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Royal Women Who Make The Perfect Princess



The world may be focused on newly-crowned Meghan Markle and royal ‘veteran’ Kate Middleton, but the famous Duchesses are far from the only beautiful women in royal families. And while they might be the most recognizable, recent years have paved the way for a new generation in gorgeous women.

Kamilla Bryndum, Kongehuset

These women are our future monarchs, gracing our screens and papers with their elegance and sophistication. We’ve highlighted some of the most beautiful royal women you’ve never heard of – spending their days preparing to rule the world.

Sirivannavari Of Thailand

The daughter of the current king of Thailand grew up in the UK with her mother. Today, she has moved back to her native country to be closer to her family and learn more about her royal duties.

At 31, she has been a proud supporter of the arts and sports and is highly active in Thailand’s fashion scene. This beautiful royal was ranked one of the 20 hottest monarchs by Forbes in 2009. She has often been described as the world’s most interesting royal member.


Myra Madihah Of Malaysia

This royal of Malaysia epitomizes female empowerment by being both a gorgeous princess and working woman! Tunku Myra owns an events management company and balances her royal duties with her father, Besar Kecil of Negeri. To date, she has been married to her husband, Dato James Jafar-Greaves for 13 years.

This royal has been adored by the public and oozes an amazing glow, granting her respect and courtesy when she travels the country for her royal duties she will one day inherit.

Mary of Denmark

Although not a blood relation to the Danish throne, Mary adds a charm and sophistication to the Royal Family. She is married to Prince Frederick, the next in line for the throne. Born and raised in Australia, she met the charming prince in a pub down under!

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Their fairytale romance wowed many, years before Kate Middleton and Prince William stole our hearts. Mary of Denmark shares four children, the eldest of which will one day rule after the death of her husband.


Claire of Belgium

Claire of Belgium married the Crown Prince of Belgium, Laurent, in 2003. Controversially, she wasn’t born in Belgium and actually moved there at the age of three. Today, the happy couple have three children together. This ravish royal was a land surveyor before embarking on royal duties, such as charity events and promoting environmental causes.

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Her glowing beauty helps her in diplomatic events and is a shining example of how royals should look when carrying out their duties in front of the public.

Zara Tindall, UK

One of Queen Elizabeth’s grandchildren oozes beauty as a royal and sportsman in the UK. As well as marrying former rugby player, Mike Tindall, she is somewhat of a star herself. In the 2012 Olympics, she earned a silver medal for event riding.

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Currently, she is 17th in line to the throne but will be usurped by the birth of Prince Harry’s child in 2019. Perhaps being so far down in the royal ranks has kept her looking young and vibrant.


Manohara Odelia Pinot Of Malaysia

Odelia is somewhat of a notable figure in the Malaysian royal family. She started a career in modeling before marrying her husband, Prince Tengku Fakhry 10 years ago in 2008. She was only 16 at the time of the marriage and her mother claims that the Prince abducted her against her will.

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Then followed reports of abuse and her escape to Indonesia the following year. To date, she has been the recipient of grand gestures and gifts from the Prince trying to win her back.

Mozah Bint Nasser Of Qatar

Mozah Bint Nasser is one of three wives married to the Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa and has a beautiful mind as well as soul. She earned a BA in Sociology and Virginia Commonwealth University awarded her an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.

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In fact, she has such a notable reputation among scholars and academics that she is the ‘chosen’ wife to represent her husband at overseas events and royal engagements. Makes us wonder why it’s worth having any other wives when this one seems so perfect.


Victoria of Sweden

This Crown Princess is the next queen of Sweden and will be the fourth ruling queen in the country’s history. Her glowing looks and sophisticated glow give her the perfect image for a future queen and a glorious one at that!

TT / Erik Simander

Princess Victoria is 41 and married to Prince Daniel, the Duke of Vastergotland, and they share two children – Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. When she assumes the throne it will be the first time since 1720 that Sweden has a female ruler.

Rania of Jordan

The Queen of Jordan has been known around the world for her work in education, youth, health, and community issues. She has also been a notable player in establishing a cross-cultural dialogue with western countries, making her an invaluable member of its royal family.

She has four children – two of each sex – who will continue the throne and foreign relations work once she retires after her duties come to an end. She holds a Masters Degree in International Cooperation and Development from the University of Rome.


Sonam of Bhutan

This particular princess is brains and beauty, as her resume will demonstrate. Princess Sonam of Bhutan holds a degree from Standford and attended Harvard Law. She was born as the daughter of the fourth King of Bhutan and married Dasho Phubh W. Dorji in 2009.

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As a one-day ruler, she remains politically active in her role as the current President of the Bhutan National Legal Institute. Good practice for her future days as Queen! Her mix of good looks and smart brain will make her an excellent diplomat.

Letizia of Spain

This Spanish Queen is a royal and fashion trendsetter, influencing millions of people with her everyday style outfits. Before marrying King Felipe in 2004, she was known and respected as a news anchor nationally in Spain. Today, she is also the Ambassador of Nutrition in the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

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This beautiful diplomat wows hearts and souls as she continues to impress n the global stage. Although she is 46, her love of life keeps her looking young.


Princess Eugenie, UK

Princess Eugenie is the 9th in line to the British throne until next year when The Duke and Duchess of Sussex give birth to their first child. In 2018, she married Jack Brooksbank and the 28-year-old has often gone on record for stating the difficulties of balancing her civilian and royal duties.

Image: AFP

She helps modernize the royal family by working as an associate director at an art gallery in London. Her future children will not be titled with ‘Prince’ or ‘Princess’ titles.

Marie-Chantal of Greece

As the current Crown Princess of Greece, it may surprise you that this stunning blonde is actually a native Londoner and was educated in Hong Kong. She married Pavlos, the son of deposed King Constantine, and even converted to Greek Orthodoxy so they could be together.

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Since their wedding in 2000, Marie-Chantal has continued her work at a children’s clothing line which she founded before her entry into royal life. She is also a trustee of the Royal Academy Trust.


Mette-Marit of Norway

The Crown Princess of Norway, Mette-Marit, is the next in line to the throne alongside her husband, Crown Prince Haakon. She was considered a commoner before her marriage and came from a somewhat unfortunate upbringing – a working single mother.

Since their wedding in 2000, she has become a staunch leader in humanitarian and philanthropic work, particularly in the arts. The couple has three children together, even though only two of them hold royal titles. She is a living embodiment that dreams can come true!

Charlene of Monaco

This former Olympic swimmer is seen as a controversial figure to join the royal family. Following a successful career, it was revealed that Charlene had attempted to cancel the wedding on three separate occasions.

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She even tried to run away at one point, sparking rumors of infidelity and pressure. Seven years after their wedding, the couple seems happier and Charlene of Monaco is currently a Special Olympics Ambassador and style icon with two beautiful children, Jacques and Gabriella, who will one day rule.


Clotilde Courau of Venice

Clotilde Courau was a famous French actress before marrying her husband, Emanuelle Filiberto di Savola, Prince of Venice. They married in 2003 and she continues to amaze fans around the world with her blossoming career as an actress.


She was seen as controversial at the time of their wedding – she was already six months pregnant – and held strong left-leaning views which conflicted with the monarchy and country as a whole. Still, the couple has two children and remain happily married.

Jetsun Pema of Bhutan

Queen Jetsun Pema is known as the ‘dragon queen’ which may raise some questions about her! The wife of King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck is considered a fashion icon by local Asians since she usually wears vibrant colors in public.

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The couple welcomed their first child in 2016 who will one day become ruler once the couple dies. Currently, she is the world’s youngest Queen, taking the throne at only 21 years of age when marrying her husband in 2011.


Charlotte of Monaco (left)

This marvelous Monaco monarch is currently eighth in line to the throne. Her grandmother, Grace Kelly, was the former princess of Monaco and Hollywood actress. She has been known to keep her private life away from the press and journalists, but it has been revealed she had a baby out of wedlock with a former partner in 2013.

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She now raises her child alone and rarely appears in public for her royal duties. However, as a caring mother, she has proven to be beautiful inside and out.

Theodora of Greece and Denmark

This princess has ancestry on both sides to Greece and Denmark, making her a royal to both countries! Outside of her royal duties, Princess Theodora is an on-stage actress and lives in Los Angeles, California.

You might see her on the big screen using her stage name Theodora Greece – look out for a cameo! She was born in London, UK, and is 9th in line to the Greek throne. Next time you watch your favorite American TV show, look out for this international star!


Grace Kelly of Monaco

Even though she was not technically born into a royal family, Grace Kelly is one of the most beautiful princesses. Even today, her story of Hollywood royalty to actual royalty is, ironically, like a story from Hollywood.

Getty Images

Kelly met and fell in love with Prince Rainer III in 1955 and the couple had three children. For years, she was a beacon of class and sophistication until her untimely death in 1982 at the age of 52. The prince never remarried and was buried next to her in 2005.

Princess Sofia of Sweden

Here is the Duchess of Varmland, the wife of Prince Carl Philip. Technically, she also married into a royal family but it doesn’t stop her from bringing class and beauty to Sweden’s first family. Before their fairy tale marriage in 2015, Princess Sofia was a model and appeared on reality TV.

Getty Images

Today, she is engaged with many royal duties. The couple recently had their second child, Prince Gabriel. Princess Sofia is one of the co-founders of ‘Project Playground’ – a charity helping children in South Africa.


Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark

This gorgeous princess is the oldest daughter of Princess Marie-Chantal Miller, mentioned previously. Today, the 22-year-old is enjoying her young years in fashion and design. After interning at Dior, she studied photography at New York’s Parsons School of Design.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Michael Kors

It’s nice to see young royals still work hard on creating successful and fulfilling lives outside of their official duties. The princess of Greece and Denmark is not as restricted as other royals when it comes to social media, and is active on Instagram. Would you follow her?

Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia

Princess Abdulaziz was actually born in California, making her an American member of Saudi Arabia’s royal family. In 1998, she joined the family when she married HRH Prince Sultan bin Fahad bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz.


For many years, the princess balanced her royal duties with a strong career. Until 2017, she was the editor-in-chief of Vogue Arabia – one of the country’s most popular magazines. Despite this, she often dresses modestly, per the tradition.


Princess Claire of Luxembourg

Claire Lademacher met her real-life prince when she studied with Prince Félix of Luxembourg. The two of them quickly fell in love and married in 2013. It wasn’t always so easy for the two of them: they weren’t allowed to make official outings together right away.

Today, she lives in Geneva, Switzerland, and shares two children with the prince. Princess Amalia and Prince Liam of Nassau were born in 2014 and 2016 and will one day rule over Luxembourg.

Princess Beatrice of the UK

This princess is the older sister to the recently married Princess Eugenie. She is technically the eighth in line to the British throne, but will soon be usurped by Prince Harry’s firstborn. As one of Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughters, she is often engaged with rule duties.

Outside of her commitments to the Firm, Princess Beatrice is often working with charities like UNICEF and Children in Crisis. She is also an advocate for reducing bullying among young people.


Princess Keisha Omilana of Nigeria

Keisha Omilana became a princess after marrying Omoba Adekunle Adebayo Omilana of Ipetu-Ijesha. Born in California, she is now the Princess of Ipetu-Ijesha in Yorubaland, West Africa.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

When she met her future husband, Princes Keisha had no idea he was a member of the royal family. It was only after he proposed that she discovered she would one day be Queen! Together, the couple has two children. She is often a positive example of black royal and noble women.

Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark

Princess Tatiana was just a regular woman before marrying the man of her dreams. In a past life, she worked in fashion PR for Diane von Furstenberg. In 2010, the Venezuelan native joined the royal family and dedicates her life to other duties.

Getty Images

So far, the couple doesn’t share any children, but who knows if this is likely to change anytime soon. The 38-year-old runs her own blog that highlights her philanthropic efforts around the world.


Queen Maxima of The Netherlands

Queen Maxima was a princess for 11 years before finally becoming Queen in 2013. In 2002, she married King Willem-Alexander and became the first ever Latin American-born Queen of the Netherlands. She is also the first ‘commoner’ to ascend to Queen.

Together the King and Queen have three daughters, all born between 2003-2007. One day, their eldest daughter, Princess Catharina-Amalia, will become Queen. Outside of her royal duties, Queen Maxima works toward immigrant assimilation in the community and promoting women in business.

Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco

Ever since her marriage to King Mohammed VI, Princess Lalla Salma is the first wife of a Moroccan leader to be given an official royal title. She has held the title of a princess since 2002 when they married.

Generally, Princess Lalla keeps a low profile, but a higher one than her predecessors. Aside from the occasional appearance at cancer and HIV awareness events, she is rarely seen. In fact, the media speculated that she had gone into hiding last year after not being seen for four months.


Princess Sikhanyiso of Swaziland

This charming princess is the oldest child of the reigning King of Swaziland – King Mswati III. Technically, she is one of 30 confirmed children of the king, but she stands out due to high levels of education. Princess Sikhanyiso earned a master’s degree from Sydney University.

Youtube/Yuliy Showreel

She often speaks out against some of her country’s traditions and cultures. Interestingly, Princess Sikhanyso is an aspiring singer and rapper and has released two singles under the name of ‘Pashu’.

Lady Amelia Windsor of the UK

Although technically not a princess, Lady Amelia is the third cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry. She is 38th in line to the throne, so doesn’t have to worry too much about becoming Queen anytime soon!

Today, the 23-year-old is a successful model represented by Storm Model Management. The Lady has even walked catwalks in Milan as part of the Dolce and Gabbana shows. Although she attended William’s wedding, she was not invited to Harry and Meghan’s in 2018.


Princess Mako of Japan

This 27-year-old is the oldest grandchild of the current Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. She is the firstborn of Fumihito, Prince Akishino, and Kiko, Princess Akishino. Although she is a glamorous princess today, that might all change.

Currently, Princess Mako is in love with, and engaged to, a commoner. Whereas most royal families don’t oppose this, the princess runs the risk of losing her royal title if they ultimately marry. Would you go through with it?

Princess Martha Louise of Norway

Princess Martha is fourth in line to the Norwegian throne, and the only daughter of King Harald V and Queen Sonja. The 47-year-old is older than her brothers but the law dictates that thr throne goes to men first.

Princess Martha married Ari Behn, a commoner, and the two of them share three daughters. In 2017, they divorced after 15 years – the first of its kind in the Norwegian royal family. Today, she lives in Islington, London.


Princess Ameera Al-Taweel of Saudi Arabia

Princess Ameera is technically no longer a royal since her divorce from Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal in 2013. However, this doesn’t stop the press and the public from still referring to her as Princess Ameera. Now she is a commoner, she uses her status for humanitarian issues.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Today, she works hard on behalf of women’s rights within the Saudi Arabian society. Even though she has a long way to go, the princess is admired and respected – so let’s see what happens.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Princess Madeleine is the youngest daughter of Sweden’s king, King Carl XVI Gustaf. Overall, she is seventh in line to the throne so can most likely enjoy a life not burdened by the crown. In 2013, she married Christopher O’Neill, an English and American financier. Together, they share three children.

Princess Madeleine’s full title is ‘Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland. Outside of royal duties, the princess is a patron of Min Stora Dag – the Swedish equivalent of Make-A-Wish Foundation. Today, the family lives in Florida, USA.


Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg

Another princess from small Luxembourg is Princess Stephanie. She is married to Grand Duke Guillaume, the heir apparent to the throne. This means that Princess Stephanie can expect to one day be Queen.


Her official title is “Her Royal Highness Princess Stéphanie Marie Claudine Christine, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.” They married in 2012 and do not have any children as of yet – but that can soon change. Outside royal duties, she often contributes to the art scene through patronage.

Alessandra de Osma, Princess Christian of Hanover

Alessandra de Osma is the latest addition to the Hanover royal family after her wedding to Germany’s Prince Christian of Hanover in 2018. Before becoming a princess, de Osma was a seasoned attorney, designer, and model – making her a well-rounded and succesful lady.

2018 Getty Images

Beauty isn’t just on the surface, as we can see here. These two met all the way back in 2005 and started dating in 2011. The wedding, which lasted three days, included Kate Moss, Princess Eugenie, and Princess Beatrice.


Elisabeth of England

Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis is a member of the Thurn und Taxis German royal house but resides in London. She is a modern monarch, working as a style editor for Vogue. Her natural interest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle makes her a wonderful role model for young girls around the world, although her antics have sometimes sparked trouble.

In 2015, she drew attention when posting an image to Instagram of a homeless person reading Vogue, with the caption: “…there are readers everywhere!” Not very diplomatic…

Princess Marie of Denmark

Princess Marie is the second wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark. The 43-year-old joined the Danish royal family in 2008 after falling in love with her future husband. The couple shares two children, Prince Henrick and Princess Athena, born in 2009 and 2012.

Kamilla Bryndum, Kongehuset

Outside of her royal duties, Princess Marie enjoys running, bike-riding, and skiing. She is a patron of the Danish Epilepsy Association and Kattegatcentret, Autism Denmark, and the AIDS Foundation. Princess Marie was born in France but now lives in Denmark.