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Each Of These Maps Tells Us Something Different About The World



A map can show us things about the world we never knew. Of course, we know what Earth looks like, but what about the people that live on it? Each year, we learn more and more about the billions of lives around us.


We’ve collected some of the most insightful maps that tell us a little more about the world. Anything from economics, culture, or society are highlighted here. Let’s take a look and see what we find.

Please Note: Some of these numbers may be outdated

Countries That Don’t Use The Metric System

Just how many countries have refused to adopt the metric system? Only three! Aside from the United States, Liberia and Burma are the only other countries that don’t use the metric system for their primary means of measurement.

The metric system relies on measurements such as kilograms, meters, and seconds. Since these countries do not adopt this system, they use pounds and feet. Do you think these countries should convert their measurement systems?


Countries Invaded By Great Britain

It may not look like it today, but once upon a time Great Britain was a driving force of colonialism across the world. The small island has an impressive history of being one of the strongest and richest nations ever.


According to this map, around 90% of Earth has been invaded by Britain at some point in time. While this may not feel like such good news to most, it is largely responsible for spreading some of the best western cultures around the world.

Europe’s Most Popular Last Names

How did last names become prevalent across Europe, and indeed the world? Well, history shows us that most of them stem from original professions. For example, a goldsmith might become a Smith over time. Or Erikson was the son of a man called Eric.

Teepr on Reddit

It’s unclear how similar this map will look in the future, what with Europe’s mission to make the world a more global and open place. Would you be sad to see these historic names and origins disappear?


Alcohol Consumption Across The World

Who doesn’t like chilling with a beer at the end of a hard day? Well, according to this map, the North Africans. Here is a map of alcohol consumption per capita. Are you surprised by what you see?

The data is taken from anyone over the age of 15. Whereas North Africa and the Middle East shows low levels of alcohol consumption, this is almost completely contrasted by Eastern Europe. Lithuania drinks 17 liters of alcohol per person per year!

What Do People Drink Around The World?

When it comes to alcohol, the chances are you drink the beverage similar to your geographical location. It looks like Western countries enjoy an iced beer to relax, whereas Asians and Russians enjoy spirits. Europeans and South Americans enjoy a fine wine.

Charts Bin |

Weirdly, there is a collection of African countries that drink ‘other’ alcohol that isn’t beer, wine, or spirits. We can’t imagine what that would be. Does your favorite drink correspond with your home?


Alcohol Spending Per Household

Even though there isn’t much data from a lot of the southern hemisphere, we can see a lot about the northern countries here. It looks like Scandinavian countries spend a lot more money on alcohol than other countries around the world.


There’s one outlier here: Ireland. Who would have guessed? No, that black mark isn’t a piece of dirt on your screen! Amazingly, the Irish spend 7% of their household expenditure on alcohol. The USA spends less than 1% – are you surprised?

Rivers Leading To The Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is a whopping 3,778km and runs straight through the United States. By examining the network of rivers associated with it, we can see just what an impact it has on the country.


The Mississippi River drains around 41% of all of the country’s rivers. This means it is practically invaluable for the transport of goods and services across the country. Any fan of Huckleberry Finn will know how big it can be!


Map of Coffee Consumption Around The World

“Don’t speak to me until I’ve had my morning cup of coffee”. Where have you heard that before? Well, the chances are that you’ve heard it in countries like Canada, Brazil, or across Scandinavia.

According to the chart, some people drink up to 26 pounds of coffee each year! Africa and Asia seem to drink the least amount of Joe in the world. Maybe they’re too busy sticking with their tea? How do you like your coffee?

Historic and Present Distribution of Lions

Looking back at history, it was clear that lions ruled over many countries in Africa. The map here highlights where the animals were living in and around African and Asia. Amazingly, by contrasting the blue to red, we can see where they are today.


Over the years, humans can hunted lions almost to extinction. Today, these lions live in only a few regions across Africa, and nearly nowhere in Asia. Let’s hope they are protected.


Map of US Ancestry

As we know, the United States is a country of immigrants. But where exactly were Americans’ ancestors from? As we can see here, there are a variety of places that Americans can claim as their heritage.


Along the southern border, it is clear that Americans are from Mexico. Interestingly, the most wide-spread ancestry route across the country is from germany. The most eclectic region is New England – the original entry point hundreds of years ago. Where are you from?

American Work Hours To Pay For Mortgages

For Americans living in major cities, it’s all about that grind. As we can see from places like New York, Miami, and cities across California, many people work a long time just to pay off bills. Weirdly, Chicago – America’s third largest city – isn’t on the list. | Zillow &

How many hours do you need to work to pay off a mortgage? It seems that many people will be moving to more rural areas in the future, particularly since it’s easier to work remotely. Think of all the money you can save!


States With The Highest-Paid Jobs

What profession will get you the most amount of money where you live? Here, we can see a breakdown of some of the most lucrative jobs across the US. As we can see, almost all of them relate to the healthcare industries.

Map | Bureau of Labor Statistics

In the US, it seems to be all about the doctors and the lawyers. What about writers and artists? It looks like some of us might want a career change sometime soon. What do you do for a living?

Map of All The Billionaires

You know what’s cooler than a million dollars? A billion dollars. Each year, more people join the prestigious billionaire’s club. It’s worth noting that America has the highest number of billionaires than any other country. Thank you, capitalism!

Map |

Despite America’s dominance in the billionaire field, the Asia-Pacific is, in fact, the richest region overall. Amazingly, nearly 38% of all the world’s billionaires live in countries like China, India, and Hong Kong. Where would you live if you could go anywhere?


Most Popular Tourism Destinations

This particular map is created by measuring how much money is spent at each location. The United States brings in an impressive $211 billion each year from tourists who travel across her 50 states.

Map |

Next up is Spain, which brings $68 billion – quite a difference! The US alone accounts for 16% of the world’s tourist expenditures. The top 10 countries account for just under half of all the world’s tourism. Have you been to these countries?

How Much Millennials Are Making In Each State

Millennials may like to complain that they’re not making any money, but this map may bust that myth. Very rarely are they making less than $55k a year, and in some cases they’re even cracking more than $75k.

map | |

Of course, there are many factors that decide what millennials make, as well as overall living costs. If you’re a struggling millennial, you might want to consider a move to North Dakota! High salaries and low rent will set you up for life.


Map of Peaceful Nations On Earth

It may not feel like it, but we’re actually living in the most peaceful time in our world’s history. Still, there are some countries who are more diplomatic and peaceful than others. Here, we can see this outlined clearly.

Global Peace Index

Russia and African nations are currently some of the least peaceful places on Earth. Canada and Australia can pride themselves on their levels of peace with their relationships with other countries. Perhaps we should go there on vacation!

Most Hazardous Waste Per Country

According to members of the US Congress, we only have 12 years left until the Earth is destroyed. Well, this might be because of countries like Russia and the US, who are contributing high numbers of hazardous waste into the world.


These materials can have devastating effects on our society, environment, or culture. After pulling out of the Paris Accords in 2017, the US saw the biggest reduction of CO2 emissions than any other country.


Map of Most Popular Messaging App

It looks like most of the world is using a Facebook app to communicate. Whereas most of North America is comfortable using Facebook Messenger to contact friends and family, Whatsapp (which is owned by Facebook) has been spreading through South America, Africa, and Russia.


China has its own service – WeChat – that can boast a user base of hundreds of millions. Still, it looks like Facebook’s apps are the primary platforms for our communication. Just how much data are they collecting about us?

Map of Gun Ownership Across The World

This really shouldn’t surprise many people. Due to the second amendment in the United States’ constitution, almost all Americans have access to a firearm. In fact, there are more than 75 guns for every 100 people in the US.


The rest of the world has far fewer guns than the United States, including African nations and Asia. Interestingly, Canada has between 50-75 guns per 100 people – with a fraction of gun crime among citizens. Does that surprise you?

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