s another thing to remember next time you’re hungover!


Eat Berries

Fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries contain ellagic acid, a compound that helps fight wrinkles. These berries are also good at fighting sun damage since they block the production of enzymes that break down collagen in bad skin cells.

Consistent consumption of these fruits will reduce the redness in your skin and soften wrinkles around the face. This healthy snack is a great way to improve your skin and keep you looking fresh over time. What are you waiting for?

Use Night Cream

When you sleep, the temperature of your skin rises to make it easier to absorb nutrients. This is why it is better to apply creams at night when you are lying down. Night time is a great opportunity to take advantage of some of the more notable creams, such as products high in niacinamide, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

It’s worth investing in some high-value creams and products to apply each night to keep your skin looking healthy over time.


Stay Hydrated

Drinking water has important benefits outside of your skin, including fuelling your body and improving your immune system. Water is important for literally all of your body’s organs, and not enough of it can cause death… obviously. If you are dehydrated, your skin will appear dry, flaky, and tight.

As well as having a glass of water every hour, keep your skin hydrated with moisturizers that you can apply twice a day. The effects of this are almost immediate – skin will look younger and more striking.

Keep A Consistent Diet

Yo-yo dieting can cause you to gain and lose weight quickly, preventing your body from getting the nutrients it needs. When you don’t stick to a consistent diet, your body is strained and can cause your skin to sag and wrinkle.

When you withhold essential foods from your body, skin doesn’t repair itself as quickly as it could if you ate regularly. By carefully planning your meals (and keeping a healthy lifestyle!), the skin will stay moist, supple, and not too stretched.


Own A Plant

If you’re stuffed in an office all day, you might be shocked to know that indoor pollution levels sometimes exceed outdoor levels. By keeping a plant on your desk, or around the house, they will filter the air and help keep your skin looking healthy and fresh.

This will also have positive effects on your mind, especially since cleaner oxygen is good for your brain and blood flow. Plants are inexpensive and can be easily maintained to help improve your skin.

Avoid Sugar

We’re often warned about avoiding sugar to help us battle our waistlines, but the addictive substance also has a negative effect on our skin, too. Sugar can damage elastin and collagen, which can cause wrinkles.

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Also, sensitive skin might break out with acne due to high sugar levels, and so it is better to avoid it all completely. Kicking a sugar habit can be tricky but has wonderful effects on your skin, body, and mind. Next time, go sugar-free!


Reduce Your Stress

Stressful lives can lead to bad sleep, poor diets, and indulging in unhealthy vices – all of which have bad effects on your skin. A great way to improve your skin is to work on your entire lifestyle – are you living your best life?


Stress can be a big factor in how your skin looks, so make sure to take steps to reduce it. This can include going on a walk, adopting yoga, or simply talking about your problems with a friend.

Eat Fatty Foods

Yes, you read that right! There are certain fatty foods that are wonderful for our skin and general diet. Look for foods like avocados, olive oil, flax seeds, nuts, and fish. All of these are crucial to maintaining a healthy diet with fats that complement your skin and help it stay youthful.


The natural fats in these foods make them a healthier alternative to junk food and can help you look fresh and healthy. Go on, live a little!


Do A Cleanse

This should not be confused with yo-yo dieting, but is a good way to clean your body of toxins that hang around too long. The buildup of a bad diet or air pollution should remind you to do a cleanse every so often.

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This can include a juice diet for a few days, or even squeezing some lemon into cold water each morning. These detoxes help flush out any bad components in your body that contribute to dry or spotty skin.

Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

If you clean your house regularly (which you should be doing!), it’s important to consider what products you are using. A lot of bleaches and wipes use chemicals that are bad for our skin.

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We are good at absorbing chemicals around us, and these products, while healthy, can have bad effects on our skin. Swap out your products for non-toxic alternatives and watch how your skin will improve in just a few days. A little research can go a long way.


Remove Your Makeup!

This is something so easy to ignore and yet the consequences can be catastrophic in the long term. Before going to bed, always remember to remove your makeup. Our skin needs time to breathe and makeup literally prevents it from getting the air it needs.

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By not letting your skin breath, blackheads and pimples can arise to needing, ironically, more makeup. Incorporate makeup removal into your daily routine, like brushing your teeth, and that way you won’t forget to do it.

Stay Out Of The Sun

Bad news for all our tanning readers: sun damage can have tragic and long-lasting effects on our skin. Aside from the obvious risks of skin cancer, over-exposure to sunlight can burn our skin causing it to become hard and blemished over time.


The best way we can invest in healthy skin is to reduce our time in the sun and make sure our bodies are well looked after. You might need to sacrifice a golden tan, but it’s worth it in the long run.


Have Sex

There are plenty of reasons why you should have regular sex, least of which is to help improve your skin. The ‘Post-O Glow’ is a real effect that can help your skin look ravishing and healthy every time you have intercourse.

This is in part because sex is similar to any other form of exercise that helps improve blood circulation. It also helps improve your sleep, which in turn improves your skin, too. So what are you waiting for?