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How to Choose the Perfect Nail Polish Color



Nail art is a fun, creative pastime for many women. There’s nothing quite like a lazy Sunday afternoon at the salon, lounging on a comfortable reclining chair whilst friendly experts wash, scrub, pick, shape and file your nails to perfection. Of course, there’s also the chance to catch up with your best lady pals while getting your nails done, possibly with a moisturizing mask on your face and unlimited iced tea beside you, as well.

If you are one of the many women who smartly chooses to save by doing your nails at home, there is also the fun in shopping for nail art tools. You get to experiment with different colors and styles. And not even a day at the beauty salon can beat that.

However, whether you’re doing your nails at home or at the salon, sometimes choosing the perfect nail color can be challenging. With so many different shades and hues of nail polish on the market, it can be hard to avoid choosing a color that would end up looking bad on your nails. Well, worry not, for here are some useful tips to remember when choosing the perfect nail polish color.

Determine Your Skin Tone

Try to put a nail polish side by side with your skin, preferably the hand, to get an idea if the two colors would complement each other. If you have yellowish skin, then yellow and orange might not be the best color for your nails. Dark or vibrant colors can make a pale skin stand out more than usual, so don’t go for these if you have very light complexion and don’t intend to draw all attention to your nails. Women with darker skin tones are quite lucky as most colors look good with them. Light colors provide a nice contrast against their darker color, while dark colors give them a classy look. Nude colors, however, may be harder to pull off.

What’s the Occasion?

With your nails done, are you going to attend a wild party or a wedding ceremony? Taking note of this can help you decide what you should and shouldn’t pick. There is no place at formal events for a multi-colored look, and nude or basic colors are a safe bet when attending a formal gala. Also, it’s always a good idea to choose a nail polish color with the color of your dress in mind as well.

How Old Are You?

The same way that clothes can make a woman older or younger, nail color can give the same effect, too. Generally, dark and daring colors like wine red or gothic black can make you look older, while lighter ones like pastel pink or aqua blue can make you look younger. Fitting the nail color to your age and the image you want to portray can be helpful in selecting the right color.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

Do you tend to bite your nails or pick at your cuticles? It is highly recommended that you let go of these bad practices before you venture on to nail art. But if you haven’t, then colored nails may look worse when chipped and cracked. Try going for colorless nail polish instead.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun. After all, you can simply remove the colors with acetone if you don’t like what you see.