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These Celebrities Battle Dangerous Gambling Addictions, With Serious Consequences



Often, we forget that celebrities are people too. And like most people, they suffer from the usual vices that we succumb to. Some smoke, drink, and even do drugs in their free time.

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These celebrities have a thrill-seeking streak in them and face the odds with gambling. Some have been more successful than others, as we will explore.


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For rapper Nelly, it appears to be getting a bit too hot in here. In 2011, he lost most of his money to the sport causing a fight between him and his former promoter, Slim.


Ben Affleck

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The Dark Knight has been known to play in gambling circles in California. In 2001, he entered rehab to try to curb the habit, alongside a battle with alcoholism.

Shannon Elizabeth

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Elizabeth’s film career slowed down after the breakout role in American Pie. Fortunately, the star found a second career in Poker. She is rumored to operate her own gambling ring from home.


Michael Phelps

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The Olympic champion may be best known in the water, but Phelps has also made quite a name for himself as a Poker player. Apparently, it has caused him quite a bit of financial strain.

Charles Barkley

The outspoken NBA player and sports analyst has admitted that his gambling addiction has cost him around $30 million over the years.


Charlie Sheen

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It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the man who boasts of having Tiger Blood in his veins has dabbled with gambling in the past. According to his ex-wife, Denise Richards, he was spending up to $20,000 a week!

Gladys Knight

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The Empress of Soul has previously written about her addiction to sports betting. According to her autobiography, it was a habit that lasted 10 years.


Tobey Maguire


The actor has tried to take his Spidey sense with him to the gambling tables, becoming quite the name in certain circles. In 2011 he was sued for participating in an illegal ring.

Ray Romano

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According to Romano, his character in Men of a Certain Age who battles a gambling addiction was based on real-life experiences.


Matt Damon

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Alongside his friends Affleck and Maguire (mentioned above), Damon has been busted playing in illegal gambling rings hosted in five-star hotels and private homes.

Michael Jordan

Once known as the best NBA player in the world, rumors have circulated for years about his retirement being caused by his risky affiliation with the game.


Brad Garrett

The Everyone Loves Raymond co-star has been named as one of the biggest stars addicted to Poker

Pamela Anderson

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The Baywatch star was $250,000 in debt to Rick Salomon – resulting in their marriage! They later got an annulment, but not before paying off her gambling debts.


Allen Iverson

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The basketball player has such a problem with gambling that he has actually been banned in casinos in Detroit and Atlantic City.

Phil Mickelson

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The golf star has quite the habit of places bets and losing them. He allegedly paid out $200,000 to friends and fellow players. He has since quit.


Tiger Woods

Apparently, Tiger Woods gambled – and lost – more than $250,000 while hosting an event at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.