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With So Much To Do In Singapore’s Changi Airport, You Won’t Want To Leave




Gone are the days of waiting for your flight in mundane, gray terminals with a couple duty free shops. Airports these days have been transformed with so much available to passengers.


However, Changi Airport in Singapore is by far the most impressive airport in the world right now. From slides and pools to enchanted gardens and spas, you may find yourself hoping for a delay so you can experience all the airport has to offer!

Whizz down the slide

Whether you want to relive your childhood or watch the kids enjoy it, Changi airport’s slide is the tallest inside an airport at 12-meters high. The slide was especially designed for speed, sliding down six meters in a second.

If you’re ever feeling restless in an airport, this might be the best way to get your adrenaline going and blood pumping. It is usually very hard to keep your kids occupied in airports, but this slide is a full proof way to keep them entertained for hours.

Take a dip and relax by the pool

Take the stress out of travelling and kick back at the pool at the Aerotel in Changi Airport Terminal One. How many airports can say that they have a pool available for travelers to get a moment of peace and quiet amidst all the chaos.

Changi Airport

In addition to the pool, plush beds, showers, health and fitness facilities are also available to enjoy. By the time your flight is ready for departure, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Take a trip to the movies

As if your in-flight entertainment wasn’t enough, Changi Airport provides the full movie theater experience for travelers. If you’re stuck in a really long layover, this is a great way to kill time and see some movies that were on your tick list.


Screenings are 24/7 in the airport and are completely free-of-charge, and available to everyone. With proper cinema seats and surround sound, there is no way that your movie will be disturbed.

Enjoy the beautiful flowers at the sunflower garden

You may not need to get on that flight to the Netherlands to see the beautiful fields of sunflowers when Changi airport have a magnificent area holding a sunflower garden.


Tucked away from the transit hall, passengers can feel like they are walking through fields of a yellow sea of sunflowers while waiting for their flight. Ever felt like you’re stuck in an airport and need some fresh air, this perfect piece of the airport will be sure to cure those travel blues.

Relax in the Orchid garden and watch the vibrant fish in the Koi pond

Changi Airport really committed when they decided to install an orchid garden. It features more than 700 orchids with 30 species grouped by various colours and shapes representing the four elements of nature: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.


Perfectly complementing the pink and purple hued flowers are the beautiful Koi fish that occupy the different ponds in the area. Travelers can take part in feeding the fish everyday at 9.30am and 4.30pm.

See the wonders of the enchanted garden

Changi Airport really put an emphasis on bringing the outdoors into the terminal and this can be seen with the enchanted garden. The interactive and vibrant garden comes to life through complementary sounds and lights, giving off a magical effect.


Motion sensors were installed to trigger the sounds of nature and the blooming flowers, as well as LED-lit walkways. Both younger and older travelers have had a fantastic time enjoying this wondrous and inspiring installation.

Flutter your eyes in the special butterfly garden

The wildlife at Changi Airport doesn’t stop with thousands of different species of flowers. Travelers can get up close and personal with beautiful butterflies in the butterfly garden.


The tropical habitat houses over 1,000 butterflies from around 40 species which flutter freely among luscious greenery, blooming flowers and a stunning six-meter grotto waterfall. It truly is one of a kind and you can find yourself getting lost in the habitat for hours. 

Dive into Singapore’s history and Peranakan heritage at the Theatre of Experience

When you’re on a layover in Singapore, you don’t get the opportunity to leave the airport and explore the island so Changi Airport brings the island to you with the Theatre of Experience.

Moment Factory

The amazing installation is a tapestry of culture mixed with technology, presenting theatre performances, live bands, heritage-themed facades and plenty of interactive displays, including stunning images of Singapore’s skyline and iconic Peranakan shophouses which gives you a sense of the melting pot of cultures in the Asian city.

The entertainment deck is truly a gamers paradise

While there are some video game consoles available at other airports, there is nothing quite like the entertainment deck at Changi Airport. Packed with the latest Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Kinect station and even an MTV booth, you can have hours of uninterrupted gaming and plenty of fun.

This room is the ultimate solution for families travelling with restless kids during a flight connection. Parents can relax in peace while kids take advantage of countless games. 

Catch up on lost sleep in the snooze lounges

Travelling can be exhausting and when walking around airports, you’re bound to almost always see people sleeping on the floor, or across a number of chairs. Changi Airport has eliminated all of this and installed snooze rooms for people to get some much-needed shut eye.


The chairs in the room are fully reclining and incredibly comfortable to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. You will feel refreshed and ready to travel after taking a nap here.

Get inspired by the magnificent kinetic rain installations

It isn’t just the individual rooms and experiences at Changi Airport that are inspiring and not at all reminiscent of a mundane terminal. The artistic installations in Terminal 1 are Kinetic Rain sculptures and are formed of 1,216 bronze droplets with different abstract patterns of different aircrafts.


The Kinetic Rain is intended to look like it is moving rhythmically and adds a beautiful accent to Changi Airport. Travelers often take pictures and videos of the carefully constructed sculptures.

Watch planes take off at the viewing mall

For plane enthusiasts, one of the best parts of going to the airport is plane spotting and seeing them take off. Changi Airport chose to section off a specific part of the terminal to allow people to enjoy the planes as they taxi, take off, and have maintenance take care of them.


The viewing galleries are located in Terminals 1 to 3, giving people plenty of areas to get a glimpse of the brand new planes.  

Jump around at the Sky Nets

As if Changi Airport didn’t have super cool attractions already, it’s most recent addition, the Jewel, has topped everything else. After opening this year, the sky nets have proven a big hit with travelers.


There are two types of nets, the bouncing nets and walking nets. Of course, the bouncing nets have been increasingly popular with kids, getting out all their energy while waiting for their flight. Although they cost extra, they are well worth it.

Go virtual reality with the Changi Experience Studio

Singapore’s Changi Airport is truly something of the future, so it would only be appropriate that they had a virtual reality simulator. Go through the airport’s past, present and future through different interactive games and immersive shows.


Some of the best games to participate in are the Amazing Runway bike race, Garden of Harmony projection show, and the Smile Challenge for a personal photoshoot. The experience will make you totally forget you’re in an airport.

Get your culture fix in the Peranakan Gallery

If travelers are in transit and don’t get the chance to experience the culture and history, fear not as Changi Airport has a mini version of a Peranakan Museum to give you an injection of culture and make you feel as if you actually visited the island.

View from the Wing

In the gallery are Peranakan photographs, traditional furniture including wedding bed and crockery, sarong kebayas that inspire Singapore Airlines’ uniform. A Peranakan shophouse can also be found here.

Catch live sports games in the Xperience Zone

Sports enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Changi Airport considers those travelers who are in transit and can’t catch their team’s game.


The Xperience Zone shows all the major sports game in real time, instead of fans having to run around the airport and pray there is a bar that may be showing the game. There are big, comfortable chairs so you can watch and stretch out at the same time.

Hit the spa

There are only a select few airports around the world which have executive lounges with spas. However, Changi created a full spa made available to all passengers who want to be pampered while in transit.


The paid lounges have shower facilities, nail care, foot reflexology and massage therapy services, offering something for every kind of travelers. For those who have long layovers in the airport, it’s a great way to freshen up, relax and forget the time.

Get connected at The Social Tree

Singapore seems to be ahead in creating interactive attractions in their airport, so why wouldn’t they have a social media installation? The Social Tree is nine-meters tall and was created for the purpose of snapping photos and storing videos and other memories.


The memory capsule gives you the option to upload your photos and videos onto its 8-inch touch screen photo booths. Instead of social media being a solo experience behind a screen, The Social Tree makes it a collaborative experience you can share with family and friends. 

Let the Rain Vortex mesmerize you

The main attraction of the newly constructed Jewel is by far the Rain Vortex. The revolutionary waterfall in the airport is 40 meters high and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. In the day, it becomes the center of a tropical paradise and at night you get to see a glistening light and sound show which is truly spectacular.


Every level of the Jewel has views of the Rain Vortex but the best views by far are from level 1 and above. It’s safe to say you will totally forget you’re in an airport.

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