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These Country Music Stars Invested Their Fortunes Wisely



In the USA, country music is one of the most popular and lucrative industries across the country. While we may not hear about them in the mainstream media, there are millions of people in between the coastal states that listen to their favorite country stars each day.

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Of course, this makes many of these performers millionaires. However, most of them take the opportunity to expand their fortunes by investing in other companies in different industries. Let’s take a look at our favorite country music stars and find out where they store their money!

Chris Stapleton

Fortune: $10 million
Investment: All American Road Show

Chris Stapleton might not have the same level of national fame as other country music stars, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been as successful as some of our favorites out there.

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He’s the mastermind behind some of the most popular songs from all our favorite stars today. As well as writing for singers like Kenny Chesney, Stapleton also runs a venture called ‘All American Roadshow’, which includes songs he’s performed and written for others.


Miranda Lambert

Fortune: $45 million
Investment: Red 55 Winery

Lambert has loudly and proudly become one of the most iconic female voices in country music. She has classic songs like The House That Built Me, and Gunpowder & Lead. But that’s not all she does…

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Miranda Lambert also owns and runs her own brand of wine – Red 55 Winery. As well as her business ventures in the wine industry, the singer also opened a foundation called MuttNation. MuttNation is an animal shelter dedicated to helping pets in need. 

Faith Hill

Fortune: $80 million
Investment: Tennessee Titans

Here’s another example of a successful female country music singer who is rocking her creative life and business life side by side. As well as performing in front of millions of fans each month, Faith Hill is also a part-owner in the Tennesse Titans NFL team! 

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She and husband Tim McGraw work together in managing the day-to-day affairs of the team and have enjoyed a long-lasting marriage of 25 years! Here’s to next season!


Alan Jackson

Fortune: $75 million
Investment: NAsheVILLE

To date, country star Alan Jackson has recorded 16 studio albums, including two Christmas records and two gospel albums! After selling more than 80 million records, he wanted to try his luck in business.

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He invested in NAsheVILLE, his daughter’s passion project. As well as being a primary financer in that, he works closely with companies like Ford Motor Company and Cracker Barrel. Have you checked out any of his ventures while traveling the USA? 

Thomas Rhett

Fortune: $5 million
Investment: The Ranch

Thomas Rhett is the son of the famous Georgian singer, Rhett Atkins. Ever since he was a young boy, he was performing in school bands and talent shows. Well, it makes sense he would become such a successful artist! 

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Outside of his many music ventures, Rhett has also dabbled in television. He produces shows including The Ranch, which he has appeared in – as well as a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live.


Luke Bryan

Fortune: $90 million
Investment: 32 Bridge

Ever since 2006, Luke Bryan has been a major player in the country music scene. In fact, according to Forbes, he was the highest-paid country singer in 2018. All nine of his studio albums have sold millions and he has 14 Number 1 hits.

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After reaching success in the music field, Bryan opened up his own restaurant chain called 32 Bridge. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, it has a rich cocktail bar and a charming patio where people can relax.

Dwight Yoakam

Fortune: $45 million
Investment: Bakersfield Biscuits

This famous singer and songwriter is known for his more personal style of country music. Since the 1980s, he has released more than 20 studio albums and worked with countless artists over the years. 

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As well as touring the country, Dwight Yoakam has an ongoing appearance schedule on The Tonight Show as well as being the owner of Bakersfield Biscuits. Finally, he runs his own station on SiriusXM dedicated to his Bakersfield venture. That’s a lot of hats!


Lyle Lovett

Fortune: $25 million
Investment: Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

It’s not every day you hear about a country music star’s love of Shakespeare! Lyle Lovett has been surprising audiences since 1980 with his incredible music that transcends generations. 

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As well as touring the country and performing hits like Cowboy Man, Lovett is also an actor and performer at the Shakespeare Center in Los Angeles. He often composes scores for some of their plays, including Much Ado About Nothing

Trace Adkins

Fortune: $19 million
Investment: SiriusXM

Anyone who loved country music in the 1990s and 2000s knows about Trace Adkins. As well as being an iconic singer and performer, the star also acts and hosts his own show on SiriusXM, where he talks about music and current affairs.

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Adkins has had some classic songs, including Ladies Love Country Boys, You’re Gonna Miss This, and No Thinkin’ Thing. To date, he has sold two million records and has achieved two platinum albums. 


Shania Twain

Fortune: $400 million
Investment: Let’s Go! 

With a fortune north of $400 million, Shania Twain is considered one of the most successful artists of all time. Period. As well as her booming music career, the country star has also announced a new venture called Let’s Go! 

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Let’s Go! helps up-and-coming artists find a residency in Las Vegas. Man, I feel like getting some financial advice from this Canadian-born artist! To date, she has sold more than 100 million albums. 

Carrie Underwood

Fortune: $65 million
Investment: CALIA by Carrie Underwood

It’s easy to forget that Carrie Underwood is actually an early contestant of American Idol. After winning the fourth season of the popular show, she has proven to be a worthy singer and savvy businesswoman.

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Outside of her fierce albums, Underwood has invested in her own clothing line called CALIA. The clothing company merges athletic wear with strong ties and influences from country music. Now, fans everywhere can dress like her wherever they go. 


Reba McEntire

Fortune: $95 million
Investment: RBI

McEntire is one of the most iconic queens of country music. The singing sensation has sold more than 75 million copies and recorded more than 30 albums! With so much time dedicated to recording her music, how does she have time to invest in any business? 

country music
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Well, Reba McEntire has also had time to open her own management firm, called RBI. As well as running the firm, fans have also seen the music star appear on the sitcom Reba, as well as a role in the movie Tremors

Rosanne Cash

Fortune: $10 million
Investment: Johnny Cash Boyhood Home Project

Rosanne Cash clearly had country music flowing through her veins, what with being the daughter of legendary singer Johnny Cash. As well as country, Rosanne has been known to dabble in other genres, such as rock, folk, and Americana.

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In 1990, she moved from Nashville to New York City, where she runs the Johnny Cash Boyhood Home Project. The project aims to build and find homes for young people struggling to settle down in life.


Kenny Chesney

Fortune: $225 million
Investment: Kenny Chesney, INC. 

Over his career, Kenny Chesney has released an impressive 20 albums. He has more than 40 Top 10 songs, with 29 reaching number 1. So, yeah, it’s safe to say he’s one of the most impactful artists out there.

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What does he do when he’s not recording his albums? It turns out he is also the CEO of his very own company, Kenny Chesney, INC. The firm develops and sells products tailored to his own fans. This includes things like merchandise and clothing. 

Eric Church

Fortune: $14 million
Investment: Double Down Tour

This country music star has released six studio albums since 2005. As a result, he’s had plenty of successful singles and has even collaborated with artists like Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.

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Outside of his relatively new country career, Eric Church makes sure to make money outside of just album sales. One major way artists can make money is through extensive touring. His Double Down tour took him around the country performing to hundreds of thousands of fans. 


Tim McGraw

Fortune: $85 million
Cash: Tennessee Titans

Now we meet the husband of Faith Hill, who we saw earlier in our list. As discussed, these two share a stake in the Tennessee Titans NFL team. According to sources, he is a little more invested in the team emotionally than Faith. 

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As a country music star, McGraw never ceased to amaze his millions of fans. He’s one of the highest-earning artists in the entire industry and has produced an impressive 15 albums over the years. 

Garth Brooks

Fortune: $330 million
Investment: Pearl Records

Garth Brooks is an impressive country music singer due to the fact that he’s one of the few artists who could cross over to rock. Many readers from outside the US might not know that Brooks is actually the best-selling solo artist in music history – second only to Elvis himself.

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With accomplishments like that, it doesn’t sound like he’d need to do anything else to make a buck. Together with his wife, Trisha Yearwood, they have invested in many industries. These include online music stores and a record label called Pearl Records. 


Taylor Swift

Fortune: $320 million
Investment: Taylor Swift Productions

Is there a more successful country music artist than T-Swift? The young starlet managed to effortlessly transition from country to pop star and earning herself millions of dollars in the process!

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As well as touring the world as a singer and performer, Swift also runs her own memorabilia company, Taylor Swift Productions, Inc. From there, she can design and manufacture official toys and clothing products for fans all over the world.

Loretta Lynn

Fortune: $65 million
Investment: Loretta Lynn Ranch

When a country star has been born in 1932, you can bet she’s done some great things over the years! Today, Lynn is basically royalty when it comes to the music industry. Her most famous classics include Don’t Come Home, You Ain’t Woman Enough, and Coal Miner’s Daughter.

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Today, Loretta Lynn doesn’t record much new music but she still performs her classics to audiences young and old. As well as singing, Lynn also owns a company dedicated to fan attire called Loretta Lynn Ranch. 


Toby Keith

Fortune: $500 million
Investment: Show Dog Nashville

Toby Keith is one of the biggest country music stars on the planet – just look at that massive fortune. The singer/songwriter has been on the scene since 1993 and has had a steady flow of hit singles. 

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Outside of his music career, he created his own record label called Show Dog Nashville. Later, it became Show Dog-Universal and he could sit back and enjoy his growing fortune. In 2017, Keith performed at President Trump’s inauguration.

Darius Rucker

Fortune: $14 million
Investment: MGC Sports

This rock-country artist first started his career as the lead singer in the old band, Hootie and the Blowfish. Over his career, he has released five studio albums with six songs hitting the Top-40 chart. 

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Outside of this, Rucker has tried his business luck at sports marketing. Today, he is a partner at MGC Sports, which is a public relations firm dedicated to promoting semi-pro and professional athletes. MGC Sports represents players from almost any sport. 


Alison Krauss

Fortune: $16 million
Investment: Rounder Records

Alison Krauss is more of a bluegrass singer than full-on country music, but that doesn’t mean she can’t rock it. As well as being a seasoned fiddle and piano player, she is also an investor in Rounder Label and controls her own music management.

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Throughout her career, Krauss has released 14 studio albums and has contributed to Hollywood movie soundtracks, including O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Cold Mountain. Both songs were nominated for an Oscar.

Brandy Clark

Fortune: $10 million
Investment: All BC Music

This acclaimed country music singer has composed some of the biggest hits for other artists. To date, she has worked with people like Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, and Sheryl Crow. Even though she is signed to Slate Creek, she also owns her own record company.

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All BC Music helps plenty of other artists break into the industry. Clark knows how to spot good talent: she started playing the guitar at the age of nine and has been writing songs ever since. 


The Dixie Chicks

Fortune: $40 million
Investment: Someday

Even though The Dixie Chicks took a 10-year hiatus from the music business, they are back in full force with their follow-up album, Someday. Fans can rejoice: all three of the original members will be reuniting to please fans everywhere.

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Emily Erwin, Martie Maguire, and Natalie Maines first started performing together in 1998, earning acclaim with songs like There’s Your Trouble and Wide Open Spaces. To date, the trio has sold millions of records and won three Grammys. 

Billy Ray Cyrus

Fortune: $20 million
Investment: Parents Television Council

Many younger readers might not realize that Billy Ray is actually the father of pop sensation Miley Cyrus. Recently, he re-entered the charts and the world of pop culture due to his collaboration on Old Town Road, which is the longest-running #1 of all time.

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As well as being a country music star, Cyrus also works closely with Disney Entertainment and is a current member of the Parents Television Council. 


Blanco Brown

Fortune: $500,000
Investment: The Git Up

Blanco Brown perfectly blends rap with country music to create some of the most memorable music in the industry. Growing up in Atlanta, Brown was highly influenced by stars like Outkast as well as Johnny Cash.

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He took these two different genres and released The Git Up. His debut album sold more than 20 million records and set him up for a long and successful career in the next couple of years. 

Gary Allen

Fortune: $10 million
Investment: EMI Nashville

Gary Allen dropped his first single, Her Man, in the 1990s and has been going strong ever since. In total, he has nine studio albums with 26 singles that all reached the Billboard Country Charts. 

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Outside of his music career, he works with EMI Nashville – the label to which he is also signed. His most recent album, Set You Free was released in 2013 and the rumors are that he’s working on new material outside of his management obligations. 


Luke Combs

Fortune: $1.2 Million
Investment: This One’s For You

Luke Combs is relatively new to the country scene, releasing his first EP in 2014. His first single, named Hurricane, sold 15,000 copies in its first week and entered the charts – immediately putting him on the map. 

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In 2017, Combs finally earned his first number one hit and held it tight for two weeks. Eventually, he was signed to Columbia and released his first official studio album, This One’s For You, in the same year. 

Martina McBride

Fortune: $38 million
Investment: ‘Love Unleashed’ Tour

When you’re a singer and performer, there’s no better way to make a quick buck than organizing a tour. Traveling around the country can make you millions of dollars in only a few months. Just look at Martina McBride! 

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She first entered the industry in 1991 and quickly rose to fame. McBride has stayed in the charts for nearly 30 years and is currently signed to RCA. Every so often, she blends country music with pop styles which helps her appeal to audiences everywhere. 


Morgan Wallen

Fortune: $700,000
Investment: ‘Dig Your Roots’ Tour

Wallen is another new entry to the music world who is seeing the financial benefits of touring! Eager eyes might have first spotted this young star in season six of The Voice. Even though he was sent home before the end, it means he could pursue his own career.

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Since 2016, Morgan Wallen has been touring as part of his Dig Your Roots Tour. In a few short years, the music sensation has racked up a modest fortune that helps him with his creativity. He is currently signed to Big Loud. 

Keith Urban

Fortune: $75 million
Investment: The URBAN Guitar Collection

Keith Urban is definitely one of the most recognizable names in country music. He’s been around since 1990 and today is married to Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman. But what does he get up to outside the recording studio? 

country music
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It turns out that Urban runs The URBAN Guitar Collection, a company that designs and builds his favorite instrument. Due to having his personal approval, millions of people flock to buy his guitars each year.


Lucinda Williams

Fortune: $15million
Investment: Sweet Old World

Here’s a star who has been in the music spotlight since the 1980s. Lucinda Williams started recording her music way back in 1978 and she’s still going strong today! 

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One of her most successful ventures was her 1992 album, Sweet Old World. It won her critical acclaim and solidified her place as one of the leading voices in the industry. Today, Williams can be seen performing to dedicated fans around the country.

Maren Morris

Fortune: $300,000
Investment: Girls Just Wanna Weekend

Not many people have heard of Maren Morris but she’s definitely one to watch. The Texas singer and songwriter shot up to the top of the Country Digital Chart with her classic song My Church in 2016. 

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Since then, she’s been enjoying an upward rise in fame and fortune. Morris won a Grammy for her performances and could briefly be seen touring her Girls Just Wanna Weekend show. If you haven’t heard of her yet, you will soon enough.


Tammy Wynette

Fortune: $900,000
Investment: Tammy Wynette Museum

Tammy Wynette has often been called the First Lady of country music. In the 1960s and 1970s, her hit songs traveled around the country like gospel and lightened up thousands of homes. Along with other stars like Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton, she earned her place in the hall of fame.

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Today, she lives on as part of the Tammy Wynette Museum which outlines her life and accomplishments. It is located in Tremont, Mississippi.

Justin Moore

Fortune: $10 million
Investment: Valory Music

Originally from Arkansas, Justin Moore is widely considered to be one of the ‘bad boys’ of country music. He writes and sings his own material using his electronic and acoustic guitar, charming ladies around the world.

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After releasing his third album, Moore has proven to be a valued voice in the music industry. His singles including Lettin’ the Night Role and If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Aware were part of his deal with Valory Music. 


George Strait

Fortune: $300 million
Investment: Codigo 1530

Here’s another massive name in the music industry who has made hundreds of millions of dollars by splitting his incomes. As well as performing the classic genre of music to his fans, Strait also runs his own tequila company, Codigo 1350.

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By dividing his income between music and alcohol, George Strait has managed to amass a fortune of more than $300 million. He’s been a staple since 1975 and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Dolly Parton

Fortune: $500 million
Investment: The Dollywood Company

Of course, we’ve all heard of Dolly Parton. The country music star set the stage and helped the genre enter the mainstream all those years ago. Parton made her fortune through singing and acting, but there’s a whole other venture she focuses on, too.

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Dollywood is a theme park that hosts a waterpark, theater, spa resort, and more! Dollywood is the 24th most popular theme park in the world and sees 3 million visitors per year. It is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


Kenny Rogers

Fortune: $250 million
Investment: Gambler Chassis Co.

Over his career, Kenny Rogers has had an amazing 120 hit singles all over different music genres. Around the world, he has sold more than 100 million albums. So, you might wonder why Rogers would want a second job?

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Outside of the music career, Kenny Rogers also owns a racing car company called Gambler Chassis Co. Here, he works with the management of the company and gives his brain a chance to relax outside of songwriting! 

Blake Shelton

Fortune: $60 million
Investment: Ryman Hospitality

Blake Shelton has boosted in popularity in recent years after appearing as a host on The Voice opposite his new girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. His debut album hit shelves in 2001 and has wowed listeners around the country for the last 18 years.

country music
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Outside of his booming music career, Shelton also invests in the stadium industry and hospitality. He is a leading financier in Ryman Hospitality, which itself owns a myriad of real estate properties. 

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