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Some Things Never Change, Even Family Photos



We all dig deep into our photo albums and find cute/embarrassing photos from our childhood. Some of these will bring wide smiles across our faces while others might make us cringe as we examine our fashion choices. A new trend is developing where families revisit some of their favorite photos and take them again – some decades after the fact.

We’ve compiled a list of some the best before and after family photos that have recreated some of their favorite childhood photos. Were they thinking of this 20 years ago? Judging by some of the original photos, you might just think so!

Superhero Sidekicks

Rewind to Halloween some 20-odd years ago and you’ll find these two brothers saving the streets as Superman. We all remember how younger brothers can feel jealous of their older siblings as they sport the main costume, so this mother got them both matching outfits!

Now into adulthood, these two crime-fighters have managed to find the same outfits and recreate it almost exactly. Even the facial expressions look the same – albeit with a bit more hair on their face this time!


Riding A Bike

This father reenacted this amazing photo with his two boys an entire generation after it was first taken. We can see the effort put into finding matching clothes – patterns and all. We wouldn’t be surprised if the father is wearing the exact same clothes in both photos!

There is nice attention to detail, such as the 1990s pager clipped to his belt. What a sign of the times! Maybe the iPhone will be a vintage item in future photo comparisons? We look forward to what these boys do with their children.

Never Stop Partying!

This little boy was clearly a bit of a wild child growing up – as shown in the first photo! Somebody had one too many sugary snacks, it seems! Years later, the same man is now a wild as ever after agreeing to recreate this photo.


Who knows where he got this particular outfit from, or what was done with it when he finished with the photo – all we know is that it’s worth it! It’s funny to imagine that most kids would be embarrassed to rediscover a photo like this one, not this guy!


The First Family Portrait

It’s a proud moment for any family when they show off their first sibling photograph. It’s often the case that the older sibling, regardless of age, has his/her new sibling and a big smile on their face!

In this particular photo, we can see the smile is a bit more forced since the baby brother is a bit bigger than last time. Still, little gestures like the floppy left arm are important details that don’t go underappreciated. Nice touch!

Ice Cream You Scream

It turns out that ice cream is always a messy food – regardless of your age. Kids are never considered clean eaters, and giving one of them an ice cream is surely a mistake.

As we can see in both photos, the boy on the right is a messy eater as both a child and an adult. Ok, so clearly he is just recreating the messiness for the photo, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was still the case.


Buried Treasure

Getting buried in the sand is definitely something you grow out of, so kudos to these siblings who went all out to recreate the cute image. Unfortunately, even after all these years, we’re not sure if the sister is enjoying it at all.

We have a feeling her face of discomfort is authentic – who likes to be buried in the sand? Still, the beaming smile from the brother shows us the humor and fun it took to capture this moment again.

Sleepy Dad

It’s a law that new parents aren’t allowed any sleep for the first, I don’t know, 18 years of their child’s life? This father is seen tired yet peaceful as he holds his son for the first time.

Amazingly, he seems to have hardly aged at all when they reunited for this comparison picture. Sure, the son is bit bigger and sporting a thick beard, but the similarities between the two pictures are uncanny. They’ve even got the same sweater and blanket!


Some Things Never Change

This photo is almost too good. Everything is lined up perfectly: the outfit with the gold button to the background and the matching blanket. It’s hard to imagine what is happening here in the first instance – perhaps he is falling off a bed? – but he has perfectly managed to find the inspiration again.

Like the other photos, the older man is sporting a beard this time around which makes the distinction easier to bear. Who knows what photo would be the new one if he didn’t have it?

Boys Being Boys

Kids love to play outside (or, they did in the 1990s!), and boys love getting their hands dirty. For this set of brothers, they dived all in on the fun and got covered in mud and dirt while they played.

Any parent will tell you there’s no stopping a group like this – but I bet they didn’t think they’d see it 20 years later! The brothers got right back into the action and recreated this classic photo for a good set of giggles.


Family Affairs

This proud father stood outside what looks like a church on a happy day with his three boys. Now all grown up, he had the chance to recreate the image and the smile on his face is wider than ever!

The boys went all out, too – even finding matching outfits from what they wore on that fateful day. What’s extra impressive is the composition from the photographer – he/she managed to capture the frame almost identically. What do you think?

Spooky Halloween

Once upon a time, these brothers were completely prepared for Halloween. The night of Treat or Treat was destined for greatness with the perfect outfits these boys chose to wear.

Fast forward a few years and we see the extra effort they made to recreate the shoot. The comparisons are compelling, but we doubt that they will be getting any candy from strangers this year. We have a feeling this photo is sweet enough for this family.


Stuck In A Hard Place

These two brothers clearly liked climbing and playing around from a young age. Clear signs of them being BBFs are on full display as they wear similar T-shirts and pose for the camera together.

Amazingly, it looks like their family hasn’t moved house in all these years – making it possible to reenact this photo. They even managed to track down the same outfit they wore all those years in the past! A lot of effort went into this photo and you can clearly see it.

The Little Details

This is one of the most accurate photos in this list, there isn’t much to criticize! Amazingly, the subject in this photo is the photographer herself – Irina Werning is an international photographer known for her Back To The Future series.

Usually, she takes these of other people but wanted to try her luck at her own photo. The results are amazing: the only difference we can see is the window on the side. The cat looks different too, obviously.


Brothers United

Another example of a set of brothers going all out to recreate a past photo. Here, all three of them cuddle round wearing the same items of clothing as last time. Slight differences appear, such as the gumball machine, but amazing detail is put into the outfits and the facial expressions.

Even the placement of the legs and hands are near perfect. It’s unclear if they borrowed this machine for the shoot or if it is the same one – maybe they grew that much!

Cheesy Smiles

More than a few years have passed since these brothers recreated this classic photo. In a twist, this is one of the few photos where the subjects have less hair than their initial photo!

They managed to capture those sincere and goofy expressions they both hold in the first photo, and went the extra mile to obtain the original design of their clothes. We can see the resemblance instantly, and it’s amazing how a small gesture like this can create such an impact.


Beach Days

These four siblings must have had a lot of fun recreating this one for the history books. Clearly, the youngest sibling wasn’t having too much fun that day, while the others seemed to have a great time. We wonder if the sentiments were the same this time around?

The youngest member gives an impressive impression when pretending to cry for the shot, and the brother even has a touch of yellow in what he wears. The facial expressions here is what is causing such a great comparison.

Three Musketeers

These three cuties posed for the camera a few years back and made one of the best childhood photos out there. It’s innocent, heartfelt, and joyous. A few years later, the brothers tried their luck again to questionable results! This time around, they look a bit more cheeky and sarcastic.

Either way, it’s a great attempt to recreate a classic photo and both of them next to each other makes both of them better. Good job, lads – looking forward to the next one.


Three’s a Crowd

Funnily enough, it looks like the chair was too small for these brothers the first time around – let alone the second time! The smiles reduce as each brother gets farther and farther from the chair, and they managed to match those exact faces the second time around.

Amazingly, they managed to track down the same outfits for the reenactment. They clearly have a good sense of humor about the whole thing since they could squash so close and hug each other so tightly.

Shower Time!

It’s not easy to have bath time with your child, especially when there are five of them! This time around, the parents managed to reunite all their children for one last attempt to get all the kids clean in the shower.

Funnily enough, the youngest is almost completely out of shot for the recreation, and only in the second photo can you see him! A very cute photo which will surely bring a smile to the family’s face.