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Celebrities And Their Strange Pets Are The Ultimate Goals



If you love pets, then having all the money you could want makes for some pretty imaginative animal ideas. All we need to do is look at some of our favorite celebrities – who wouldn’t indulge in some of the animals they have? When you have the ability to buy any animal you want, you can live out your childhood dreams.



And that’s exactly what these celebrities have done. Check out some of the craziest animals owned by some of your favorite actors, singers, and personalities – let’s hope they have good home insurance!

David Beckham and his Micro Pigs

Micro pigs are understandably one of the cutest animals out there. They’ve been bred to think they are puppies and spend their days playing with their owners. In 2009, Victoria Beckham treated her husband, David, to a pair of these darlings.


It is recommended that you buy at least two micro pigs at a time since they need company – both of which can set you back $2000. Not a problem for this couple – the pigs now enjoy their time on the Beckhams’ country estate in England.


Tori Spelling and her Chicken

In 2013, actress Tori Spelling made the totally normal and rational decision to buy a farm animal to keep in her home. After watching one too many episodes of Friends, Spelling bought this fella which she named Coco Chanel.


Today, she enjoys the company of her animal which spends his days walking around her apartment and napping in a special cot designed for him and all his chicken needs. Who knows, she might even get a duck soon!

Mike Tyson and his Pigeons

Mike Tyson is a weird guy. After a successful boxing career, and eating an ear in the process, the sports star is now retired and caring for his thousands of pigeon he keeps as pets.


Even while boxing, Tyson would collect the occasional pigeon to keep as a pet – which soon led to hundreds and then thousands. It’s unclear if he actually keeps them in an aviary or keeps them in the clouds – either way, he definitely claims one of the strangest titles for celebrities and their pets.


Mike Tyson and his White Tigers

Another animal for the boxer is his White Tiger – who made an appearance in 2009’s The Hangover. In real life, he actually had three which he kept in his home, seemingly in their own cages for insurance purposes.



At $70,000 a pop, they weren’t his smartest investment – he ended up selling them when he filed for bankruptcy in 2013. Today, he lives tigerless but still claims ownership to pigeons in the sky. Have you seen one of his birds recently?

Kristen Stewart and her Wolf-Dog Hybrid

We’re not sure if this is the craziest pet or the most awesome on this list – we can leave that up to you. The Twilight star went into full character mode and decided to breed her own wolf-dogs.

It sounds pretty mad and completely goes against her character’s decision to fly with the vampires instead of lie with the wolves – upsetting Edward fans everywhere. This is actually a family matter – Stewart’s own mother owns these hybrids and passed them on to her daughter. Whatever makes you happy!


Reese Witherspoon and her Miniature Donkeys

Reese Witherspoon certainly remains true to her southern routes with these little guys. As well as mini donkeys, Witherspoon also has a collection of pigs, goats, and dogs that she keeps on her farm.

Honky and Tonky were purchased in 2010 and she claims she makes her children clean up after them to teach her kids about compassion and kindness. That’s a very sweet excuse for cheap labor. We look forward to seeing what she gets next.

Michael Jackson and his Chimpanzee

Perhaps one of the most famous pets on this list, Jackson’s Bubbles was a worldwide sensation in the 1990s. He was known to accompany the King of Pop around the world when he toured. When he was recovering from his chimp jet lag, Bubbles would reside in the Neverland ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

Housekeepers tried to keep a straight face as they would make his bed, serve him dinner on china plates, and sign words from the films in the cinema each night. Let’s be honest, that chimp had a better life than most of us.


Leonardo Dicaprio and his Tortoise

The Oscar-winning actor’s race to the prestigious award was a slow burn – but the tortoise always beats the hare. Inspired by the analogy that helped him sleep at night, Leonardo Dicaprio bought his very own tortoise as a way to remember the tough times before earning the award.


It’s quite the investment, too: these creatures live for 200 years and weigh up to 180 pounds. He purchased his pet for $400 at only seven years old – meaning he won’t be the last guy to care for the creature.

Nicole Kidman and her Alpacas

Alpacas are pretty great animals. Their constant smiling faces are destined to cheer up even the crankiest of people. There are entire petting zoos dedicated to cheering up miserable people with their hilarious faces and personalities.


Nicole Kidman clearly saw the hilarity from a mile away and so she bought a bunch to raise on her Nashville farm in Tennessee. The Alpacas live with Kidman, her husband Keith Urban, and their two children. They even take the cute guys on a walk with a leash.


Steven Tyler and his Racoon

Hipsters exist in all shapes and sizes. Just like your annoying friend from college who reminds you he liked Ed Sheeran before he got big, Steven Tyler will probably tell you that he liked raccoons before Guardians of the Galaxy



Since their Hollywood moment, the raccoon has garnered internet fame – their cute videos continue to amaze fans everywhere. According to an interview with David Letterman, Tyler likes to fish with his unconventional pet on his shoulder well into retirement.

Hugh Hefner and his Zoo

If we live half the life Hugh Hefner lived, it would still be pretty great. What could possibly make the Playboy mansion any better? Aside from all the blonde girls dancing around at all hours of the night, Hefner also had enough in the bank to build an entire zoo filled with Flamingos Cranes, Peacocks, and Monkeys.

His parties were legendary – can you imagine a place better? This man is truly a legend in his own right. Rest in Peace.


Nicholas Cage and his King Cobra

Nicholas Cage is known to go all in on his performances. From Wicker Man to Face/Off, the man knows how to make an impression. According to sources close to the actor, he based his 2007 performance in Ghost Rider on his pet King Cobra snake.

The world’s spookiest actor keeps the world’s most dangerous snake as a pet at home – which actually makes perfect sense all things considered. Let’s hope it doesn’t take his face… off.

Nicholas Cage and his Octopus

Yes, that’s right. Nicholas Cage also has a causal pet Octopus. He seems to be attracted to the unique movement of particular animals. He would often spend hours at a time studying its movements to help him with his acting techniques.


To be honest, this makes more sense than anything else in the world. Unfortunately, he had to part with his Octopus due to the increased financial costs of keeping him. Rumors claim you can spot Cage walking around his local Aquarium.


Charlie Sheen and his Chinese Water Dragon

For the man who claims to have Tiger Blood in his veins, having a Chinese Water Dragon is no surprise. The lizard, Hopper Junior, was a pivotal member of the Sheen family once upon a time until his untimely death due to negligence.


It turns out if you don’t clean, care for, or feed your pets, they die. Sheen is taking a break from pets for now and has become an advocate for HIV awareness since being diagnosed as HIV positive.

Tippi Hedren and his Lion

The model and actress Tipp Hendren (mother of Malanie Griffin) owned a Lion, which is possibly the coolest animal on our list. The king of the jungle is not a suitable pet for the home and would be an insurance nightmare today. This didn’t stop this diva from taking control of her own life and getting what she wants.

Power to the people! The Lion, called Togar, was a member of the family in the 1970s when laws pertaining to home pets was more relaxed. Hendren was a stern activist for animal rights and opened up an entire sanctuary for animals.


Vanilla Ice and his Kangaroo

One day, Vanilla Ice decided that his pot-bellied pig and goat weren’t enough to satisfy his pet needs. So he did the most natural thing and bought himself a Kangaroo.


The rapper adopted the joey when he was young and has had him for 14 years. In fact, Ice wasn’t banking on how much the Ozzie pet would grow – and even lost him once after he jumped over the fence! His name is Bucky Buckaroo and is a nice, nice, baby.

John Quincy Adams and his Alligator

The eighth president of the United States and one of its founding fathers, John Quincy Adams, had his very own pet Alligator that lived with him in the White House. When you’re the president, it’s the policy that you can have and do whatever you want.

Some want bowling alleys, some only want two scoops of ice cream. Adams was determined to keep his pet close to him and warn off intruders! There are rumors he slept with his pet by his side, although these are unconfirmed.


Salvador Dali and his Ocelot

The surrealist artist lived a surreal life and had some odd pets along the way. His Ocelot, named Babou, was one of Salvador Dali’s biggest loves and was known to travel the world among his side.


The wildcat was even a guest of honor aboard the SS France when he would ride the ship. He would often peg little Babou to the table leg in restaurants – causing confusion and complaints from all the other clientele.

George Clooney and his Pot-bellied Pig

In a huge romantic gesture to then-girlfriend Kelly Preston, Geroge Clooney invested in a Pot-bellied pig called Max. Unfortunately, the relationship was doomed to fail and Clooney found himself without a girlfriend and with a pig.



They established a special relationship and remained close by each other’s side until Max’s death in 2006 – aged 19. Despite the huge loss, Clooney managed to eventually settle down with Amal Clooney, who is far from a pig. They swapped the pets for a couple of children who are probably just as dirty.

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