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Creative Ways That People Quit Their Jobs



We’ve all dreamt of sucking it to The Man. We watch films where employees storm out of the office while telling it how it is – all the while daydreaming about doing it ourselves.

Of course, the world is not that dramatic. We don’t all get the chance to say or act how we feel. Most the time, the best we can do is a passive-aggressive note.

Here are some of the most ‘creative’ ways that people have quit their jobs. They truly are the unsung heroes of our time.

Fly Away

This goodbye note looks like it belongs in the 1990s – from the shoddy photoshop work to the ‘smell ya later’ reference. Here, T-Bone is determined to leave an impression on his boss who was surely confused by the time this photo came around.

Source: Qunki

We don’t know if he worked in a cleaning job by riding a hoover or if he is just being creative – but either way, we are impressed! Here’s hoping that Tom managed to find what was at the end of the rainbow.


Easy As Pie

Sometimes quitting a job is difficult, and sometimes it’s a piece of cake! In 2013, Chris quit his job by offering his message on his new business venture – delicious treats.

Source: Ranker

We imagine this was bittersweet for the employer, but we admire Chris’ dedication to his family, his happiness, and the pursuit of his own dreams. It even included a cheeky shout out to the new business he started! In 2018, ‘Mr. Cake’ is still going strong today.

Want A Receipt?

This employee made sure to write his note on an existing receipt to show how little he cares while also providing a ‘proof of purchase’ of the transaction! The letter is rather crude, and even refers to the size of his ‘cojones’.

Source: Careeraddict

We have to admire the guts it took to write this and the courage displayed by the actions. It doesn’t look like he will be receiving a good reference for his past performance any time soon.


Level Complete!

Why restrict yourself to a conventional resignation letter when you can literally program your own game and have your boss play it? This employee created a sequence in the game that spelled out ‘I QUIT’ each time Mario picked up a mushroom.

Source: Infotainworld

Better yet, he reveals that he actually resigned last week in the text at the bottom. We bet this boss didn’t enjoy playing this version of Super Mario Brothers… Take a look at what this next employee did…

Ball’s In Your Court, Buddy…

This worker hit his last straw when his boss left him waiting outside their store for more than an hour. It’s clear that communication is key when working with people, although it is true that we don’t have both sides of the story.

Source: hugelol

As far as we know, this worker was more than happy to get fired for not turning up, ultimately leading the decision up to the boss. Who knows how many other conflicts there were leading up to this moment – we doubt this is a one-off occurrence.


Computer Says ‘No!’

When you are a graphic designer, you can be as creative as you want when you quit. As we can see here, this employee wanted to let his or her boss know that it was unacceptable to be treated badly on the job.

Source: Cultofmac

The choice was clear: either report to HR or renegotiate. We admire the strength it took to create and post this ultimatum. The employee is particularly creative, so it would be a shame to lose them!

Public Outcry!

Wendy’s might be known online for their catty Twitter persona, but we doubt they have much to do with this disgruntled employee’s last words. It must have been a quiet night when this burger-flipper made their own sign before walking out!

Source: Ninjajournalist

We’re sure it was removed quickly, but the photo will live on forever. Wendy’s won’t be retweeting this any time soon. Good luck to Greg and his future career as a sign maker! What do you think about it?


Passive Aggressive

This may look like an ordinary note, but it holds the words of an angry and frustrated former employee! He starts to list all the ‘inconsistancies’ in his behavior, even noting an impressive streak of only two sick days in four years.

Source: Scoopwhoop

Of course, he makes a point to say he won’t be in tomorrow, even including what must be an expletive. What do you think he said? We hope the boss had a change of heart in his behavior after reading this.

Changing Times, Changing Signs

Another example of taking liberties with a public signpost, this movie fan probably wasn’t a big fan of her boss. We wonder how long these words were up before someone realized it wasn’t a film!

Source: Awesome Inventions

Something like this could have terrible effects on business if people decide not to support an institution that doesn’t treat its employees well. In a funny twist in irony, the boss ended up changing this sign himself! Hopefully, he learned his lesson.


Who Doesn’t Like Cupcakes?

This is a genuinely creative and caring way to hand in your notice. Each cake, presumably for each colleague, spells out his resignation. He is kind, considerate, and generous!

Source: Pinterest

We love this idea of sharing and giving something back to people who he worked with. It appears they ended on good terms and we hope the person moved on to something they like! Perhaps working alongside Mr. Cake? It is certainly an impressive feat to accomplish!

Don’t Be Sorry!

This handwritten note appears innocent enough, but it is a cutting commentary of some of the hard personal challenges this employee faced before. We can’t help but think that the passive-aggressive note and points about the hours of additional time are incredibly petty.

Source: Tendtoo

What would you think if your employee wrote this? We don’t think this is such a wise thing to do when you leave your job, but we sure admire the guts of the author.


On A Roll!

Is there anything more classy than writing in calligraphy? Is there anything less classy than writing said calligraphy on toilet paper? We guess Matt wanted them to know what he thought of the company, and himself, when he wrote this note.

Source: Amorq

What kind of person and employee do you think would act out in such a way? We don’t think he stayed around long enough to find out what happened when his boss saw it. Don’t try this at work!

Let The People Decide!

This guy got creative when he asked for advice on his resignation letter – prompting an even more creative response! The Reddit user gave the power to the people when offering others the chance to write his letter, with hilarious results.

Source: Takedownss

The outcome is an amazing tale told by a stranger. We don’t know if the user actually used the letter ‘IRL’ (in real life), but we can hope he did and only imagine the shocking results!


Fancy Pants

This resignation takes the cake for the most prestigious and eloquent letter on the list. It appears it was all done with good intentions and is a reflection on the employee’s personality and ethics.

Source: Comedy Central

We imagine it was well-received due to its politeness, exaggeration, and humor. How would you react if you saw this note? We would love to know how else he used this approach in other aspects of his life. It’s like the words of Royalty!

So Caring. So Generous.

This employee didn’t hold back on the honest reasons behind his resignation. His unhappiness in the role caused him to gain weight – something he wouldn’t want to wish on anyone else.

Source: Pinterest

The explanation even gets more meta when he describes how his appearance will hurt the brand of the company! We’re sure this is a bit sarcastic, but we can’t help but sympathize with him and his concerns. This was actually quite a proactive approach to leaving!


Keep It Under 140 Characters

This creative journalist decided to quit The Sun by writing a haiku on social media. We’ve definitely heard about CEOs firing people because of social media behavior in the past, but we haven’t seen this much before!

Source: Mashable

It’s amazing to think that hundreds of people could know about his resignation before his own boss! This was just after the financial crisis, so we imagine that many more journalists also unfortunately left. See on the next page what this ’employee’ did…

Raise of the Machines

When your company is so bad that even your printers quit! This employee, also known as LaserJet 4050, gracefully called it quits after 14 years. That is an impressive feat by any standard, especially one requiring frequent updates!

Source: College Humor

It must be a fun environment when the human employees can feel comfortable writing notes like this to bosses. Thankfully, the printer was responsible enough to name a successor, LaserJet 3390, just in time. What do you think about this particular note?


Place For Epiphany

You can often have your best ideas at work – even if it results in leaving the job you’re at! This employee was ‘taking care of business’ when he came to the realization that he was probably better suited somewhere else.

Source: rule-of-law

Luke took it to the extreme by comparing his work environment to the place in which he worked! We don’t imagine he will be getting a good reference from these guys when he flushes them out his life.

Zip It!

When you leave a job, it is the perfect time to make any last comments and share final thoughts. For Mitch, he clearly couldn’t hold in just how much his colleagues would leave their flies unzipped!

Source: Amorq

He handed in his notice and, strangely, admitted that his fly was undone, too! It’s always embarrassing to hear when you leave your fly undone – what’s worse than hearing it when your employee quits! Mitch must have felt great when he said this to his boss.


In Memory

This letter shocked us at first, but we then realized it was just a dark attempt to be funny! For David, he wanted to show his employer that he would no longer be working there after four years.

Source: expressdigest

We imagine the management at Five Guys has an equally dark sense of humor for him to feel comfortable sending this, and good luck to him! Let’s hope he’s moving to a more creative or artistic position. We like the fact he left on the exact day he arrived!

A Way With Words

This Shakespearian employee clearly had some fun while writing this particular letter. As he entered his ‘last hurrah’, he poetically described the roads we decide to take – often with twists and turns along the way. Hopefully, he is now working on the next great novel somewhere.

Source: boredpanda

Do you like the language used here and do you think it is appropriate? Wait until you see what was written by the next employee over the page…


See You At The Party, Though!

Sometimes, less is more. For this worker, he didn’t feel it necessary to write more than what was absolutely necessary. Using the space on the page that is available, he expanded the size of the two words so that there was no chance of any misunderstanding.

Source: Demilked

We like the additional information at the bottom that makes it clear he is still attending the Christmas party. The guts of that guy! Maybe this is a joke letter made in jest, or maybe not!

Mic Drop!

Another example of perhaps an employee being a little too creative for their current job. For this young woman, we hope she is pursuing a career in stand-up or in art! Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words and so she decided to draw how she felt.

Source: Ninja Journalist

As this journey comes to an end, it’s nice to think about all the fun times she will have ahead. Who knows where life will take her? We can imagine Elizabeth telling this story on a stand-up stage one day…