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Revealing Facts About The Cyrus Family



There are a number of famous families in the spotlight today. Whether they are reality stars or have individual talents, their names are well-known around the world. In the Cyrus family, Billy Ray started off as the popular country singer, but got his second shot at fame when daughter, Miley Cyrus was chosen to star in Disney TV show Hannah Montana.

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After finding fame, Miley later broke away from her kids image and her family found themselves plastered all over the tabloids. But what was it that made them so interesting? We take a closer look into their family dynamics.

Family of eight

Miley and her father Billy Ray may be the most well-known Cyrus’, but they are by no means the only ones. It turns out that the Cyrus family is quite big and there are six siblings. Tish had two children, Brandi and Trace, in previous marriages, and then went on to have Miley Noah and Braison.

Instagram/Tish Cyrus

However, in the same year Miley was born, Billy Ray had a fling with a waitress, allegedly just before meeting Tish, and she fell pregnant, adding another half-sibling to the mix, Christopher Cody.


Miley’s godmother is Dolly Parton

When Billy Ray and Dolly worked together on Dolly’s track, Romeo, the two became incredibly close and when Miley was born, Dolly was given the honor of becoming her godmother, guiding her through life and helping her with any challenges along the way. Dolly appeared on an episode of Hannah Montana and also dueted with Miley on The Voice in a rendition of “Jolene”.

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She said of her goddaughter, “If I didn’t know how smart and talented Miley is, I might worry about her. But I’ve watched her grow up. So I don’t. She knows what she’s doing.”

Wishing Hannah Montana never happened

While Billy Ray had already made a name for himself in country music, Hannah Montana brought on a whole new kind. Even though it started out Miley’s successful career in music and acting, Billy doesn’t look back with fond memories.


He said “The damn show destroyed my family. I’d take it back in a second.” He added that he would go to work for Disney and put on a happy face, knowing that at home, everything was falling apart. 


Miley had a different name

Miley Cyrus is one of the most recognizable names in music and pop culture around the world, but this wasn’t the name given to her at birth. She was originally named Destiny Hope Cyrus and as a happy baby, her parents gave her the nickname Smiley Miley, which eventually stuck.

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Miley then went on to use this as her stage name in Hannah Montana, and thereafter for everything else. In 2008, she decided to legally change her name from Destiny to Miley.

Who is Christopher Cyrus?

While it is evident that all of the Cyrus siblings are incredibly close and very supportive of one another, Billy Ray’s son Christopher, isn’t included in this close family dynamic. Miley has only met her half-brother a handful of times and he isn’t included in any family events, for which he has reportedly blamed Billy Ray for.

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Despite being financially supported by his father for a while, Christopher was said to be supporting himself in a minimum wage job. Despite being conflicting stories, whether he is studying law or working as a film score composer, he definitely is the black sheep of the family. 


Music in the family

It turns out that Miley wasn’t the only one climbing the charts in her teens and her half-brother Trace was following closely behind in a band. Trace was the lead guitarist in band Metro Station, churning out hits including “Shake It” and “Seventeen Forever”.

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However, Trace wasn’t always a part of the band and the heavily tattooed musician was in it from 2006 to 2010, but then returned in 2014 until the band broke up in 2017.

Miley’s mini-me

Miley’s younger sister, Noah, started to find her own fame a few years ago when she ventured into music. With music in her genetics, it is not surprising, but the young, impressionable teen found herself following more than just Miley’s music.


While her hits including “Make Me Cry”, “I’m Stuck”, and “All Falls Down” made some serious waves, people were concerned that Noah was trying to be edgy and controversial, just like her sister. From posting provocative pictures and acting up on Youtube, people wondered if this was Miley 2.0.


Family reality show

While the Cyrus’ have reportedly turned down offers to star in their own Kardashians type reality show, Brandi and Tish decided to take up an offer from Bravo. The reality/interior design show called Cyrus vs Cyrus: Design & Conquer portrayed Brandi and Tish going up against each other to present interior designed homes on a budget to clients.

Bravo TV

Of course, Miley was brought in to appear a handful of times, even filming scenes in a barn in their hometown of Nashville.

Groupie Tish

Back in the day, Tish was known for hanging around a lot of musicians and bands with her friends, hoping to meet them and enjoying their gigs. In her young circles, it was reported that Tish was known as “Tish the Dish,” for her striking good looks.

Instagram/Tish Cyrus

However, Tish’s days of hanging around with bands came to an abrupt end when she locked eyes with Billy Ray when he was performing at a bar with his band. The rest was history.


Bringing Disney into the family

In the days of Hannah Montana, Disney had a very impressive set of stars on their TV shows who were known and adored around the world. Stars including Ashley Tisdale, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were all in this crowd.


So, when Miley’s brother Trace met Disney star Brenda Song, they immediately hit it off, dated for a while and became engaged. The two had a relationship for seven years before their engagement was called off and Trace penned a heartbreaking track called “Brenda”.

A loving father

When Billy Ray and Tish married, Billy wanted to become a strong family unit so made the decision to adopt Tish’s kids, Brandi and Trace, from her previous relationship. After the adoption, Trace legally changed his name to Cyrus whereas Brandi is attached to the Cyrus name, but she still holds Helson as her last name.

Instagram/Brandi Cyrus

Billy explained about his role as a father “My definition of being a father is being a best friend. That’s what my dad was to me and that’s what I’ve tried to be for my kids.”


Miley’s men

Between 2004 until 2006, Miley dated another one of The Disney Channel’s leading men, Nick Jonas. The two were touring together on singer’s Best of Both Worlds Tour but later ended their relationship and devastated fans.


Miley then went on to date Justin Gaston, who appeared on Billy Ray’s reality show Nashville Star when she was just 15 and he was 20. After this, it was said that Miley had a brief reconciliation with Nick Jonas, but then someone else came into her life.

Meeting Liam

In 2009, Miley met Australian Liam Hemsworth on the set of their movie The Last Song, acting as lovers in the movie, it was inevitable that Miley would fall head over heels for the Aussie hunk. After debuting their relationship at the Oscars, and gushing about one another, the couple went on to date for three years before becoming engaged.


However, in 2013, everything came crashing down when Miley changed her look, started to become controversial and her and Liam broke off the engagement.


The VMAs performance

In 2013, Miley Cyrus performed at MTV’s VMAS, alongside Robin Thicke, which became one of the most controversial moments in the show’s history. In a mashup of “We Can’t Stop” and “Blurred Lines”, Miley wore a barely-there outfit and showed off some very provocative dance moves.


The performance was met with shock and disapproval from celebrities, musicians, talk show hosts and many questioned if Miley was still the role model that she used to be to such young fans. 

Miley’s controversial admission

During her rebellious phase, Miley admitted that she had taken a liking to smoking certain substances. Miley became an advocate for smoking, claiming that “it makes you happy” and that her mom, Tish was so on board to the point that she got her into it.

John Shearer/BBMA2017/Getty Images for dcp

However, a few years later, Miley explained that she had stopped smoking as it was disturbing her ability to “function at my highest, most intelligent, most being-able-to-be-as-aware-and-as-present”. It was going well for her until a year later when Tish reintroduced her to it. 


Billy’s back in the charts

After taking a hiatus from music, Billy Ray returned to the charts with a smash hit in 2019. Collaborating with rapper Lil Nas, the two created the hit “Old Town Road” peaked at number one on the flagship Billboard chart, the Hot 100, for a record-breaking nineteen consecutive weeks.

Getty/Rodin Eckenroth

The country rap song broke records in countries around the world and brought Billy Ray right back into music. In a father daughter moment, Miley joined in with Billy Ray and Lil Nas as they performed their hit at music festival Glastonbury 2019.

Miley’s mental health

In 2014, Miley opened up about her struggle with depression saying, “I locked myself in my room and my dad had to break my door down.  It was a lot to do with, like, I had really bad skin, and I felt really bullied because of that.”

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She also explained that her relationship with Liam and Disney gave her crippling anxiety as she felt lost without them, but at the same time they were not helping her move forward as a person. She admitted she felt so much stronger after cutting ties with both. 


Marriage and divorce

In 2016 Miley and Liam Hemsworth reconciled and appeared stronger than ever. They shocked fans in 2018 with a surprise wedding, attended by only their nearest and dearest in a very low-key ceremony at home. It seemed like Miley had finally got her happy ending until August 2019 when Miley announced that the couple had separated.

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Their statement said they were “Ever-evolving, changing as partners and individuals”. Instead of laying low, Miley was seen vacationing in Italy with girlfriends and posing on her Instagram as if nothing had happened.

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