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The Cars To Take You Around The World



Someday you might 500 miles, but will you be able to drive 500 more? We all love a good adventure, and some of us relish the opportunity to drive in cars on country roads. There are many aspects to consider when choosing a car for your next road trip.



Reliability, space, eco-friendliness all play a part when deciding on your next purchase. We have outlined some of the best cars for your next purchase that will last more than 250,000 miles.

Subaru Forester

The first Forester model from Subaru was an instant hit among consumers and drivers have been enjoying them ever since. There’s a wide variety of engines to choose from and even has one of the best four-wheel drive systems for those off-road adventures.


With regular maintenance, it’s possible this car can take you 250,000 miles away – and then some. The size of the car allows car seats and buggies to be put in for younger kids who may not be good on long journeys.


Volkswagen Passat

Usually rated Europe’s favorite station wagon, you can see why. The Passat is known for its high functions and reliability among consumers. Most of the different generations are viewed the same one, even the latest 2018 model.


The diesel engines usually outlast everything else on the car, requiring little maintenance along the way. Its 1.8 Turbo engine is equally durable, making this purchase a highly reasonable choice for people who can drive along those winding Italian roads in Europe.

Lexus RX350/450h

This particular Lexus has expanded the usual customer base due to its mixed engine of gas and hybrid, as well as the comfort of the seats. The Lexus RX350/450h is known to be a particularly reliable car.



Its durable nature and hardened mechanics make this investment a worthy one for people who like to drive along more difficult roads. Lexus has always produced solid cars and this is no exception to the rule. Would you get one of these for your next car?


Honda CR-V

Another large car that will soar you past the 250,000-mile mark is the Honda CR-V. It’s a crossover from Honda’s compact car and its other larger vehicles, but that doesn’t stop the 2.4-liter four-cylinder from being just as strong.


Unfortunately, this car has somewhat of a bad reputation for the design of their outside that people don’t like – but there’s no denying the cars can get you from A to B, regardless how far they are from each other.

Lexus ES 350/450

Another Lexus on our list is the 350/450 vehicle from the ES class. Many consider these models to be aesthetically boring, but when you consider the longevity and reliability – what more do you want?


These cars are simply well built and have many pleased owners who still enjoy driving them despite clocking up more than 200,000 miles over time. Designs for cars like this can be tough – the cars last so long that sometimes they are no longer in style!


Toyota Camry

There’s no need to be surprised with the Camry entry on this list – it frequently features on many of these breakdowns. In fact, many Toyotas are built to be durable and long-term investments. Modesty is key, though – if you are looking for more than that then perhaps the Camry isn’t for you.


It may last a long time, but there aren’t many other things to look forward to. Perhaps look somewhere else for a car with gadgets. Bluetooth speakers, anyone?

Toyota 4Runner

Another Toyota on the list, this compact SUV has a large history of off-road madness. It works brilliantly off-road making it a good choice for those who like 4×4 adventures in the countryside. The Toyota is designed to take a beating off-road and will prove to be durable for years and in many seasons, rain or snow.



Even on-road, it provides a smooth and comfortable journey which will be enjoyed for years to come. If you like Toyotas, then this might be for you.


Lincoln Town Car

For the drivers who enjoy a more sleek and comfortable ride, then the Lincoln Town Car might be for you. It is actually one of three models that share its platform – including Ford Crown Victoria.


They share a lot of the same specifications but the Lincoln is considered more luxurious if that’s what you prefer. The V8 engine comes in at a whopping 4.6 liter and hasn’t changed a lot in its 13-year lifespan, a testament to its durability.

Nissan Titan XD

These Cummins diesel engines are often thought of as rugged, reliable, and durable – exactly what’s in this Nissan beauty. A huge 5.6-liter V8 petrol engine comes as the standard upon this purchase, and will easily run for 250,000 miles.

Car and Driver

This pickup truck is the quintessential road trip accessory and will take you wherever you want to go even if that means camping out for a few days in this beauty. Country roads, take you home, to quote John Denver.


Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Another pickup truck that’s featured on this list will take you anywhere you want to go. The famous battle between Ford and Chevys all depends on the performance of key components of the car. To this day, the Silverado 2500HD is a worthy opponent to Ford’s F-series.

Both have their loyal followings in the US, and both will take you way past the 250,000 mark due to their stellar building foundations and strong engines. What side of the fight are you on?

Honda Odyssey

These minivans are perfect for families and those who enjoy a modest small engine that is reliable and durable. It’s not the engine of these beasts that will take you into the six-digit distance: the transmission (and all other parts of the system!) are designed beautifully.


The design of the Odyssey is catered to those who aren’t vain – but you won’t be disappointed with the ability to take you miles away.  A long and fruitful journey, indeed, in a car like this.


Acura RDX

This crossover SUV is considered one of the most consistent cars in its series. Many satisfied customers can attest that the Acura does exactly what it says it will do. POwered with a 3.5 liter V6, it’s a decent engine that is reliable when maintained on a regular basis.

The standard gearbox is -6-speed automatic transmission, making your road trips easier. When cars are automatic it helps them achieve a higher milage rate due to the self-service it provides itself.

Chevrolet Impala

Another Chevy to hit our list is the Impala, which is widely considered to be one of the most reliable American cars on the market today. The standard engine is the ECOTEC 2.5L DOHC 4-cylinder, but you can always upgrade to larger systems to ensure it can take you wherever you need to be.

The 250,000-mile target can be easily reached through the beautiful vehicle and its additional accessories that come if desired. Have you driven this car?


Toyota Corolla

Another Toyota on the list includes the Corolla, which became known as one of the most resilient cares ever after its 1989 series and beyond. There are many instances where a Corolla has soared past the 250,000 mark, thanks to the sturdy design and energy that is put into each car.


Regardless of where you are in the world, the Corolla is designed to withstand almost anything thrown at it. Would you consider a Toyota Corolla for your next car?

Honda Pilot

It can be difficult to find an SUV which is both luxurious and reliable. Despite this, the Honda Pilot exists to shatter any pre-conceived ideas about what is required from your car.

There are many generations of Pilots that can reach extraordinary milage – soaring past 250,000 miles and beyond! It’s unsure if the latest generation of Honda’s Pilot will serve the test of time, but we have no reason to think otherwise at this point. These are usually reliable choices for longterm investments.


Audi Allroad

The first Audi to make the list, the Allroad is a similar tale to Passat, seen previously above. This variant of the Audi A4 has shown itself to be resilient over time and a suitable choice for those who want a car to serve them well into the future.

Most of its engine choices are possible of hitting the magic 250,000 mark as long as drivers maintain the car in a suitable way. Do you like the Audi series?

Scion xB

This car is pretty hit and miss among consumers. Generally, people either love them or hate them. The chances are that you have an opinion on the look of this vehicle just by the photo we are showing now. Despite the emotional people have toward its overall look and feel, it’s undeniable that these are built to last.


According to customer feedback, these beauties/monstrosities are capable of reaching 250,000 miles easily. So it might be worth biting the bullet and purchasing one of these if reliability is your key.


Nissan Patrol

The Nissan Patrol is the Yang to the Toyota Land Cruiser’s Ying. Even though the vehicles are somewhat different, the feature similar engines that are pretty indestructible. They’re capable of handling themselves off-road and have impressive 4×4 abilities.

This is not your normal SUV for school trips: the Patrol can travel thousands of miles on terrains regardless of texture. They are generally well-built and capable of driving for a long time in any weather. Are you up to the challenge of driving this beast?

GMC Sierra 2500HD

Although not as immediately popular as Ford or Chevy, General Motors are the all-American cars capable if towing almost anything you tie to it. These beasts are a beauty: the GMC logo front and center is a sign of American exceptionalism and business and will be the perfect car for your journey across Route 66.

2016 Jim Fets Photography

Imagine the stories you will find when you journey down the road less traveled – something made easy with the Sierra 2500HD. Is this part of your American dream?


Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 is the perfect car that mixes the reliability of the Camry (mentioned above) while slapping a large smile across your face when you put it into Drive.


The sedan has a touch of luxury that merges a beautiful performance and reliable engine which will set you years into the future with this one. As a lower vehicle, you’ll want to stay on smoother roads and terrains, but don’t let that from taking you on the adventure of a lifetime.

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