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You Can Stay In A Replica Of The Addams Family Mansion This Halloween




The spooky time of year has arrived and Halloween is upon us and what better way to celebrate the scary holiday than by staying in a mansion that resembles that of one of the most famous mysterious families, the Addams family? Essentially the mascots of Halloween and all things creepy, you can live just like them for a night as a replica of their mansion has popped up in Brooklyn, New York.

Through, Halloween enthusiasts can get the full experience over the week of the holiday and have a screening of the newly released The Addams Family Movie. The lucky guests who get to participate in the promotional pop-up can walk through the mansion featuring replicas of Pugsley and Wednesday’s bedrooms complete with Pugley’s favorite machines and Wednesday’s beheaded doll and a Ouija board, Lurch’s “you rang” bell, and Morticia’s ferocious plants.

The 19th century townhouse is located in the historic Clinton Hill and incorporates so much of the eerie Addams mansion including vases of just rose stems, gothic furniture and the famous polar bear rug. If this isn’t already enough, guests are also set to receive a complimentary witch’s shawl and a broomstick when they reserve their room.

If this wasn’t enough to satisfy your Halloween desires, you should expect some extra guests and surprises popping out at the mansion. After all, what is Halloween without some ghosts and ghouls scaring the living day out of you?

You can also bet that this house will be one of the most in-demand with trick or treaters in New York, looking for that authentic haunted house. If this sounds like something that would satisfy your spooky desires, the mansion can accommodate up to four adults and costs just $101.10 per night.

The hotel is open until the first week of November so get booking while you can.

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